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The Proof is in the Pictures

To show all of my blog friends that my toe nail story is true and I only slightly exaggerate I took pictures of my leg.

Actually I didn't, I had my student worker take these pictures today at work.

Good thing we pay them the big bucks.

So yes, I have pictures of my leg. I can't believe I am still taking about my toe nail.
Please excuse the pale flabbiness of my legs - remember I am trying to avoid the deadly rays of the tanning beds - but I'm about to give in:

Clearly there is nothing interesting going on in my life right now to blog about. Its a slow week in the Tree Residence.....



  1. OUCH!! And to think your other toes did this to you. You may have a mutiny on your hands ~~ lol =)

    Have a Blessed evening,

  2. Bless your heart! That really looks like it hurts.:(

    Note to self: Trim toenails before going to sleep tonight.;)

    God Bless,

  3. oh my gosh girl! i love that you took a pic to show us! put some neosporin on it pronto!

  4. Good grief, girl! You were not kidding were you?? Bless your heart!

  5. Look at that exquisite photography!!!! $6.55 an hour baby!!

    Student Worker Malory

    ps. Loved the shoutout.

  6. LMAO! That is hilarious! And yay for avoiding the tanning beds!

  7. Good gracious! That toenail MEANT it was gonna rough you up.

  8. That is bad Megan! Have you trimmed your toenails since this incident?

    Hey, every day life stories are what I enjoy about the blog. Every day ordinary (or not so ordinary) ;) things going on in bloggy land.

    Put you some neosporen on those wounds.

  9. Bless your heart! I feel for ya, but have to say that story still cracks me up!

  10. Haha - you are too funny, and I love that you posted a picture about it. Now, tell your toenails to behave so it doesn't happen again. Toenail cuts hurt!

  11. Girl, you DID tear up your leg. Poor thing. That is crazy!!

  12. WOW! i can't believe all those scratches.

  13. oh my goodnesss. your poor leg! that really stinks!!!

  14. Your poor little leg! What a mean toenail!

  15. OUCH! That looks like it must have really hurt!


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