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Not Paying it Forward

Almost every single morning since Luke and I have been married he has made me breakfast.

I am not a morning person, and before marriage I rarely ever ate breakfast. But since July it has been nice to eat a breakfast every morning.

This could also have something to do with why I have gained weight. I don't believe that conspiracy that breakfast helps you lose weight. Please tell that to my 5 new pounds.

Anyways, we are kind of in a slump where we have NO desire to eat at home. Do you ever get that way? Everything that we have to eat in our apartment just seems gross, and fast food seems so much more appealing!

So we have been eating out more lately, which really helps the money flow situation when buying Christmas presents.


This morning Luke left me some cash and told me to go ahead and stop and get something to eat for breakfast.

So of course I went to Chick Fila - are there other restaurants? I'm not really sure.

As I pull into the parking lot I remember reading several blog posts about the Chick Fila Pay-It-Forward and how people will go to Chick Fila order their meal and then pay for the meal of the person behind them.

I decided I was going to do this. Today was the day.

So I ordered my meal, then I looked behind me: It was one man, I'm sure his order wasn't too expensive - I was going to do this.

I pull up to the window the CF employee tells me my total I give her my cash, I'm about to tell her I want to pay for the man's meal behind me and then I FREEZE.

I'm talking completely freeze, no words, can't speak, scared out of my mind.

What if she thinks I'm weird?

What if the man behind me gets offended?

What if they all point and laugh?

What if?

What if?

What if?

There were like a million what if's going through my head.So she handed me my meal, I put it in my car and peeled out of there as fast as I could.

I think my tires even squealed.

As I drove away and came down from my nervous-high I became to ask myself, not What If? but instead.. What the heck is wrong with you??

What was I so scared of?

It would have taken a second out of my life and probably made that man happy for at least the morning.T

here was nothing to be scared or nervous about, it was a very simple process. And I let my mind get the best of me.

This was a classic example of me completely over-thinking something.

Do you ever over-think situations??Do you ever talk yourself out of something only to regret it? Something that is so simple yet you were scared or nervous for some STRANGE reason.

I'm going to attempt to do it again. I might need to take Luke with me for moral support because apparently I have a Pay it Forward phobia. So weird.


  1. As a new attorney I go through a million and one scenarios in my head before I call a client to discuss certain matters -- I literally sike myself out so much that I get nervous to discuss the simplest things!

  2. Aww! I totally overthink things so I hear ya! And we are going out so much more lately and I'm not sure why! It's just more fun, and usually my hubs is the one to say no but he's not so we're out to eat too much!

  3. I completely understand. I overthink and over analyze everything! I decided I was going to buy a big box of packaged crackers to hand out to people asking for money at stoplights that were hungy because I don't give out money. I bought them all, put them in my car, and I was just too scared to do it. I'm mad at myself and regret not doing it. I guess I still could!

  4. OMG I did the same thing just the other day!! What's wrong with us?? Exactly the same thing!! If we lived closer we could together for moral support - lol!!!

  5. Yes, I over think things (sometimes) too. Even when I do whatever it is I felt led to do..then I wonder if I should have done it.


    But at the end of the day....God is pleased when we step out of our comfort zones and do something that honors Him. So at the end of the day....the over thinking is done.:)

    Pleasing God is really all that matters.

    God Bless,

  6. I always over think things and then I get paranoid over the silliest things possible! This must be normal! :-)

  7. Hey I Tagged you on my blog
    in Candy Cane Questions
    Go check it out :)
    Have a great day :)


  8. This is hilarious because I panic over retarded stuff ALL the time! We have the same phobias...this is so funny!

  9. I admit that I probably would've chickened out, too. I do that A LOT and I'm trying to get better!! Let us know if you end of "paying it forward"!

  10. I know exactly what you mean. I get so nervous and way over analyze things. So hang in there sweet girl, and payitforward girl ~~ payitforward. And you are such an encouragement to the rest of us to do the same thing.

    Have a GREAT day,

  11. I overthink things often. For example, I want to bring cookies or something to a nursing home over the holidays.. what if what i make they dont like it, what if they dont accept outside gifts.. etc etc... but I think have luke with you will ease your nerves.. I am going to bring Ryan with me.

  12. I can totally relate to this! That is such a cool idea, though. Maybe Luke can help you do it next time, like you said!

  13. I do that but do it through the drive through it fun that way.

  14. Girl, you can do it!! I am proud of you for having the sweet thought to do such a generous thing, and I know your time is coming. Pay it Forward Phobia is about to get a beat down. :-)

  15. That completely cracked me up! I have never attempted to "pay it forward" either, but I am an overthinker too, so I wonder if I would back out at the last minute too???? Ha! So funny.

  16. Ha! Hilarious! I might choose a time when it's a woman or something anyway...otherwise the guy might think that you want a date! :-)

  17. You can do it! It's actually quite addicting...and before you know it, it'll be part of your budget! YOU'LL LOVE IT!

  18. oh, and ps - it's always a great reason to hit the drive through! What God-fearing husband can argue with THAT!?! :)

  19. I get kinda nervous too and I don't have a clue why either! But it's really fun once you do it!

  20. awww. i know how that feels! and yes i definetly go through "only eating out" phases! it gets expensive!

    ps. love your blog! you and your hubby are so cute!!

  21. I can relate to this...This is definitely something that I would so, as well. I don't know why, but I would be excited about it, then I would just stop! I don't know why!

  22. I am so with ya on the eating out lately.. Something about eating at the house just isn't hitting the spot lately! My poor husband is ready for me to start cooking again so he doesn't have to endure another bowl of cereal or fast food.. Although, the fast food we have been eating is so tasty, but not so good on the thighs! haha

    And yes, I have talked myself out of doing something nice like that.. I feel so guilty afterwards! Maybe next time you'll do it and it will be a very deserving person to get the nice treat! :)


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