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Iced In

Yesterday morning while sitting at work I noticed that it was sleeting outside. The 'constantly over exaggerating weathermen' had said it was going to ice, but to be honest I didn't believe them.

Please forgive my doubts, because boy did it ice.

Have you ever sat on a college campus and watched people walk to class as fast as they can on ice? Lets just say its pretty funny. And to top it off, the majority of college kiddos have no idea how to dress when it comes to freezing temps. I can say this honestly, because I was once of them. I saw several without coats, and more than 2 with FLIP FLOPS, walking in the ice. Yes crazy.

So anyways, school was canceled so that means I got to go home! Well Luke g-chatted me and said he got to go home for the afternoon but he was going to stop by the grocery store first and get us some food for night and probably next day. What did I want?

Well I hadn't eaten a thing that day (breakfast has never been a friend of mine) so this is how my list read:
Starburst Jellybeans
Cookie Dough
Stewed Tomatoes
Something sweet and gummy (aside from the jelly beans)
and cereal

The necessities of life when there is an Ice Storm coming.

So Luke got home started making some delicious stew and threw my Sour Patch Kids in front of me.

For some reason they didn't look as good as they sounded an hour ago.

Then when the stew was done I couldn't even make myself look at it, and the smell was getting to me.

15 minutes later I started throwing up. The stomach virus going around finally got to me.

I will spare you the details but my iced in days so far have contained lots of sleep, Saltine Crackers and lots o lots of water. I really need 7Up and my sweet hubby has offered numerous times to go get some, but I really don't want him going out on the ice. It makes me nervous!

In other news: Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary. I never really pictured what our 6 month anniversary would look like, but me hanging my head in the toilet with Luke bringing me water is not what I had imagined.

The day of our wedding I checked to make sure he didn't have any food in this teeth before we took pics.
On our 6 month he took care of me while I was sick, Don't worry, I don't have a picture of that.

I am still staring at the bag of Sour Patch Kids wishing I could eat them!!!



  1. I am so sorry you're sick! That is never fun!
    Hope you get to eat your Sour Patch Kids soon!

  2. I absolutely love tour wedding pictures, they are sooo beautiful! Congrats on 6 months!

    I hope you feel better and can get to those sour patch kids soon. My tummy bug lasted exactly 24 hours, but man I wanted to die during that day. Then I was fine and eating anything in sight because I was starving!!!

  3. OH MY!!!! How cute is your blog. I just came across your page and wanted to say hello. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!! :)

  4. Oh no I am sorry your sick; I hope you get better soon...but what a sweet hubby to get your items that you were craving...and to offer to get you 7up while braving the ice!!

  5. The stomach flu is the pits....I had it just before Christmas and it was horrible! I ate those darn crackers for like 4 days.

    Happy 6 Months! Sorry it was such a bummer of a day...celebrate next week!

    Stay safe on that ice, too.

  6. Aww hope you feel better - what a bummer!

    I want a day off for ICE - no fair!!! HAHA I have read several blogs where this has happened to them - you must all live close to each other!

    Take care and get better soon!

    *Cute pic*

  7. Aww you poor thing! Having your head in the toilet is no way to spend a day off. Hope you get feeling better and YAY for having Luke around to take care of you. What a sweetie!

  8. More wedding pictures please!

    Sorry to hear you are sick.

  9. Happy 6 months - sorry you are so sick! I hope you feel better soon and stay inside and warm.

  10. Happy 6 months! I hope you feel better!

  11. Happy 6 months!! Feel better and stay warm.

  12. Bless your heart! I hope you feel better ASAP! And those sour patch kids sound awesome right now!

  13. Hi! I just came across your blog... it's so cute! I hope you get to feeling better... that's just no fun, especially when you already have the day off!

  14. Oh no! I am so sorry you are sick. I hope you are feeling up to those sour patch kids ASAP. Love you friend - feel better!!

  15. Oh no!!! I am so sorry that you are iced in AND sick...not a fun combination at all. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    P.S. that Yorkie puppy is seriously too cute for words. I don't know how you didn't take him and sneak him into your apartment =)

  16. OH NO!!! Those stomach viruses are BRUTAL!!! Hope it's just a 24-hour thing and that you can enjoy some good TV time while you're iced in!

  17. Aww feel better soon!


  18. haha i love jelly beans 2! sorry you got sick!

  19. oh friend... I sure hope you start to feeling better soon! stomach bug stinks.. boooo! happy 6 month anniv and thanks for the kind words on my blog:) and on facebook! you are the sweetest~

  20. im so sorry! i think the stomach bug is the worst. :( feel better soon, and enjoy some good movies!

  21. Oh no! Sick on a free day off from work. What a bummer. I hope you get over it soon!

  22. Gosh you looked AMAZING on your wedding day!

  23. sorry to hear your sick but atleast your sick during this kind of weather. you wouldn't want to go outside anyways. its not snow... it just ice!!!

    hope you get to feel better soon & get to eat the sour patch kids... my favorite!

  24. OH NO... sorry you're sick. I was thinking you were going to say you were PG though!!!

    We too are snowed/iced in... I stopped at the grocery to make sure I had enough Diet Cokes & tortilla chips with salsa... the things that get us by when we can't get out...

    Hope you are feeling better soon...

  25. Happy Six Months! And that's terrible that you are sick! Feel better soon!

  26. So sorry your sick sweet girl. Stomach flu's should be banned. No one should get them -- yuck!!!

    That picture is so cute!!

    Hope you feel better soon,

  27. Aw, bless your heart. I had the stomach bug last week and it is awful. Hope you're better soon!
    Happy 6 months-

  28. The ice storm is on it's way to my house, as well. Unfortunately, I'm not as prepared as you...I didn't even think of getting sour patch obvious necessity. :)

    Happy 6 month Anniversary...your wedding photos are just gorgeous.

    I hope you feel better soon, sweet girl!


  29. I hope you're feeling better! I've been in the same boat. Jax started getting sick Sunday night. I went to work yesterday, came home early...and was hit w/ the virus by 4:00! NOT fun...

    At least we're iced in!!

  30. What a GREAT pic!!! This is such a classic pose my husband would make. :)

    Hope by now the nasty bug is gone, and that you were able to indulge on some SPK! My guilty pleasure are Swedish Fish. Mmmmm.

  31. Linked from Whitney... and when I saw this I had to laugh at meeting someone who appears to loves sugar more than I do!


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