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This is all I've got....

I have nothing to write about today. Which you would think that I just wouldn't write anything, but thats not how I roll. I have random thoughts that maybe somebody could relate to. So here they are. I apologize in advancess for the most boring post ever.

- I finally saw Twilight. I actually really enjoyed it. It has encouraged me to continue reading the series, even though I have given up on it numerous times.

- I have yet to buy any Christmas presents.

- I haven’t forgotten that I am going to do a giveaway – however I have decided that the giveaway that I was planning on doing was Lame with a capital L. So it might be until after the holidays before I come up with something worthy of my giveaway.

- Somebody found my blog by typing in google: ‘Toe Nail Trauma’ I’m guessing a picture of my scratched up leg was not what they were looking for.

- Thank you to everybody for your shoe rack help. I have no room in my closet for one of those hanging things, but I will remember that for the future. I had no idea so many people had shoe rack issues! Glad to know I’m not alone!

- The other day our TV quit working, just stopped. I was SO excited because that meant that I was finally going to get a new TV. Later I came home and it was working. I have no idea what was wrong with it or how it magically started working, but I cried a little. Goodbye 42” flat screen.

- I also have no idea why my TV wont’ die. It was passed down to us by a family member – and it was once a great TV, in 1990. Luke won’t buy a new one until this one goes out. Does anybody have a baseball bat I can use?

- After pouting for a bit about my old TV I rememberd my blog about being less materialistic and changed my attitude. My blog has become an accountability partner in my life.

- Does anybody else get teased by 'real life' friends for blogging? Those who aren't in the Wonderful World of Blogging just don't get it. Do you agree?

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Real life friends SERIOUSLY dont understand the blogging world... until you suck them into it as well...

    And keep reading Twilight series!!! It only gets better!!!!

  2. We have been contemplating a new TV for approximately 3 months now!! If we get a new one, do you want us to pass our old one down to you! Ha ha :)

    I do get teased for blogging. Everytime I pull out my camer my friends say Oh She's the blogger girl. Bet she posting that one.

    How cruel!!

  3. ok... my friends do make fun of me.. and my husband used to but now he reads... and my mom loves my blog too.. expect when i blog about being sad or worrying.. then she overly worries about me..
    I am currently OBSESSED with the twilight books.. I finished the first two in 5 days and am 3/4 the way done with the third! I have mastered runnng and reading:)
    Die TV:) Die:)

  4. Megan, I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I wish we could meet one day. I think you are a lot like my younger self. lol

    About the TV, my hubs is dying for a new flat screen. I say No because we have a TV that works perfectly fine and is less than 10 years old. It's funny that your situation is flip flopped from mine.

    Also, when I first started blogging I told NO ONE. Not even hubs because I was afraid people would laugh at me. When I finally told my friends I did it over email so in case they did laugh it wouldn't be in my face. I was very insecure about it. Now I have people that I see every so often tell me, "I love reading your blog". (Although, side note and different subject, I wouldn't know because they never leave comments. ugh)

    Anyway, you are not alone my friend :)

  5. Oh and about what Julie said regarding the camera, I agree! LOL Whenever I am with my friends and I take pics or something funny happens they are always like, "Yeah this is gonna end up on the BLOG!" LOL

    One day I was at lunch with my best friend who lives out of state (and is not very tech savvy anyway) and I took a pic of my food for my blog and she was so confused. LOL She did not get it at all!

  6. and you started off by saying you had nothing to write about... good facts.
    enjoy reading your blog - no matter what you write about!!!

  7. Yes, I get teased a lot...especially when I pull out my camera to take pictures of a great meal I'm about to partake of.

    I don't care though. They just don't understand that all my blogging friends are very interested in what delicious foods I every single detail of my trips etc. ;)

  8. I heart you!!! Please send your random thoughts in list form everyday. Thanks. :-)

  9. And that should have been "send ME your random thoughts..." Although I think other people could benefit as well.

  10. Yes!!! I get teased all the time for blogging. My family doesn't tease me...they just think it's kind of weird. "Cute" but weird. hahah!! Friends totally tease me though! :)

  11. ok, ok...I need help. Why can't I randomly blog? I have blog commitment issues---help me, Megan!

  12. I loved your post! Sometimes I think of ideas to blog about, but I don't want to post 20 in one day, so I just keep a list for a day when I have nothing else to say. I'm in love with lists! Also, my friends don't make fun of me too much, and my Mom thinks it has been good for me. ( I have met so many cool people to relate too!) However, my hubby thinks it is weird, and really wants to know nothing about it. He just doesn't get it at all! I think it might be an easier way for women to relate to each other instead of men. I'm not sure, but there are my random thoughts :) Oh yeah - and I was going to tell you that we probably drive near you whenever I go home to visit my parents. We have always wanted to stop at Pop's, but we always seem to be in a rush. I hope we get to sometime!

  13. Okay so I know this will be random, but have I told you how much I like the pic on your side bar of you laying your head on Luke's lap ~~ yay love that one!!

    Okay how's that for a random comment? Love your blog and you, thanks for keeping it real (my friends don't really get the blog thing either), but blog on I say =)

    Have a Blessed evening, Dawn

  14. ohhhhh yes, one of my bffs seriously couldnt give a cracker, I tell her ALL the timer that Im putting pics and talking about her, she has no idea.... And I always thing that if my girls had a blawg I would stalk it, our rents never get on.. wierd!!
    And I feeeel you about the flat screen, ours did go out and so now we have a 10 in in the den right now, ugghhhhh!!! ♥ LA

  15. This whole post made me CRACK UP! Clearly you need the weekend :)

  16. Ha I like your random posts! They're so funny!! And yes my other friends who are not bloggers totally don't get the whole blog thing. They'll come around :)

    OK this is totally off topic, but I just noticed your pic of you and Luke under "My Family" and it is so AMAZING!! What a cool pic! Love it!

  17. I have so many friends that just don't get it! Is it bad that I talk about blogs a lot!?! I just can't help it. I'm addicted. At least I know that I am not the only one! :)

  18. My TV wont die either!! Mine is only about 5 years or so old... But its one of the big & bulky large screens... I'm hoping it will die soon! It's starting to "flicker."

    I get teased for talking about my blog as well - they just don't get it! I love blogging!

  19. So, I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet either. It's terrible. Less than two weeks to go. I'm starting this weekend. I'm not happy about it. I wish my TV would die too.

  20. Maybe we'll pass each other on the road!!!!! :)

  21. Do you find it comical at all that you've received 20 comments so far on your "I have nothing to say" blog post? 'cuz I'm totally cracking up.

    And don't you just hate having an accountabiliy partner that you didn't ask for? LOL

  22. Good luck with the whole new TV issue. We're celebrating 10 years January 1, and we have yet to purchase a new TV. We've had 2 TVs - both hand-me-downs- and we even have a back-up used TV waiting in Clint's closet. The one we use now has a faint yellowish blob in the top corner, but it's been there for about 2 years and it doesn't seem to be spreading. Sadly, we're beginning to pride ourselves in our "John the Baptist" style of televisions. I love you!

  23. My friends that are MY age CERTAINLY don't understand the whole blogging thing! Some of them don't even know what a blog IS!! (-:

    Good luck on the whole TV situation!


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