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Let it Snow

Today we had our first snow!

Actually, it was more like little pieces of white nothing floating around in the sky for about five minutes, but I like to imagine that it was snow.

And I like to enjoy the 'snow' while it is here. It is supposed to be 70 degrees on Saturday.
Welcome to Oklahoma.

This is me coming home from work in the snow. My hair is in my face because the wind was blowing like 6 thousand miles per hour. At one point it lifted me off of the ground.

This was also before I attempted the path of death - the stairs to our apartment. Those suckers are slippery when it is icy and you are wearing heels.

My excited look in this picture isn't because of the snow but yet it is because of what is in my left hand. Christmas Cards!!! I have been waiting ALL season to receive some cards and I finally got some! Not one but three!! I know we aren't too far into the Christmas season but I am an impatient person.

Next up: I need your help.

When Luke and I moved in together I had to start that whole 'submissive wife thing' and give him some closet space. Apparently the coat closet in the living room wasn't good enough for him. So I needed to get creative. Well I went and bought this amazing shoe rack to hold my shoes.

Or so I thought it was amazing. This is what I have come home to on more than one occasion:
That is all of my precious shoes just thrown to shreds on the floor by my trusty 'amazing' shoe rack.

Do you know how sick I am of picking up my shoes, reorganizing them and putting them back on this rack? And so frustrating when I spend time putting this back together, only to come home and find it looking like this again.

The first time I saw it I screamed, which caused Luke to come running into the room.

Let me just say, he didn't think it was worth screaming over.

So, does anybody have any good ideas of how to store your shoes? I am desperate!

Let me know if you have any ideas!



  1. I have no advice for your situation, 'cause my shoes need some major help, too! I'm interested to here some suggestions!
    Yay for snow! It rained here yesterday - Booooo!

  2. I wish I could help, but just a few weeks ago I went out sporting one black shoe and one brown shoe, because mine were not in good order.


    Send any good advice you get my way.;)

    Happy Holidays!
    God Bless,

  3. Amy and I share a lot in common...which we've discussed. I also sported two different shoes one day & discovered it when I arrived at work.

    Not that I have one, because I am in desperate need of organization myself, but I've seen something that looks like it has pockets and I think that would keep them from falling off. ????

    I keep my boots in boxes under my bed.

    We didn't get snow here, but I did have to scrape ice off my windshield after work. Yuck! And that wind! Hasn't it been crazy?!!

  4. I'm in the same shoe boat! I have a shoe rack similar to your's, and I've come home many times to find my shoes in a pile on the floor!

    I haven't come up with a good solution yet!

  5. I have no advice...Organizing a closet is so tough. Luckily, Grant and I have a huge closet, so it's not a problem yet. But shoes are EVERYWHERE!!!

  6. I have a shoe rack that hangs over my closet door too only it is cloth with pockets for the pairs of shoes - downside is it probably wouldn't hold as many shoes as that one and sometimes the pockets aren't big enough for my tall boots and larger shoes.

  7. Megan,
    I have one of those shoe racks that hang in the closet along side your clothes and have plastic holders for your shoes. I really like it, but hubs isn't so thrilled because it hangs on his side of the closet ~~ no room on my side ~~ what? Did I really type that? Anyway, we've had it along time and I really like it.

    Good luck and hope you find a solution to this shoe crisis of yours =)
    Have a Blessed day,

  8. I wish I could help! My shoes need MAJOR organization. I hate sharing a closet with a boy! :)

  9. Your picture of your shoes made me laugh - sorry! I just wasn't expecting it. Anyway, I use the pocket kind as well. It doesn't break, but also doesn't hold as many shoes. Let me know if you find anything amazing - my hubby and I are also sharing a closet. Our apartment actually had two closets in the master, now the house only had one to share!

  10. I get super excited about getting mail esp Christmas cards!!!
    ps. I tagged you on my blog! Enjoy!

  11. Poor shoes... We have one hanging over the door (with pockets) and two hanging in the closet (that hang next to your clothes). Had them both for years, got them at Target, and never had any problems with either of them.

    And snow?? I told my son this morning that they were forcasting snow for us tonight (in San Antonio - HA!!) and he screamed like a girl.

    Good times.

  12. So exciting about the snow and cards - yippee!

    For shoes, I have one of those old school plastic shoe holders on the back of the closet door. I keep my boots and sneakers on the closet floor, but all the other shoes in the holder.

  13. love christmas cards! I need to get mine out!

    Shoes.... i store mine in their boxes, but we are lucky to have a pretty big closet. that one with pockets someone mentioned above sounds pretty cool

  14. You look so cute in the snow!!! And I have say opening the door to find all the shoes on the ground WOULD be traumatic. And would totally warrant a scream or two!

  15. I have a pastic shoe thing. It holds my shoes well. It holds 20 pair, so I do store winter shoes under my bed and boots on a shelf in my closet. But, it helps a lot. It does not take up much room in the actual closet, either.

  16. What helps me - is I too have one of those plastic shoe hanging things that hang on the railing - & I put year round shoes in that - heels, dressy shoes... but the summer shoes like flip flops/sandals - I store them in the winter & same with winter shoes - like boots, thick clogs - saves alot of room....

    And hey - if you are being submissive - your husband is supposed to love you like Christ... tell him Christ would let you have the WHOLE closet! :-) hehe!!!

  17. I am the last one to help since I have so many clothes and shoes that poor sweet Garth has the front closet. When we move we will share a closet and I'll need to find a new way to organize!

  18. grrrrr... i had the same shoe rack.. grrr.. did not like ti either.. spent more time putting all my shoes back on the rack! I know have the kind that has pockets and I have the quest room closet filled with my shoes.. shoes I dont wear on a everyday basis.. i have stored in a big storage container

  19. You look so cute in that picture! Enjoy the snow and your cards!!

  20. I had one of those shoe racks when I lived at home and I HATED it!! It constantly fell apart and would cause a mess. I never found one that I loved. They have some expensive ones at the Container Store, but I was too cheap to buy them :) Thankfully my hubby requested that we have some built-ins in our closet so it makes it much easier. Good luck and let me know if you find one that works!!

    And YAY for the first snow :)

  21. oh that snow looks so great! Um, that shoe rack has got to go! I would scream too! Unfortunately my closet is tiny and I have shoes in boxes stacked up on the floor with even more shoes on top of those. sigh..some day I'll have a massive walk in closet :) In the mean time, use them as decoration around your house :)

  22. Some shoe storage ideas-

  23. I don't have any solution to the shoe problem, but you sure do look cute in the snow with your cards!

    Have a great weekend!


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