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25 (+5) Random Things About Me

I was recently tagged to do '25 Random Things About Me' on Facebook. I feel like I have done these things a million times, but I can always think of more things to type about myself.

Due to the fact that I have nothing to blog about today, I decided to just copy and paste this onto my blog. But I added 5 more so its a little different for those friends that also look at my facebook!

1. I pick the seams out of ALL of my T-shirts. I have trained myself to not do it on my nice shirts.

2. Luke was my first boyfriend and the only guy I have ever kissed.

3. I get depressed after every one of my vacations. Even if I am ready to come home I still get depressed when I get home. The only time this didn’t happen to me was after our honeymoon. I was ready to get home and start our life together. This also happens after Christmas.

4. No matter how corny they are I truly LOVE watching Lifetime movies.

5. The 2 years of our relationship before Luke proposed I lived every major event thinking he was going to propose (birthdays, holidays, every Friday night). Do you know how disappointing an iPod clock/radio is when you are expecting a diamond?!?!?!

6. I am a crier.

7. I have amazing memory, for weird things. I can’t remember stuff I need to, but if you want me to tell you what you were wearing the day we met in eighth grade, I can probably tell you.

8. Math is not my friend. In fact it could be my enemy. In college I only had to take one math class and I put it off until it was the only class I needed to graduate. I passed with a 60.0%. Passing is passing.

9. I tend to fall down stairs a lot

10. We have had two days off of work and everybody is talking about how they are ready to get back - I'm not, I could have an ice day everyday. I was not born to work.

11. I am extremely modest. I didn’t wear a two-piece bathing suit in public until my senior year of high school and I still can’t force myself to use the word bikini.

12. I have a phobia of having another lung collapse, before my wedding I kept people at a safe distance as to make sure nobody could bump into me and collapse my lung. I'm completely serious.

13. I love craft shows. They rock my world

14. My senior year of high school I quit drinking Soda pop. I was so disciplined, I would only drink water. My sophomore year of college I took a drink of diet coke and it was all-downhill from there.

15. I think my husband is the most amazing man and I am so proud to be his wife.

16. Whenever I meet people I always worry about the first impression I make and just assume that they don’t like me. Some people would call this insecurity.

17. My biggest fear (currently) is that I will not get to stay home with my future children. I am working on not letting this consume me.

18. I love zebra print anything.

19. I HATE dancing. I have feared dancing at my wedding my whole life. Praise the Lord its over.

20. I love looking at my wedding pictures. It was as perfect as a day could get.

21. Actually I love looking at anybody’s wedding pictures. It’s usually the first thing I ask for when I visit somebody’s home.

22. One of my favorite snacks is a big juicy lemon covered in salt.

23. I try to eat a Chocolate Chip Cookie everyday. I believe it is good for the soul.

24. The most giving person I have ever met is my sister Kati, anytime I show interest in something of hers (for example a pair of designer jeans) she lets me have them or borrow them for a long time. I try not to take advantage of this.

25. I have amazing internet stalking skills - they have actually improved over time.

26. I share a birthday with my grandma and every year on our birthday we call each other and wish the other one a Happy Birthday, and every time my grandma tells me that I was the best present she ever got. This is always very special to me.

27. I have TRIED to get into Twilight. I read the entire first book and almost half of the second one. I finally had to give it up. I have nothing against it other then I thought it was completely boring. I apologize to all of you Twilight'ers out there.

28. I talk to my mom on the phone everyday and when I was wedding planning I called her 10+ times a day. I think I drove her as crazy as a child can drive their mom. She went to Europe for a week of the wedding planning (keep in mind my engagement was only 4 months) and it was quite traumatic for me. Every time I would call my dad (who was at home) with a wedding question he would say, I don't care, just do what you need to do. That was no help at all! I was relieved when my mom got back in US soil.

29. I had no idea what the term 'changing the oil in your car' meant until about 2 years ago. I've been driving for 7 years.

30. I once worked for a Christian Podcasting company. The owner of the company would interview Christian authors and musicians. I got to talk to lots of well known people on the phone. It was pretty neat. Once I talked to Luke's favorite singer on the phone so naturally, I got his number off of the caller ID and programmed it into my cell phone. I had no intention of using it I just wanted to keep it in my phone in case I ever needed it, for an emergency. Then I washed my cell phone in the washing machine.
P.S. If you do this, your phone won't work anymore.

Happy Friday!!



Goodbye Ice

Well the ice is melting and Luke and I have both headed back to work.

I could possibly label the last 3 days of my life the most unproductive days I have ever lived.

But that might not be true, considering my summer days as a high schooler were spent either laying by a pool or watching TV.

But I was pretty lazy these past couple of days. I think I even lost a little coloring in my face, due to lack of contact with the sun.

Monday I had an excuse because I was sick.

By Tuesday mid-afternoon I was no longer sick – but I continued to live as if I was. (thank you all for your kind words by the way)

I finished my bag of Sour Patch Kids before the end of the day.

Wednesday Luke had to go back to work, but I was still at home so I decided to hang some pictures on the wall.

One wall and 20 holes later I didn’t have one picture hanging on my wall.

Apparently I have no idea how to hang pictures.

How the heck do you get those things straight?

I had one of those level things and everything.

When Luke got home I just pointed to the wall and said “I think I messed up” He truly let out one of the biggest laughs I have ever heard.

Our wall looks like somebody shot it with a nail gun.

Thank goodness it’s just an apartment wall.

And I don’t feel bad since their idea of a heater is something that BLOWS COLD AIR.

I have an unhealthy relationship with our heater and I am working on it.

So this morning I woke up and showered for the first time in a couple of days.

I have never been a big fan of showers, if one isn't required for the day I opt out. (this might be one of those things my mom tells me is TMI)

I was all geared up and ready to go back to work when I heard this news on the radio this morning:

Girl Scout cookies will now offer fewer cookies in a box due to high baking costs.”

Is there any point in continuing on with life? I live for those cookies.

Well yes, of course there is a point in living, but I am seriously sad about it, I can already put away a box of those things in about 20 minutes, now it will probably only take me 10.

So I am back at work and I must say it is nice to be back out in society.

I love my job and I am thankful that I don't have to hang pictures to earn a living.



Thank You

I often find myself telling a story about a friend, only to go back and say well its a 'blog friend'.

This then of course, causes people to laugh.

As we have stated on our blogs before, people who don't blog 'just don't get it'.

I am quickly approaching 200 posts and I can't help but think of the friendships that I have made along the way.

I have 'met' so many amazing blog friends, whom I will most likely not meet in this lifetime, but  yet we share our lives with each other.

Everyday I read your stories, and I laugh, cry, feel inspired, relate to you, walk away with a new fashion tip or a great new recipe.

Every so often there will be a prayer request from one of my blog friends, forcing me to come out of my 'box' that I live in and see what goes on outside of my world. Whether it be friends struggling with infertility, babies who need healing, friends who need prayer for a  job interview, or a smooth pregnancy I am praying for these people I have met through the internet.

So I want to say Thank You for sharing your life with me.  I truly enjoy these friendships that I have made and I hope to continue them.

And also, Thank You for letting me share my life with you.  Whether its a story about how my heater is blowing cold air, a post about what God is teaching me right now, or yet another random story from my newlywed life, you are there to listen.

So Thank You to all my blogger friends!! 

Here's to many more posts!


Iced In

Yesterday morning while sitting at work I noticed that it was sleeting outside. The 'constantly over exaggerating weathermen' had said it was going to ice, but to be honest I didn't believe them.

Please forgive my doubts, because boy did it ice.

Have you ever sat on a college campus and watched people walk to class as fast as they can on ice? Lets just say its pretty funny. And to top it off, the majority of college kiddos have no idea how to dress when it comes to freezing temps. I can say this honestly, because I was once of them. I saw several without coats, and more than 2 with FLIP FLOPS, walking in the ice. Yes crazy.

So anyways, school was canceled so that means I got to go home! Well Luke g-chatted me and said he got to go home for the afternoon but he was going to stop by the grocery store first and get us some food for night and probably next day. What did I want?

Well I hadn't eaten a thing that day (breakfast has never been a friend of mine) so this is how my list read:
Starburst Jellybeans
Cookie Dough
Stewed Tomatoes
Something sweet and gummy (aside from the jelly beans)
and cereal

The necessities of life when there is an Ice Storm coming.

So Luke got home started making some delicious stew and threw my Sour Patch Kids in front of me.

For some reason they didn't look as good as they sounded an hour ago.

Then when the stew was done I couldn't even make myself look at it, and the smell was getting to me.

15 minutes later I started throwing up. The stomach virus going around finally got to me.

I will spare you the details but my iced in days so far have contained lots of sleep, Saltine Crackers and lots o lots of water. I really need 7Up and my sweet hubby has offered numerous times to go get some, but I really don't want him going out on the ice. It makes me nervous!

In other news: Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary. I never really pictured what our 6 month anniversary would look like, but me hanging my head in the toilet with Luke bringing me water is not what I had imagined.

The day of our wedding I checked to make sure he didn't have any food in this teeth before we took pics.
On our 6 month he took care of me while I was sick, Don't worry, I don't have a picture of that.

I am still staring at the bag of Sour Patch Kids wishing I could eat them!!!



Weekly Weekend Update

Sometimes weekends are a time for rest. Sometimes they are a time for business to get 'things' done and sometimes they are a time to spend with friends.

This weekend was one spent with friends and family.

Saturday I headed to my home town to help throw a shower for one of my best friends Kara. We have been friends since eighth grade and even though our friendship is now long distance we manage to talk almost every day. We stood in each other's weddings and now she is having a baby! I just can't believe it.

The shower was a lot of fun and she got SO much good baby stuff. Everybody loves to buy presents for babies and that was definitely evident at this shower. I completely forgot to take any pictures during the shower, but I was able to get one of me and Kara. I am so ready for baby Isaiah to be here - as I'm sure she is!

After the shower I was able to go to my family's home and spend a little time with them before heading back. I of course spent as much time with this little guy as I could.

Right now my mom has little Yorkie puppies and if Luke and I had a home this little guy (see pic below) would be ours. But right now we are in an apartment and they don't allow for pets and my mom needs to get rid of him before we are in a house. I have never been so bitter to live in an apartment, I already had his name picked out!!! I guess he is so super tiny I could try sneaking him in!

Sunday night Luke and I hung out with our friends Kelsey and Chris. Which was bittersweet because this was their last weekend in town, they are moving to Arkansas this week. BOO! Luke and I are sad to see them go, but also excited for them at the same time! So now we will just add them to the long list of long-distance friends!!

We went and saw the movie Gran Torino. SUCH a good movie. I laughed, cried, got scared, sympathized, got angry and so on. It was one of the best movies I have seen in awhile.

At the theater with Kelsey, right after I begged her not to move :-)

It was such a good weekend, but now I am super tired. I don't feel like I got much rest! Oh well I'm sure I will get plenty of rest in front of the TV this week!! FYI: This season of Lost is going to be AMAZING.
Hope you had a great weekend!



Our Vows

My husband is an amazing man. He is a Godly man who always keeps me laughing, encourages, me, watches out for me and is always on my side.

I say all of that to say, sometimes he drives me crazy.

Sometimes I drive him crazy.

Sometimes we even argue. (gasp)

One time a girl at church told me that she couldn’t even picture me and Luke arguing. That one made me laugh out loud. A lot.

One night, a couple of weeks ago I was very irritated with him. Looking back I don’t even remember why or what happened but you can rest assured I was probably being dramatic about something.

Who, me? Yes I can be a little dramatic and I will be the first to admit it.

It was probably because he wouldn’t do a mock American Idol audition for me – the nerve of some people.

Actually it might have been the night we split the hot fudge sundae. That my friends, was a bad night. I claimed the side that I *thought* had the most hot fudge only to realize halfway through that his side had more hot fudge. It was bad.

Anyways, so we were in an argument – actually I’m going to change that, we probably weren’t in any sort of argument, I was probably irritated with him and he was oblivious to the fact that I was even upset.

I don't even remember why, but at that time I started thinking about the vows that we said on our wedding day and I couldn't even remember them.

So I emailed our Pastor and asked him to please email me our wedding vows that we said on our wedding.

I wonder if that as the most random email he has ever received?

As I read over our vows I realized how important they are. And that they weren't just words that we said one day only to forget the next, but they were carefully chosen by Luke and I, and were chosen as the foundation of our marriage. Words that we chose to begin our life with, words that we want to continue to live until the day we die.

So I decided that I wanted to recognize these words for the importance that they hold in our marriage. I typed them out and framed them along with our wedding invitation to place in our house. I want these words to be kept public to remind us and those who eneter our home, of the vow we made.

Our Vows:
I take you to be my spouse, my partner in life, and my one true love.
I will cherish our union, and love you more each day than I did the day before.
I will trust you and respect you, laugh with you and cry with you, loving you faithfully through good times and bad, regardless of the obstacles we may face together.
I give you my hand, my heart, and my love, from this day forward for as long as we both shall live. Cherish this ring as a symbol of this vow before God today.
I hope you have a great weekend!!!


The Letter H

I have seen this fun letter thing on several blogs, and after seeing it on Jenn's blog I decided to try it. She gave me the letter H.
So here are 10 things I love that start with the letter H.

1. Husband, particulary MY husband.
I have stated it before but Luke is an amazing husband and he is MUCH too good to me. He always keeps me laughing and his smile gets me every time. It is what first attracted me to him. He has a great smile!

2. Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Hot Fudge Sundaes.
These are all foods I love that start with H so I grouped them into one. I eat a hot dog and hamburger at least once a week. The other day Luke and I attempted to share a Hot Fudge Sundae - we considered marriage counseling afterwards. Clearly we do not like to share food.

3. Hot Days
I love hot days with the sun shining down. Those are my favorite! I am SO ready for summer. My favorite type of outfit is a tank top with a cute pair of jeans and flip flops! I LOVE SUMMER.

4. Haley
Haley is my 16 year old sister. She is 8 1/2 years younger than me. She is so cute and fun and is growing up before my eyes. Which is a really weird feeling. I love her so much.

5. Hanson
I fell in love with Hanson the summer before eighth grade ( I remember it clearly) and have loved them every since. Please do not let me get on my Hanson Soapbox. I could talk for hours. I just think so many people judge them off of how they were when they were little boys and if they would give them a chance now, they would love them. I wouldn't want people to only remember the way I was when I was 13.
Stepping down now.
6. Hair (long hair)
Why, oh why. Why oh, why did I cut my hair?? I ask myself this daily. I thought I wanted a change. I didn't. I want long hair and it is gone now. Boo hoo.
This is one of our engagement pictures - but look how long my hair is.
I have now begun the journey of 'growing it out'.....again.

7. Honeymoon!!!!
Our honeymoon was the best trip of my life. It was our first time to go on a trip alone and we had so much fun as a new married couple. I want to go on another one!
8. History
I know this is dorky, but I love history. When I went to Washington DC last year I loved it so much because it is so full of history. I became obsessed with the history of the White House and bought like 5 books about it. We are going back in April and I can't wait!

9. Hawaii
I have only been once, but its Hawaii - you only have to go once to fall in love with it!
I went with Luke's family My junior year (Luke's sophomore year) of college. We had a great time. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been.

10. Happiness.
I love being happy. I love when other people are happy. I love making people happy.

So there are my 10 things. If you would like to do this, just let me know and I will give you a letter!



Toothpaste as a Cleaning Product???

A couple of years ago a new couple started attending our church. They were a young couple, married for just over a year and were extremely nice and friendly. However this was not the first thing I noticed about them. The first thing I noticed was her ring. It was the shiniest thing I had ever seen. It was not necessarily the size of the diamond that grabbed my attention it was how shiny it was.

So I waited until I felt like the time was right (which for me would have been the day after I met her, but I have learned to let people get used to me before I bombard them with questions). So one day I asked her how she managed to keep her ring so shiny. She then proceeded to tell me she cleaned it with toothpaste. Yes toothpaste.

Two and a half years have passed since that time and I now have a ring of my own – and I cannot bring myself to clean it with toothpaste.

Other girls in our church have adopted this cleaning style and their rings are SO shiny. I always comment on how shiny they are and they simply remind me that mine could also be this shiny if I would just breakout the toothpaste.

But I just can’t seem to do it. I’m just afraid I would get toothpaste stuck in the crevices of my ring and then it would be all gross, but yet minty fresh.

So my question to you is: Have you ever heard of this? Have you ever tried this? Do you have your own ‘special’ way to clean your jewels to make them bright and shiny?

Let me know!!!



Weekly Weekend Update

So I am sitting in my living room watching The Bachelor and I have decided that I would never be a good contestant on this show. For several reasons:

1. I am the jealous type and I don't want those other skanks mackin on the man I am diggin
2. I don't enjoy letting 'The Girls' hang out and that seems like a requirement for the show
3. I really don't like much alcohol and it seems like you have to be an alcohol connoisseur to go on the show.
4. I don't enjoy awkward situations - and the whole thing just seems AWKWARD

Not that I would want to go on the show, I have an amazing husband - but those thoughts just come to me while watching the show.

Our weekend was a very fun one spent with fun friends!

Friday night we hung out with our friends Kelsey and Chris and ate at Charleston's and then watched the movie 'Eagle Eye'. It is a pretty good movie.

Saturday Luke and I spent the majority of our day looking at houses -something that has become our normal Saturday routine for the past couple of weeks. We are just leaving this fully up to God and allowing him to direct us. Which is why we haven't bought a house yet. The Big Man Upstairs just isn't showing us giving us any confirmation yet.

Although, Luke is determined to get me away from our apartment heater . It is quite clear that I have an unhealthy relationship with the heater and I need to get away from it ASAP. Luke said I wake him up at least 3 times a night turning it off cause I think its blowing cold air. I have done this so much I now do it in my sleep.

But I know its blowing cold air and it makes me want to scream.

Saturday night I had one of the worst ideas of my life. I thought it would be fun to play Monopoly. Seriously, it has now gone in the Top Five worst ideas of my life. The game is Boring. BORING.

Luke received Monopoly for Christmas so I thought it might be fun to break it out and give it a whirl. I had never played Monopoly - now I know why.

This is how much Kelsey and I were enjoying the game. I kind of look like my 'evil goth twin' in this picture, but it is a realistic picture of how I was feeling.

This is my husband giddy with Monopoly excitement

I actually almost made it through the weekend without one person making a comment about the burn on my neck resembling a hickey.

Until I got to church.

Leave it to your church friends to be honest with you. They had a lot of fun with me on that one!

The Burn:

Wow, this post was much longer than I thought it would be, and pretty scrambled, but I'm watching The Bachelor, I just needed to update my weekend for my memory book.

I hope you had a great weekend!




It is only 9:00 AM and I have already had 'one of those mornings'.

I am supposed to be at work at 8:00 AM. This morning when I woke up feeling nice and rested I knew something was wrong. I immediately woke Luke up (who doesn't work on Friday's) and said what time is it!!

He showed me his phone which read 7:46 - perfect.
So I got up as fast as I could and started getting ready.

Somewhere in the midst of running around like a crazy woman (in the dark because my hubby was still sleeping) I got the hiccups.

Lately I have been getting the hiccups a lot. And EVERYTIME I get them I think of a siuation on Grey's Anatomy where a lady had constant hiccups and then almost died - this always helps to comfort me.

So I am running around, in the dark, with the hiccups, attempting to get ready for the day and make it to work without being 30 minutes late.

I knew there was no possible time to wash my hair so I just immediately started straigtning it - with the hiccups.

One hiccup was so strong it caused me to jerk my straightner and instead of clamping on my hair it clamped to my neck.

I am a 24 year old girl walking around with what appears to be a giant hickey on her neck.

And I have a meeting with colleagues from various offices today. Thank you Lord for the new Scarf Revolution. I am sporting my prettiest scarf today.

Then while I was getting ready I went to put on my wedding ring and dropped it. Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but today our bedroom looks like a tornado hit it. There were shoes, sheets, and clothes all where the ring landed. It look me about 5 minutes to find it.

I yelled at Luke to wake up that it was an emergency.

He flipped on the light, sat up in the bed, and half-asleep watching me searched for my ring.

Not exactly the participation I need in an emergency.

Found my ring, put it on, grabbed my makeup bag, and kissed my now fast asleep husband goodbye (seriously, record time of back asleep).

I got in my car, drove to work and made it all before 8:30. Woo hoo!

I fully intend on going home and showering at lunch. I just feel so gross if I don't shower, I swear my head itches and my body feels dry. Weird I know.

Anyways, in a bit more cheerful news. My friend Susan tagged me to show the 4th picture in my 4th folder.

My picture is so adorable:
This is my sister holding 3 golden retriever puppies. A couple of posts ago I mentioned my sister's dog Lilly. Well these are some of her puppies from Summer of 2006. We sold them and they are long gone probably living great little doggie lives, but we have such CUTE pictures of them, to remember them by! Aren't those faces the cutest things you have ever seen?

Happy Friday and I hope you have a great weekend!!!!
"Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it" - Psalm 118:24
This verse applies even when you wake up an hour later :-)


I Think I Watch Too Much TV

I have said it once before, but this season of TV is phenomenal.

Now, I know the word phenomenal is a big word for something as simple as TV, but I'm not kidding, it has been so great so far.

I do not have enough room on my DVR to contain all of the amazing shows I am watching right now.

But I think they are starting to take over my mind.

Today after work Luke and I went to the gym to do a little jogging - yes I have some moments of self-control but they are fleeting.

As we got on the treadmills and starting setting our pace I looked over at Luke and said: "Hey lets pretend we are on The Biggest Loser when we are jogging"

He just looked at me and shook his head. I took that as possibility.

I just think I would be better motivated if I pictured Bob standing in front of me tattoos and all yelling at the top of his lungs. I would be too afraid to quit running.

Instead I ran for about 20 minutes and gave up. I need a personal Bob.

Then we came home, ate dinner, and got ready for my favorite TV show (currently) - American Idol.

Have I yet expressed my love for Ryan? Its not a 'I want him' type of love, its a 'he is so cute and funny and sweet and we could totally be BFF if we ever met' kind of love. Really since 2nd season I have loved him.

Anyways, so Luke and I were watching American Idol, everything was going good. Then I proceeded to ask him to stand up and sing for me as if he was audtioning, and I would critique him.

He wouldn't do it.

I mean what is up with that??

He LEADS our church every Sunday, he is the LEAD of a band, he freaking sang at our wedding and he won't sing one song in front of me so that I can tell him if he is going to Hollywood or not?!??!?!

Well, actually he didn't really sing at our wedding, I personally thought it would be totally awkward if he did, I mean where would I look? At him? Then I would be staring straight at him for about 3 minutes while everybody was staring at me watching to see if I was going to cry, or smile, or what. I cannot think of a more possible awkward situation. So instead, he recorded a song and we played it during our unity sand thing. So technically he sang at our wedding.

So two opportunities to reenact scenes from reality television and Luke would have no part of it.

I seem to remember a little something about marriage being about giving and taking.

And I really need him to go to American Idol so that I can become BFF with Ryan. I totally think it could happen.

One Year, One Goal

Spending consistent devotional time with the Lord is something that I have never been very good at.

I believe that this time is the most important time of my day. I believe that it helps me in ways that I don’t even know it, all the while drawing me closer to my Creator.

But yet, I still have a hard time doing it.

I desire to do it, yet a lot of days go by and I don’t spend a good amount of time with the Lord.

Recently I read a blog post by Vicki Courtney where she talked about the One Year Bible and how she has done it every year for TEN years. That is so amazing to me.

After reading this post I remembered that I had a One Year Bible somewhere in my apartment. So I went searching for it and found it. I had attempted read through the bible a couple of years ago. When my life was pretty different, I was just a college student, no full time job, living with good friends and trying to find time to spend with my boyfriend.

I checked my bookmark to see where I left off and I had made it to February 17th. Pathetic I know!

So I decided to restart this little adventure, but with a different goal in mind.
Instead of the goal being ‘read the whole bible’ my goal would be to use the specific day’s reading to spend time with the Lord. Going through different scriptures and using that page to journal and write prayer requests.

So then I can go back and look at that day and see what I was going through, what my prayer request was and see the progress on that request.

It’s like a journal just with a little remix. And I like a good remix.

And I am writing about it on my blog because I have found that my own blog is good accountability for myself. If I write something on my blog I don’t want to have to write that I failed in it – if it is typed out in words then it is more motivation to follow through with it.

That is why I will NEVER talk about my desire to one day run a marathon. I'm too busy watching The Bachelor and American Idol to run a marathon!

Priorities, I know.


Surviving Marriage during Football Season

So I have figured out that if you come straight home from work, cook dinner, and then sit on the couch and watch all of the amazing shows on TV, it doesn’t really leave much room for any blog stories.

Unless you want to hear my opinion of The Bachelor and how I am completely addicted to that show.

Maybe another day…
So for today I will talk about football. Yes football.

I do not understand boys and football. Well I guess I don’t understand my husband and football.

Let me explain.

When I first met Luke I quickly found out that he was a die-hard New York Giants fan. This was something that I found extremely cute when we started dating.

Now? It just annoys me.

Luke has been a loyal fan since he was 8. He has never lived in New York City and he doesn’t know anybody who has played for the Giants, he simply decided to become a fan and has remained (crazily) loyal to this day.

I became a Giants fan the day I signed my marriage license. It was 10% by choice (becoming a Giants fan, not signing the marriage license that was 100% choice).

If you are unfamiliar with the football world let me tell you that last year the Giants won the Super Bowl. From what I understand, they were not expected to win or even make it to the Super Bowl so the win was astonishing.

You would have thought Luke was a part of the Giants franchise or something. When they won, his phone was ringing nonstop, he was getting texts from every man he knew, he SERIOUSLY was getting pats on the back and congratulations for a good season.

I had never been so confused in my whole life I watched every game that season right there with him.

I definitely deserved a congratulations for a job well done for that one.

So, a couple of months go by, and Luke and I were now on our way to marital bliss.

One night a couple of weeks before our wedding we were out running errands when I asked Luke: “Do you think you will cry on our wedding day?”

He looked at me with such love in his eyes and said:

“Meg, I didn’t even cry win the Giants won the Super Bowl, I don’t think I will cry on our wedding day”

Ah, he is such a sweet soul.

It put things into perspective for me: First God, then the Giants, followed by me.

So our first 6 months of marriage fell on football season and has gone considerably well.

However, the Giants just lost their chance of making it to the Super Bowl and my husband has been in a state of depression for the past couple of days.

This is when I remind myself to 'love him in his weak moments'.

I know that my husband loves me more than the Giants, although sometimes during football season it is hard to tell.

Basketball season can't come soon enough.

When did I start living my life based on sports seasons??!?!?!


Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend Luke and I didn't really do anything exciting until Saturday night.

First on Friday night we hung out together and just had a little 'date night'. We went to a local pizza place and enjoyed our time.

We also got to see our picture in the magazine which was pretty cool and kinda freaky all at the same time.

Saturday night we headed out to one of the best concerts of the year!!

Our friend Kelsey Humphrey's recently recorded a CD and had a rockin' concert to release her album.

And it was truly amazing. She sang, danced, played her pretty pink piano, wore amazing outfits, and all together put on a great show.

You really need to check out her music. I promise you will like it. Check her Myspace Page or her Website.

Kelsey rocking the show.
Our Small group girls came out to support Kelsey!So, it wasn't until after the show that I realized I didn't get a picture of me and Kelsey on Saturday night :-( Here is one of us from a couple of months ago. Seriously, go check out her music, you will love it!!


The Aftermath

So this morning I woke up and I sort of freaked out over my short hair.

Actually that sentence is all wrong it should read like this:

Last night before going to bed I freaked out about my hair being short, couldn’t sleep all night finally fell asleep, woke up relieved, that it was all a bad dream, reached up felt my hair and starting having a panic attack.

Heart throbbing, breaking out in a cold sweet, can’t breathe – full on panic attack.

I have a special talent. I can freak out about life’s smallest issues.

For example, my hair.

I started freaking out because I just started thinking about how long my hair was, and how it took forever to get to that point and how much I HATED the ‘middle phase’ of hair and it took what seemed like forever to get through the ‘middle phase’ and how with a single-handed CHOP I was back on my way to the dreaded ‘middle phase’

Then I started thinking about how everybody says it will grow back, but what if mine doesn’t? What if I had ONE chance in my life to have long hair and once I cut it, my hair just stopped growing?

This morning while I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day (which I must say I was able to dry my hair in half the time). I was going through all of my 'hair worries' in my mind trying my best to keep all of my tears contained but clearly, visibly shaken. When my husband (who I love so dearly most of the time) walked in looked in the mirror and (seriously) said: “How do you think I should fix my hair when I am forty?”

WHAT! Are you serious?

I’m in the middle of a hair crisis and you want to talk about how you are going to fix your hair 15 years from now???

I then proceeded to calmly explain all of my hair worries to him and my hair is gone and now I am stuck with this short hair and I can’t do anything about it and despite the fact that I was in a magazine I’m not a celebrity and I can’t put hair extensions in.

After I got it all out of my system I felt much better until he said this: “Good to know you find your identity in your hair and not Christ”.


That really put things back into perspective for me. I was stressing out about something that really isn’t that big of a deal.

So, I am now getting used to my hair. Sometimes I look in the mirror and scare myself, but other than that it is growing on me.

And I definitely do not want to obsess over anything that will take my eyes off of Christ.

Now on to solve my next big problem: How will Luke wear his hair when we are 40?

P.S. Thank you for all your sweet comments about my hair - when I was having doubts it was so nice to read through your kind words!



I Finally Did It....

I have been talking about cutting my hair since the day after my wedding, actually I started taking about cutting it before that.

So I finally decided to do it. And why not go back to my natural color while I'm at it?

Its different, real different.

This picture is at the salon after I had my 'major melt-down'. Luckily my good friend Melinda does my hair so she knows that I am crazy and was expecting the melt-down.It will take some getting used to, but I am pleased. Change is good.



Wedding Mayham

Last night around 9:45 I received a call from a friend telling me that she was flipping through a wedding magazine (Brides of Oklahoma) and flipped the page, and there in front of her was a picture of me and Luke.

So being the humble celebrities they Luke and I are we decided to go up to our nearest book store to check out our new found fame.

However, the picture in the magazine has nothing to do with us, our wedding photographer just has some madd skillz and we happened to be the people in the picture, it could have been anybody.

But we did take our sharpies with us to the store, just in case anybody wanted an autograph.

Although, I'm not sure the Luke and Megan walking into Barnes and Noble at 10 PM wearing sweats and house shoes, would be recognized as the Luke and Megan from July 26th. Ah, those were our glory days when we were so young and vibrant.

The pic by our photographer Jesse Reich

Anyways.....We were in the bookstore and I was going up and down the aisles looking for the magazine when I noticed that I had a voicemail.... I didn't even hear my phone ring, I hate it when that happens.

I had missed a call from my good friend, partner in crime and former roommate Tambra.

Instantly my "friend intuition" kicked in. She was engaged I just knew it.

I then had a new mission: find this wedding magazine so that I can see my picture and then give it to Tambra as an engagement present.

I am just resourceful like that.

So I called Tambra back and asked her if she was engaged. She said she couldn't tell me (which obviously meant yes), so I told her to meet me at Barnes and Noble and show me the bling.

Now to the average person, you might think I sound demanding or bossy, but this is how my relationship with Tambra works.

Luke and I met Tambra and Brody in the Barnes and Noble parking lot and had so much fun hearing their story of the proposal and watching how happy they were.

Engagements are so fun!!

Me and Tamb with the new ring:
(I have no idea why my foot is pointed like that, apparently I was channeling the 2 weeks I took ballet in 7th grade)

The cute engaged couple:

Congrats Tambra and Brody!!

Unforunately we never found the Brides of OK magazine. The B&N employee told me that they hadn't got their shipment yet but should be getting it soon.

It was a great night!!


A Christmas Recap

Well the break is over and it was nice while it lasted.

My sleeping in, shopping, playing Wii, hanging with the fam and lovin on the most adorable baby boy days, have come to an end.
And I am sad.
Our first holiday season as a married couple was a success and further proved that we are very blessed with such great families.

We kicked off the break by heading over to my family's home to begin perfecting our Wii skills. I soon became known as the 'worst Wii tennis player ever'. Which was fine with me because I store my treasure in higher things, such as becoming the 'best Wii High School Musical Karaoke singer ever'

In my opinion I was the best, despite the fact that I could clear out the room before I even made it to the chorus.

Christmas Day came and went and we walked away with some great new loot. We also walked away with some newly learned parenting skills as we spent most of our time with this cute little guy, our nephew:

Although, you can rest assured that our baby will look nothing like this baby. Our baby will probably have enough hair on its head to cover a small rabbit - and blue eyes will not be found in our family.

Kati (my sis) with Maxton

After spending time with Luke's family (I forgot to bring my camera) Luke headed back home to work and I stayed with my family for a couple of more days.

We then decided to torture ourselves and went to see the movie Marley and Me. I spent the better half of the rest of my break in tears and I blame it solely on that movie.

I knew it was going to happen, its a dog movie, dog movies don't end well. I went in to the movie determined not to cry, I thought I had hardened my heart strong enough to survive the ending.

I left the theatre a complete mess.

My sister has a golden retriever who usually gets on my nerves, however the rest of the break she was the love of my life. Stupid movie.

Lily the Golden Retriever looks slightly confused in the picture, wondering why somebody who never showed her much attention was now hugging her endlessly.

Haley showing Lily some love
Later that week Luke came back to hang out with the fam some more. When I last spoke to you we had no plans on New Years Eve. It remained that way. Luke and I watched my house clear out as various family members went to their fun parties while we remained eventless. Here are pictures from our New Years Eve. Don't we look like a barrell of fun?

Further proof that we are a roller coaster of emotions.

I wish Luke was this excited when I took his picture:

Then we headed to hang out with Luke's family for a couple of days and then back home.

It was such a great break!!

I plan to be back to my normal posting/commenting self by the end of this week. I have been catching up on all of your blogs but haven't been commenting as I have just been trying to read them all!

Happy New Year!