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The Aftermath

So this morning I woke up and I sort of freaked out over my short hair.

Actually that sentence is all wrong it should read like this:

Last night before going to bed I freaked out about my hair being short, couldn’t sleep all night finally fell asleep, woke up relieved, that it was all a bad dream, reached up felt my hair and starting having a panic attack.

Heart throbbing, breaking out in a cold sweet, can’t breathe – full on panic attack.

I have a special talent. I can freak out about life’s smallest issues.

For example, my hair.

I started freaking out because I just started thinking about how long my hair was, and how it took forever to get to that point and how much I HATED the ‘middle phase’ of hair and it took what seemed like forever to get through the ‘middle phase’ and how with a single-handed CHOP I was back on my way to the dreaded ‘middle phase’

Then I started thinking about how everybody says it will grow back, but what if mine doesn’t? What if I had ONE chance in my life to have long hair and once I cut it, my hair just stopped growing?

This morning while I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day (which I must say I was able to dry my hair in half the time). I was going through all of my 'hair worries' in my mind trying my best to keep all of my tears contained but clearly, visibly shaken. When my husband (who I love so dearly most of the time) walked in looked in the mirror and (seriously) said: “How do you think I should fix my hair when I am forty?”

WHAT! Are you serious?

I’m in the middle of a hair crisis and you want to talk about how you are going to fix your hair 15 years from now???

I then proceeded to calmly explain all of my hair worries to him and my hair is gone and now I am stuck with this short hair and I can’t do anything about it and despite the fact that I was in a magazine I’m not a celebrity and I can’t put hair extensions in.

After I got it all out of my system I felt much better until he said this: “Good to know you find your identity in your hair and not Christ”.


That really put things back into perspective for me. I was stressing out about something that really isn’t that big of a deal.

So, I am now getting used to my hair. Sometimes I look in the mirror and scare myself, but other than that it is growing on me.

And I definitely do not want to obsess over anything that will take my eyes off of Christ.

Now on to solve my next big problem: How will Luke wear his hair when we are 40?

P.S. Thank you for all your sweet comments about my hair - when I was having doubts it was so nice to read through your kind words!



  1. Where do men come up with this stuff and WHERE do they get their impecable timing???
    I still love it and think you look amazing!
    OH- and I thought of you this week because Target has almost all the seasons of "Friends" on sale for 15.99 or 16.99. This is a bargain and if you have extra money in the need to invest in one more season, at least! THEN when you are laying awake at night you can have some company with Ross, Rachel, etc. (I speak from personal experience, of course!)
    Love ya!

  2. Warning: Randomness ahead...where in OK do you live? For some really strange reason, I was thinking that you lived in Tulsa (however, I'm quite good at convincing myself of things that I have apparently made up). Reason I'm asking...we're headed to Tulsa in two weeks!

  3. It's always the worst when we know they are right, but don't want to admit it! You get used to it and once you do, I am sure you will be so glad for the lovely change!

  4. luke and dale need to take "comfort classes"...something to teach them to be compassionate with mini-breakdowns. this blog made me laugh out loud...i've been there, friend. you're hair does look cute, it'll take some getting used to. i even have outfits i don't want to wear anymore because i don't have the hairdo i used to have to go with them? it's okay to tell me that i'm weird. then--i wake up some days and love having a "hair style" instead of just longer hair cut into some layers.

    love you friend! hang in there!

  5. Girl - your hair is TOO CUTE!!!!
    Isn't it funny though how ONE STATEMENT can snap you back to where you need to be?!?!
    It's different for guys, though. Girls worry about these things!

  6. You make me laugh. Not about the hair-stressing (that is totally understandable with such a big change - although I could not love it more), but just the way you relay your life information to your adoring readers.

    Love the hair. Love the girl. Love the blog. That about sums it up, my friend!

  7. Your hair is beautiful and so are you. Inside and out!

    And I laughed out loud at Luke's comment as you were having your crisis. That is exactly what my husband would do and say! I have to interrupt him sometimes and say, "Honey, we are talking about ME right now, not YOU!" ;)LOL!:)

    And I know what you mean....Christ is all that matters, but sometimes (just sometimes) our hair is a really BIG deal too. I'm just saying. From experience. If you came to my house to visit you would see Amy's Hair Do (and Don't) Hall of Fame.;)

    (((BIG HUGS!)))

  8. Good we identify ourselves with Christ or the outward appearances that mean so much to us!!! Awesome!

  9. Seriously your hair looks fabulous! It's so chic and fun! Just pray about it because over the summer I was in the exact situation and that is truly what got me through! Now I laugh at how silly I was!

  10. Your hair looks fabulous! No worries! It just takes time to get use to it. Two summers ago I chopped my hair and highlighted it blonde. It was VERY different for me, but it turned out okay and everyone loved it! I did cry about my hair too because I wasnt use to it and I thought that S would hate it! In the end its just hair and it does grow back, but as a girl I totally understand hair crisis.
    I hope you feel better about it.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I kind of freaked a bit when I cut my hair, but I love it! Now I am furstrated because I feel like it is growing out too fast. Anyway, Luke is right, hair is just hair and don't let it consume anymore of your worries - you're beautiful, and it will for sure grow back!

  12. Wow he just brought you back to girls always do that; we freak out about our silly hair.

    It will grow out; and it looks fantastic...change is good!

  13. Megan,
    I'm currently doing "A Heart Like His" (BMoore) on the life of David, and of course this reminded me of the words that the Lord spoke to Samuel when he was figuring out that David was to be anointed next king. "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." I Sam. 16:7b And He sees your sweet heart.

    So you go right on with your bad self and that cute hair, but keep remembering that your identity is in Christ sweet one ~~ it so is!!

    Love ya girl, Dawn

  14. Leave it to husbands to give us the cold hard truth, and in such timing as when we freak out! I was freaking out about my weight yesterday and my hubs says "You've been fatter." HARSHNESS! Haha but they mean it in love, right?;)

  15. Isn't it funny how all girls do this!?! You got a great cut and it looks fantastic!!

  16. "Sometimes I look in the mirror and scare myself" literally made me laugh out loud. At work.

    Seriously. It's beautiful!!!

  17. I love this! It's exactly how I felt after I took the plunge (a month after we got married, b/c I was sick of my long flowy locks) and cut 8 inches off!! I was SICK! Then I loved it and now I'm in the middle phase and am so not loving it. Ugh! Oh well!

    Your hair cut looks amazing! You have NOTHING to worry about. And I am loving the color. You look great!!

  18. You're too cute, it looks fantastic! I plan on cutting mine soon is scary!

  19. i love ur blog!!!!

  20. You are so funny! I love your hair and you will too once you get used to it! :) And Mr. Cup always says the most random things when I'm in the middle of a personal "crisis."

  21. Hope you're feeling better about things now. I think you look beautiful!!

    P.S. Thanks for your sweet email. I'm going to respond soon!

  22. megan, your hair cut looks awesome! I really love it! and the color! and don't worry, it's not short enough to be described as "the girl with the short hair".
    seriously, i love it!

    still beautiful my friend!

    now, on to planning Luke's hair at forty...

  23. <3 ur blog! layout/template is way cute!

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