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I Think I Watch Too Much TV

I have said it once before, but this season of TV is phenomenal.

Now, I know the word phenomenal is a big word for something as simple as TV, but I'm not kidding, it has been so great so far.

I do not have enough room on my DVR to contain all of the amazing shows I am watching right now.

But I think they are starting to take over my mind.

Today after work Luke and I went to the gym to do a little jogging - yes I have some moments of self-control but they are fleeting.

As we got on the treadmills and starting setting our pace I looked over at Luke and said: "Hey lets pretend we are on The Biggest Loser when we are jogging"

He just looked at me and shook his head. I took that as possibility.

I just think I would be better motivated if I pictured Bob standing in front of me tattoos and all yelling at the top of his lungs. I would be too afraid to quit running.

Instead I ran for about 20 minutes and gave up. I need a personal Bob.

Then we came home, ate dinner, and got ready for my favorite TV show (currently) - American Idol.

Have I yet expressed my love for Ryan? Its not a 'I want him' type of love, its a 'he is so cute and funny and sweet and we could totally be BFF if we ever met' kind of love. Really since 2nd season I have loved him.

Anyways, so Luke and I were watching American Idol, everything was going good. Then I proceeded to ask him to stand up and sing for me as if he was audtioning, and I would critique him.

He wouldn't do it.

I mean what is up with that??

He LEADS our church every Sunday, he is the LEAD of a band, he freaking sang at our wedding and he won't sing one song in front of me so that I can tell him if he is going to Hollywood or not?!??!?!

Well, actually he didn't really sing at our wedding, I personally thought it would be totally awkward if he did, I mean where would I look? At him? Then I would be staring straight at him for about 3 minutes while everybody was staring at me watching to see if I was going to cry, or smile, or what. I cannot think of a more possible awkward situation. So instead, he recorded a song and we played it during our unity sand thing. So technically he sang at our wedding.

So two opportunities to reenact scenes from reality television and Luke would have no part of it.

I seem to remember a little something about marriage being about giving and taking.

And I really need him to go to American Idol so that I can become BFF with Ryan. I totally think it could happen.


  1. im the same way with the dvr, not enought room.. lol.

  2. This totally cracked me up. I'm enjoying reading your blog and getting to know you.

  3. LOL!:) You are so funny! I am the same way..about the DVR and the treadmill. I need my own personal Bob. And just between you and wouldn't hurt my feelings if he looked exactly like Mark Wahlberg. I'm just saying.;)

    Have a blessed day!

  4. I went to the gym this morning and pretended I was on Biggest Loser too!!! We are long lost twins...

  5. You crack me up girl! I can't believe he wouldn't sing so you can tell him if he was going to Hollywood or not; I am sure it's never a dull moment at your house.

  6. Yeah, I have totally pictured Bob standing next to my treadmill....and I have one of those Biggest Loser Workout dvd's. It is like having your own personal Bob. Love it.
    Come on Luke! A faux AI audition would be fabulous.

  7. So we only made it through half of the dvr epidsode of idol last night....we did not start watching it until like when we do catch up on it hopefully this evening...i will see if rob will sing to me so i can be the judge and i will let you know how it goes.

  8. this happens to every married girl...the point where we realize that our husband's don't want to make fools of themselves for fun like we do. sad day. the good news is that they make fools of themselves all by themselves, and we get to post about it! ha ha ha!

    i tagged you, dangit...respond! :)

  9. You are hilarious! I loved this post. I really wish I could be a fly on the wall in your house...just for a day. It wasn't until I read your post that I remembered I forgot to DVR AI last night - I'm so mad now! O'well.

    Surprisingly I've never pretended I was on Biggest Loser while I'm working out, but you can bet I will now!!!

  10. You are so funny and you guys sound like such a fun couple!

  11. Last year during american idol..I made my whole family do auditions! It was hilarous!!!

  12. You are cracking me up! Seriously, I am laughing out loud! I love my daily dose of laughter from reading your blog.

  13. I TOTALLY do the same thing... think I'm on Biggest Loser with a camera watching me run.... the pressure... must stay on!!!

  14. That would be so awesome! I totally agree about watching too much tv...last time I checked our DVR was like 80% full and it hurts me to start deleting!

  15. You crack me up! I so need a Bob too - Jillian kind of scares me...

  16. You seriously crack me up! I hope you have a great day!!

  17. Hahahahahaha I think he should totally audition for you ~~ so he can go to pretend Hollywood =)

    You are hilarious!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  18. Tell Luke my vote is for him to go ahead and audition for you....come on, buddy! :)
    You, as always, crack me up! I always laugh out loud when I read yours and Jenna's blogs!!!

  19. Girl you have GOT to clean up that DVR before LOST starts next week!!!

  20. I think Luke should TOTALLY tryout, I mean why hasn't he before? His voice is really nice, well at least the one song I heard at your wedding was really nice. If he tried out and made it, not only would you be Ryan's BFF, but you could also be FAMOUS!!!

  21. your are too funny!!! i bet you are a blast to be around.

  22. That's great! He should play along!


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