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Stupid Sausage Balls

I was going to make a blog post about how I slaved away in the kitchen for like 10 hours making some sausage balls for a Holiday party I was going to attend.

I went to Target, got all the ingredients and then spent the better part of my night perfecting these delicacies. They were going to be amazing.

And then I was going to talk about how Luke was my tester and would test all the batches of sausage balls for me, approving each one, saying "they looked a little different than usual but tasted great".

I had them packaged and read for the party and then....

I had this conversation with my mom via email.

Me, sitting in my office, my mom in her classroom full of 4 year olds.

This is the EXACT conversation word for word:

Me: I made sausage balls last night for a christmas party I have tonight. I don't think I am a very good cook. I followed the instructions to a T but they look kinda burnt, but I had to cook them a long time to get the sausage in the middle cooked. I haven't learned all the cooking secrets yet!

Mom: Megan did you brown the sausage first? You were to cook the sausage first then mix it.


Mom: Where did you get the recipe? I’m worried about them. You must brown the meat then mix with the baking mix.

Me: I threw them away. I have eaten like 10 I hope i don't get sick.I have no idea how to cook

Mom: OMYGOSH!!! The recipe should have told you!! It’s my fault. I should have taught you guys instead of always doing it. I’ll start now with Haley. [haley is my younger sister]

Me: Yeah the recipe didn't say to brown the meat.I feel like an idoit. I hope Luke and I don't get sick. We ate like twenty.

Things learned from this conversation.

1. Clearly my mom and I are very dramatic people.

2. I exaggerate badly. I went from saying that I ate 10 sausage balls to saying that I ate 20 in one email.

3. I will NOT be starting a cooking blog anytime in the near future

4. I will have nightmares of rotton sausage balls forever


5. I find it hilarious that my mom lives an hour and a half away from me, did not help me make the sausage balls, was no where near me, yet she blames herself.
Gotta love moms!

Have you ever had a complete 'common sense blunder'??
Obviously I was supposed to brown the meat, I'm a somewhat smart person, common sense just left me for one night.

I ended up taking cupcakes from Target to the party.

Only one of them got eaten.

Maybe you only take cupcakes to your 2nd graders brithday in their classroom.

Not your work party full of professionals.

The sausage balls would have been a hit - minus the raw meat.


  1. I hate when things like this happen! It made for a hilarious story though! :)

  2. Oh, Megan....this is hilarious! Exactly like something I would do. A couple of weeks ago I tried to make homemade rolls for a Sunday school Christmas party, and I made the stupidest mistake with them. I ended up taking frozen rolls from Walmart. We'll get 'em next time!

    BTW...are you going to Olive Garden to see Jayma Monday night? It would be cool to meet a blog friend for the first time! It seems that I could have met you before when hanging out in Edmond with Jayma and Jodie, but I don't think it ever happened!

  3. OH my I hate to be laughing but i did something like this at thanksgiving.

    I didn't drain the canned vegetables before adding all the other stuff, so they were really runny, like soup.

  4. Oh, and we made our Christmas cards by hand. I have a Cricut machine that we used to cut out the ornaments.

  5. What a funny story!

    I love your flare for the dramatic! It's what makes your stories so interesting :)

  6. oh bless your heart! this is absolutely hilarious.

  7. Oh no! I'm sure if you cooked them long enough to make sure the middle of ball was cooked that you won't get sick. They were probably a little dry, but we have all done stuff like that! I cook quite a bit now, but I know I still make mistakes :) BTW - I would totally have eaten the cupcakes!

  8. ok this was hilarious!!! BUT more importantly, I;m glad that the meat was cooked all the way through so you did not get sick!!!

  9. That's pretty funny, but I've been making these all my life and you actually don't brown the meat :) It's pretty gross to mix everything up, but yeah,it's just raw sausage, Bisquick, and cheese. It all cooks in the oven... as long as you don't make them the size of baseballs. LOL

    I'm sure you'll be fine... :) Makes for good memories, though, right?

  10. Oh my word! This is the stuff memories are made of!
    Something like this happened to me one time when I was making a casserole - only I served it and THEN discovered the meat wasn't cooked. Oh, good times. Ha!

  11. Oh man.. I did the same thing with lasagna.. I thought the meat "cooked" in the oven...

    After that evening.. my dinner was referred to as "Mad Cow Lasagna"

    Yay life experiences!

  12. Do not feel bad at all. Last week, I was making homemade sugar cookies (a first--I. Do. Not. Cook. Ever.) & looked at one of the ingredients. I had no clue what it was, so I called my wonderful mother, pronounced it "menagerie". She had no clue what I was talking about, & told me to call my grandmother. Again, no clue. Try spelling it. Okay. Meringue powder. Hmm. Who knew?

  13. You may not be a genius in the kitchen but you sure do know how to tell a great story. Hilarious!!! I really hope you don't get sick!

  14. Ha! Here's a story for ya.. I made oreo balls - which have a whole block of cream cheese in them - and left them on the counter the entire night and next day...FED them to my co-workers and THEN thought - it has a whole block of cream cheese in them, maybe they're suppose to be refridgerated!! Um yes, I'm an idiot. The recipe didn't tell me to keep I didn't think of it! Not to worry though, nobody was harmed! HA!

  15. OH MY WORD! That is hilaaaaaaaaaaarious!! Thanks for sharing, you gave me a good hearty laugh!

  16. Darn sausage balls!! I actually love these things and I'm not a fan of sausage, so I do not make them or I would eat 10 no make that 20 myself =)

    You are hilarious ~~ thanks for putting fun in my Thursday,


  17. That's hilarious!!! I've never made sausage balls myself so I wouldnt have known either...

  18. I make Sausage Balls all the time for Hayden and I NEVER brown the meat first. Every recipe I have ever seen just says to mix the raw sausage, bisquick and cheese, roll into balls and cook for 15 minutes in the oven. We have never gotten sick on them.

    So maybe ask your mom where she got HER recipe? haha! :)

  19. it did happen. It's terrible that I didn't remember that. I felt like that could have been the case, but I couldn't remember an exact time of meeting, so I decided we must not have. So sorry! Anyway...we are going I think. It's such a drive from Stillwater for a week night, but I haven't seen her since before we left for Thailand because she left for London 3 days before we got back. So, I just don't think I can resist going - it's definitely worth the drive. Maybe we'll see you there!

  20. HA! I just made some last week for our office Christmas party and I didn't brown the meat either. My recipe didn't say to. We've made these so many times and I never remember browning the meat. I don't think they would stick together if you did. Not sure, but now I'm nervous!! My co-workers ate them up in like 10 minutes!! Whoops

  21. You make me laugh so hard. Truthfully, if it didn't tell me to...I wouldn't have thought to brown the sausage, either. I love cupcakes, by the way!

  22. Now THAT'S hilarious. And you know what...I would've probably done the same exact thing. ;-)

  23. Oh Megan, bless your heart! I can so sympathize because it is something I would do! You are so cute it's not even right!

    P.S. I got your Christmas Card today and it's even prettier in person. Thank you so much!!

  24. That is funny, bless your heart. I, too, have had my share of cooking blunders.

    When we were first married...every holiday party or gathering we would go to..they would ask me to bring deviled eggs. Easy enough, right?
    Only, every time that I would make them to go somewhere "in public" the eggs would not peel by the time I was finished, they looked like a bunch of chickens had pecked them to death before the party.


    I never understood it either...If I made them to eat "at home" they were beautiful, smooth looking eggs. But you let me leave the house with them...and they looked pecked to death.

    I should have just taken cupcakes.;)

    Merry Christmas!

  25. That's terrible, but it's definitely something that I would do. If it didn't say it in the directions, then I wouldn't do it, so I would've had the same problem. Hope you didn't get sick! :)

  26. i passed an award on to you... love reading your blogs!!!

  27. megan.. i am cracking up! I dont think I knew you brown the meet first either!ahahah! hilarous!

  28. What a great mom you have!!! This was too funny!

  29. I don't cook the sausage ahead of time in the recipe I use and they are great and over the span of probably 30 years I've never gotten sick.

    I use a lb of sausage, a half of the large pkg of velveeta (melted in the microwave) and add 3 cups of bisquick. You have to get your hands in there to mix it up well. Then just roll into balls and cook on 425 for about 10 or so minutes. They're yummy!

  30. Oh my goodness, how funny. I've never made sausage balls before, so if the recipe didn't say to I wouldn't have browned it either LOL

  31. Girl, you are a hoot! LOL

    I actually think I haven't been cooking the sausage before I mixed it with the bisquick/cheese mixture either...I'm going to have to go find my recipe now!!

  32. Oh wow. I made sausage balls about the time this post was written and they were so gross. I could never figure out what happened until I just read this. I didn't brown the meat first either! But, in my defense, I just checked the recipe and it didn't say to! Guess I should have known :)


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