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Sick Again

I can't believe I am sick again. I have all the same symptoms I had last month: Runny nose, itchy throat, sore throat, a cough that goes way down deep into my chest. It is just miserable.

I couldn't sleep last night so I moved to the couch to watch some late night TV. In the process of doing this I found some leftover prescription pills I had from my last bout of misery. Miracle from God? I'm thinking yes.

So I took the pills which said they would make my nose stop running. I then began watching CMT Giants: Reba - if you are not familiar with this, it is a special presentation CMT did for Reba McEntire honoring her for all of her greatness.

I was in tears the whole time. So now I don't know if the medicine worked.

I don't know if my nose was still running from my cold, or if it was now simply running because of my love for the amazing Reba.

Usually my Sunday night posts are titled "Weekly Weekend Update" Friends, I have no update for you, unless you count sitting on the couch moaning about my congested nose and achy body an update.

I also could update you about our lovely apartment heater, and how much it is determined to suck all of the happiness out of my life.

It has been malfunctioning for about a week now, which causes me to go craaaazy.

It becomes my obsession to figure out what is causing the problem and then get angry.

Our heater will not shut off, which stresses me out because I don't want to pay an $800 bill, BUT to make it worse, not only does it not shut off, when it reaches the desired temperature instead of shutting off like a normal heater, it starts to blow FREEZING cold air out.

So I called the one source that I knew would help me solve this problem, good ole Dad. It turns out he was suffering from a cold also, and unfortunately is a bigger baby than me when it come to colds.

My Dad's advice: It is broken, call the apartment maintenance people.

He also, matter of factly informed me (over the phone) that it was not freezing cold air that was blowing out, but instead room temperature air.

Um.. you are not here Daddio, it is FREEZING.

SO I have made it my one goal to worry about my heater. Last night after Giants: Reba was over, I picked my self up off the floor, dried my tears, and realized that the heater had not shut off in approximentaly 5 hours. I then started freaking out and woke Luke up and said our heating bill is going to be $1000!

Let just say, at 4:00 in the morning, Luke is not really concerned with the heating bill.

I on the other hand was a mess.

So I started watching "Adventure in Babysitting" to clear my mind. Good movie.

Fast-Forward to present time:

I have now taken the prescription pills again, I plan on laying on the couch and watching anything on TV that won't make me cry.

I guess my DVR'd Lifetime Christmas movies will have to wait until tomorrow.

Oh. My. Gosh. Our heater just started blowing Iceberg Cold Air again. I think I just had a nervous breakdown.

Luke didn't even acknowledge my breakdown. Sometimes he gets on my nerves.

P.S. I think the medicine makes me a bit crazy, and I need sleep.



  1. Your dad is like all men when sick; big babies.

    What kind of pills are you taking LOL

    I hope you feel better soon!

    PS Don't forget to let us know how much the heating bill ends up being!

  2. I hope you feel better soon :(

  3. You crack me up!! I have nervous breakdowns when things are jacked up, too. Hope you feel better and your heating bill is not too high!

  4. at exactly what time did you write this blog?

  5. Megan,
    I'm so sorry you are sick and that your heater is suddenly trying to be it's alter-ego air conditioning self ~~ boo, oh boo!!!

    Hope you feel better soon,

  6. Dang it! My parents have been fighting the same cold for quite awhile too... you'd think your body would make the antibodies to keep it away again... stupid germs!

    Hope you feel better soon!

    And LOVE Adventures in Babysitting... love the "babysitters Blues"!!!

  7. i would be calling the apt people first thing this morning... i HATE to be cold!

    hope it gets fixed soon & you're feeling better quickly!

  8. Oh no...heating issues are not cool!

    And I laughed out loud when I saw you called your dad "daddio." I totally call my dad that too!

    Stop by my blog sometime! :) I found yours through Newlywed Stilettos! :)

  9. Bless your heart.

    And men don't care about any problems at 4:00 in the morning. I'm just saying.;)

    I LOVE Adventures in Babysitting! You could use a line from that movie when your maintenance guy finally comes to fix the heater..."Nobody gets out of here without singing the blues...." ;)

    Feel free to just ignore me.;)

    Merry Christmas, Megan!
    I hope that your cold goes away; your heater gets fixed, and you are able to watch all of your DVR'd Christmas movies.

    God Bless,

  10. I hope you get to feeling better! And I hope your heating bill isn't ridiculously expensive!

  11. Feel better soon! Sounds like you had a pretty terrible weekend. Hope you got some sleep and are feeling better! :)

  12. I am dying laughing!!! Not at you, I swear... really. I do hope you get to feeling better. Maybe I'll ship my hubby's no-fail stock of "never get sick" pills. Echinacea, Vitamin C, and oh, I don't know what else he takes, but he is NEVER sick. I, on the other hand, just hate to take pills... so you know where that leaves me.

  13. Awww friend, I hope you feel better and that your heater gets fixed soon!

  14. I'm sorry you're not feeling well again.
    I hate to say it, but I agree with your dad about calling the maintenance people at the apt.
    My son has a landlord. His oven hasn't worked...ever since he moved in and then he'll tell me something else that's not working right. My words are "call the landlord..." :)
    I think they are responsible to fix it. You shouldn't have to pay a high heating bill b/c they have a faulty heat and air unit. Just do it....:)
    Get well soon!!!

  15. No wonder you have been sick so much. It's that wretched heater! It must be fixed or you must move! Your health depends on it. Feel better quickly friend! Maybe Luke should go get you some orange juice. I'm always told to down the Vitamin C.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Hey I hope you are feeling better. I also wanted to let you know that this summer our AC did the same thing but instead of cool air it blew hot air all the time and never cut off (yeah that ran up our power bill by 25 dollars and I had them fix it after only one day). I would cut the heat off until the temperature gage read below your desired temperature and then cut it back on. (or call a repair man).
    Also, I tagged you on my blog.
    Merry Christmas

  18. You crack me up!! Sorry you aren't feeling well...again! I am having the same symptoms and it has lasted for over a week now. I HATE soar/scratchy throats!! And why are guys never concerned about things when we are freaking out???? HA

  19. Hope you are feeling better soon! And, I sure hope that heater mess get's fixed...that would aggravate me too!

  20. Even in your sickness you still make me laugh! I don't worry about our heater, but my hubby does. Although your worrying sounds justified. He gets up to check on it when it has been running for 10 minutes because he thinks that is too long at night! I hope you feel better. I need to watch my Christmas movies at home too. Anyway, I left you a little surprise on my blog!

  21. Oh no!! I am so sorry Megan.. that just sounds miserable.. I hope you feel better soon!! Good luck with the heater.. XO

  22. Hope you have felt better today my friend!!!!

  23. Im sorry you don't feel well but now with meds you can feel better. I think that my fiance' Mozart would do the same if I came in that early and talked about the bill. He would have just rolled over after patting my head. LOL Just thinking about it makes me annoyed.

  24. I hope you are feeling better soon...I had the stomach flu least it only lasts 24hrs!! Check out my blog...I left you an award!

  25. I think our heaters must be part of the same evil conspiracy. We bought space heaters for our room and Colton's to try and avoid freezing to death or going to the poor house.

  26. Uh oh! I am so sorry to hear that you are sick again! We have had so much sickness at my work and I have been loading up on Ultra-Zinc tablets hoping to fight it off!

    I hope you get that heater straightened out and that you feel MUCH better very soon!

  27. You poor thing!! I hope you feel better soon and that your heater does too! :)

    Merry Christmas!!


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