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The Toe Nail Trauma

Before I married Luke, I had never shared a bed with anybody.

Yes there was the occasional sleep over with friends, or the yearly summer vacation where I had to share a bed with my sister who kicked me all night, but other than that I was a 'bed all to myself' kind of girl.

So needless to say sleeping in the same bed as somebody has been quite an adjustment.

Well yesterday morning I woke up and my leg was burning, so I looked at it and realized it was completly cut up.

I'm talking mangled like somebody took a chainsaw to it.

So of course there was only one solution, Luke's toe nails did this to my leg in my sleep.

I went into the living room where Luke was eating breakfast and watching his precious ESPN (I sure miss my precious GMA) and placed the Nail Clippers in front of him and: "I need you to cut your toe nails, you completely cut up my leg last night"

He looked at me and busted out laughing.

Not exactly the response I was looking for, but as long as the toe nails get clipped I'm ok.

So that night we are about to go to sleep and I gently reminded him he needed to cut his toe nails, he insisted that he was not the cause of my mangled leg, but he would cut them anyways.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up that night to find my legs crossed and my right big toe was slicing into my left leg.

I have no idea how this happened or why my toe turned on me, but it was painful, and I was the culprit.

I laid there for about the next 15 minutes wondering, Why.

Why, oh why is he always right???

Did I seriously just write a post about the toe nail happenings of me and my spouse? I might have just crossed the thresh-hold of TMI.


  1. Wow! That was one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time!! Hilarious!

    And yes, I can't stand when I confront my Hubby and then he ends up being right!!! :)

  2. bah ha haha! That is just too funny!!! Seriously - hlarious!

  3. Megan- You are SO FUNNY! I am cracking up at this! I hate toenails...mine and others. And don't even get me started about sleeping in the same bed as my hubby- that dude has been known to roll over and smack me right in the face!!!! I'm afraid we are going to be one of those couples who start sleeping in separate rooms!!!!! :)

  4. ahahhaha....
    so funny!!
    crack me up!

  5. Ok, that was some funny stuff. How can your own toe turn on you like that. Your toe needs counseling. It clearly has unresolved issues.

  6. i just found your blog and died laughing at this post! too funny. why oh why are the boys always right?

  7.'re gonna make me tinkle my pants!

  8. HIL-AR-IOUS!! Y'all are such a mess!

  9. Hahaha ~~~ I have an always right husband too ~~ how does that happen? But I'm thankful for it. Otherwise I'd be always wrong and no one to correct me =)

    This was hilarious!!

    Have a Blessed evening,

  10. That's so funny Megan!
    I would have thought the same thing. My husband has jabbed me with his toenail before.
    It's definitely an adjustment sleeping with someone else.
    Sorry about your mangled up leg.

  11. hahhahaha! That is hilarious! We had some bed drama when we first got married too, I talk in my sleep and would FREAK Garrett out!!

  12. New reader here...your blog is hillarious, I love it!

  13. LOL!:) And bless your heart!

    My husband's toenails have gotten me a few times in our marriage.

    I don't think you crossed the threshold of too much information. This type of "situation" happens to us all at one time or another. It keeps us humble, amen?;)

    Happy Holidays, Megan!
    God Bless,

  14. I am so sorry for the pain you have gone through but can I just say, this was hillarious! As I was reading it I kept thinking, I've been there sister. Bryan has done the same thing to me!!!

  15. You are so funny! Don't you hate it when they are "always right"! (-:


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