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You Asked, I Answered

Wow! You girls really came up with some great questions. I was expecting questions like "what kind of dog do you want" Instead I got some really in depth questions that made me really think. I thought about splitting this post into more than one, or perhaps putting it into catergories, but that would take a lot of time and effort. So instead I just answered them all below.
I highlighted the questions, so you don't have to read them all, just find a question that you like!

Here they are......

Whitney asked
Besides your wedding and the day you accepted Christ as your Savior what is the most defining moment of your life?
I sort of answered this question in a previous post, instead of going through it again I will give you a link to that post, here
But in short it was my entire college experience. It helped shape who I am today.

Dawn asked:
If you could spend a day with anyone living or passed on and walk with them for journey through this life, who would it be and why?
This answer would of course have to be Jesus. I think it would simply be amazing to just walk with him for a day.
BUT Jesus, is kind of the standard answer, cause who wouldn’t want to walk with him for a day right?
So Jesus is my first answer

My second is:

Britney Spears, yes you read that correctly. Brit Brit. I just want to know what she is like on a day to day basis, is she really crazy? Does she just need somebody who is a friend to her because they want to show love to her, not because they want her money. I just think it would be interesting! Plus I would want her to teach some dance moves (clean dance moves) .

Marge asked:
What has been your favorite newlywed married moment?
SpendingThanksgiving together. Never in our 5 years of dating did we spend a holiday together. We both come from close families and we knew when we got married we would be going to each others homes so we decided to spend our dating years with our families. So this Thanksgiving it was so fun to be with him for the first time ever on Thanksgiving day! I can't wait for Chrsitmas!
Jenna asked 3 questions:
1. When are you coming to GA?
Well, whenever you invite me, AND whenever Big Al is ready for some serious karaoke competition!!

2. What are three goals you have for your life?
1. Stay home with my kids
2. Take up photography
3. One day I want Luke and I to build a home on lots of land and have lots of dogs and watch our kids grow up in the house.

3. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
Sandwiches. Cause you can mix it up!

Jenn asked 3 questions also:
1. What has your hubby done that just totally disgusts you?
I have to say, he is much cleaner than I am. I probably disgust him a lot more than he disgust me! I haven’t really had a moment where I have been disgusted by something he has done.
However, at night, just to tick me off before I get in bed he crawls over on my side and ‘acts’ like he is going to sleep there. This completely disgusts me mainly just because it annoys the heck out of me. That is my side and I refuse to change!
Nobody is laughing Luke!

2. What is the one thing from your wedding you wish you could change…a regret?
Getting too stressed out. I let other people stress me out so much. If I could redo I wouldn't let others get to me so much!

3. You wake up tomorrow and find out you’re pregnant – what is your honest reaction?
HOLY FREAKIN CRAP!!!!!!!!! That would be my honest reaction.
Then I would get scared.
Then I would get happy.
Then I would get sad.
Then I would get happy.
Then I would get prepared.
Scared because it is a human life and we are not ready, happy cause it is a human life and we do want kids, sad because we are not financially ready for a baby and I would not be able to stay home with them right now like I would like, happy because we would be beginning the next journey in our marriage and then prepared for obvious reasons!

Amy asked:
When you are driving by yourself in the car….do you sing out loud?
The answer is of course YES. I belt it out like nobody’s business. In fact I think when I am by myself my voice magically becomes amazing, I can harmonize with the best of them. Luke tells me this is all my imagination, I don't think so.

Lindsey also asked 3 questions:
1. What is your favorite part of being married?
Going to sleep and waking up next to Luke. By far my favorite part.

2. What is your favorite memory of your wedding?
It sounds weird, but probably the moment we pulled away from the reception site. It was like OMIGOSH we are married, our wedding is over and it was PERFECT. At that moment it was just me and him and it was the beginning of our journey.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
This will make Luke sick to his stomach, but actually right here in OK is fine with me, our families are here and this is just home! Luke however would like to live anywhere but here! ha!

Julia asked:
If you HAD to pick your favorite LOST character who would it be and why?
Locke, even though he is crazy, he has a passion for that island and he sticks to it no matter what. Gotta love that passion.
By the way, if you aren't watching Lost, DO IT. You don't know what you are missing!!!

Emily asked 5 questions:
1. When did you first know that Luke was the man you wanted to marry?
I have no idea. Ha! Honestly, I just know at some moment I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

2. How long did you guys date before you got engaged?
We dated for 5 ½ years before getting engaged and married (our engagement was only 4 months).If I said I didn’t whine and cry about not getting engaged for 3 of those years then I would be completely lying.I’m glad it has now become a family joke about how much I whined and cried. It keeps life interesting.

3. Where is your favorite place to travel to and why?
Walt Disney World. I went several times growing up and I loved it. I would love to go again soon. It is just such a magical place. I also love the mountains in a cabin far away from everything, oh and the beach!

4. If you had to pick one book that was your all time favorite…what would it be.
Redeeming Love - amazing!

5. If there was a fire, what would you grab?
If I'm not wearing it, my engagement and wedding ring. And then probably my wedding dress. But most likely I would have to grab my husband because we would probably be running around like a crazy man trying to get his musical instruments.

SassyEngineer asked:
What is your favorite book, movie, song, TV show ever?
Book: Redeeming Love
Movie: Father of the Bride
Song: It changes often, right now it is "All that is within me" by Mercy Me
TV Show: Drama: LOST Comedy: Reba Reality: Big Brother

Faith asked:
1. How did you and Luke meet?
We met my sophomore year and Luke’s freshman year of college. We met through a mutual friend, at a college event. I remember Luke sitting on the grass and looking up at me through TONS of hair that was in his face. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight!

2. What is your love language and spiritual gift?
Love language: Quality Time
Spiritual Gift: Talking/communication. I know that sounds weird, but I'm not generally shy and I enjoy taking to people and getting to know them, and sharing life with others. Hm.. I wonder why I blog?

Rebecca Jo asked:
What is the first thing that drew you to Luke and what did you fall in love with first about him?
This is the same answer for both. Luke’s heart drew me to him. I didn't know there were people like him! He is so caring, loving, and patient. He truly has a heart for others! And I knew he was patient when he could put up with me and all of my dramatics!! He cares so much about me and when I am with him he makes me feel secure and protected. Also, we just have so much fun together! He constantly keeps me laughing.

Misty asked:
What do you like most and hate most about being in the ministry?
Like: Relationships. You meet so many great people, form such awesome relationships and really learn about other people. Right now Luke and I are involved in a really great newlywed's small group. It is just so fun to be apart of each others lives while we are experiencing the same things!
Hate: Relationships. It is very hard to develop relationships with people and open yourself up to people only to have them unexpectaly leave your life. It can be very hard.

Carolyn asked 4 questions:
1. What do you do to stay so thin?
I would have to say moderation: I try to eat things in moderation. My motto is if you are craving something, then eat it. For example: If you are craving brownies, eat them, that way it gets them out of your mind and then you don’t crave them again for awhile. If you want a bag of Doritos, pig out! Get it out of your system and you probably wont’ crave them again for awhile!I have been told this is the worst motto ever, but it works for me! I don’t work out but I do try to go walking every so often to keep my heart beating.

2. How did you and Luke meet?
*see above for Faith’s question*

3. How long do you want to be married before you have kids?
Anywhere from 2-4 years. I really just want to get preggo on accident so that I don’t have to worry about it!

4. Do you think having a separate bathroom is something that could keep the spark in a relationship?
I was so scared about sharing a bathroom with Luke, but actually it hasn’t been bad at all. Seriously. It has been just fine. SO sharing a bathroom works for us, but I also live with a VERY clean hubby. That might have something to do with it!Maybe I should ask his opinion of this question since I’m the messy one!

Mrs. Cup asked:
1. What is your favorite room in your house? Can we see a picture?
Well, we live in a itty bitty apartment. SO there isn’t much to choose from. But I would go with my living room. It is where time is spent between Luke and I or with friends and family who are visiting. Whether it is playing games, watching a movie, or TV, or just talking it is the central hub of the APT. I would put a pic, but its really nothing special. Just an apartment. But I am thankful for it!

2. Have you thought about names for your future children? If so what are they?Girl: Anniston Grace
Boy: Elijah Kade (call him Eli) and Jakob
That’s all we have so far. We just love both of those names, who knows if we will use them or not!

3. What is your quirkiest habit?
I use my fingernails to pick the seams out of all my shirts.It is weird. But I do it. None of my T-shirts have a seam. They are all tattered, but I still do it to every shirt. I love doing it.

Heather asked:
I’m wondering how you always manage to look so pretty? Do you have hair and make-up tips for us?
Oh sweet Heather, this question made me laugh out loud. My family, (particularly my two sisters) think I am the biggest nerd ever and that I am in desperate need of fashion/makeup advice. Therefore I have no tips!My makeup consists of, base and powder, (Clinique), eye shadow (Ulta) and Mascara (Maybelline). That’s it. I have never been a big makeup person and I want to gouge my eyes out if I try to put on eye liner. I almost couldn’t wear it at my wedding because I couldn’t let that pencil thing close to my eye. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it. As far as hair I just straighten it every day (Paul Mitchell Straightner). Each morning I think about how I am killing my hair, but you wouldn’t want to see me without a straightner! At one time I used really nice expensive ‘feel good’ shampoo. And then I got married.Now I use Aussie, and it works just fine. (However I don’t feel as glamorous when my hair is blowing in the wind).

So, thats all of them, sorry it was so long I am impressed if you got through all of them!


  1. That was fun, Megan. I am very I loved all the how you met Luke and fell in love stories.


    And I am going now to put Redeeming Love on my nightstand. My mom gave it to me last year, and I need to finally crack it open and read it.

    Merry Christmas!
    God Bless,

  2. How cute! I love these Q's and A's. Thanks for sharing - now we know a little bit more about ya! :)

  3. This made me so happy! Some of the answers I already knew (reminded me why I love ya) and some of it was brand new information (made me love ya more). FUN!

  4. You totally stole my post title - just kidding, haha!!! I loved all of the answers, and Father of the Bride is one of my all time favorite movies as well (I love the sequel too). I always wish I lived closer to blog friends because I keep learning how much we all have in common!

  5. That was great! Loved getting a glimpse into your fab life!!

  6. How fun... now we know so much more about you.. loved it!

  7. Loved reading those answers - thanks for sharing!

  8. Thanks for doing that! That was super fun!

  9. Megan,
    Your answer to my question about made me cry. I knew you would say Jesus ~~ He is all over your heart dear one ~~ but Brittney took me by surprise, but the reason you would want to spend the day with her, just about sent out the kleenax squad. I have thought the very same thing about MANY celebraties. Just to spend a day with them and be their friend and treat them nice, just like regular folks. ~~

    Your answer rocked my world!!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  10. ahhh I love it!! Soo fun!! I whined a lot about getting engaged!! Ryan always told me be patient:) Also, I didnt think anyone else out there liked the show Reba. I watched it when i work out and I crack up! Lost is a fav of mine as well. Cant wait for it to start in Jan! Oh ya and Father of the Bride.. all time favorite movie... love all of them!! Franc cracks me up! Welcome to the nineties Mr Baannnkks! ha!

  11. It was so much fun to learn more about you! Thanks for answering all the questions - what a fun idea.
    I think your motto for staying thin is hilarious! It would never work for me because I would be eating things like Doritos and brownies every day! It obviously does work for you though:)
    I also thought your answer about where you want to live was so sweet. I thought I wanted to move somewhere else, but being on the other side of the world for a year made me realize how much I hate being away from home and family!
    And, I totally know what you mean about spending holidays together now. Jon and I didn't spend one together until we were married and it's so special now!

  12. thanks for the encouragement! you were right, it went great! hope you have a merry christmas! love your christmas card, so cute~

  13. Thanks for sharing all of that - I feel like we are BFF's now! Seriously though it is fun to read things like that. Might have to steal this idea for my blog. Have a nice weekend.

  14. I love these posts!

    It seems we have a lot of mutual blog friends; I hopped on over from Nola's blog...I'm a follower now as I just think your too cute!

  15. Ok, this has nothing to do with your post, but I've been meaning to tell you that I absolutely love, love, LOVE the wedding pic on your sidebar of you laying on Luke's lap.

    Seriously, it should be in some portflio, website, something serious, somewhere! GORGEOUS!!!

  16. I loved reading all this! You are definitely one of the prettiest people I know- inside and out! I love Redeeming Love, too...and I cracked up laughing at the prego question and your answer!
    Have a great weekend!

  17. so how do you get so many people to read your blog? lol i feel like im talking to myself over here! :)

  18. How fun! Super cute blog... love it!!

  19. Super cute Q&A. Life goals are the same as mine pretty much and then the Britney Spears too!

  20. for some reason you always have it in your head that i think you dress bad.. if ive ever said that i was probably JOKING. i think you dress fantastic and i always tell people how you have a great fashion sense. So thankss.

  21. I love your answers! Your baby names are them. Reba is my favorite comedy (other than Friends)...I watch it every night while I cook dinner! I think we're long lost sisters...

  22. So fun Megan! What a great way to learn more about you and have one of my own questions answered. I love that you and Luke dated for so long before getting married! Dave and I dated for 4 years before getting engaged and I feel like that is so rare in the Christian community... so it feels good to hear about other couples that took their time as we did... Although I can totally relate about the last bit being hard!

  23. I loved this idea so much I did it too. Gave you credit for the idea though...

  24. Come to my blog! I finally updated. Maybe some day, when I grow up, I'll have as many blog followers as my cool friend, Megan.

    Looking forward to seeing you in OK this week!

  25. okay that was so funny megan. especially the part about you teaching ol' BritBrit some clean dance moves! hahahaaa

    and girl, about my's funny you say that I look 'put together' b/c I always feel so 'thrown together'!! I shop everywhere, but I hate department stores. They overwhelm me! I like smaller stores, but I do love Target.
    You can find some really cute tops at stores you wouldn't necessarily think of shopping Body Central and Forever 21. Just pair them with some nice jeans (I can only buy jeans at places that sell 'long length')and NOT the hooker pants they're paired with in the store! ahahaaaa
    mix and match my love, is the key!
    (Like I know what I'm talking about...yea right)

  26. I've been following your blog for awhile but only commented a couple of times -- I just decided to go back and read through some of your older posts and I've just been cracking up -- I especially liked this one, I think I could have copy and pasted a lot of your answers as my own -- especially the one about singing in the car, your favorite part about being married, your favorite memory of your wedding, your favorite book, your favorite TV Comedy, and your favorite movie -- ditto, ditto, ditto, and ditto.

    Thanks for the good read :)


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