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I'm a Loser

Each morning as I drive to work I listen to various morning shows.

I do not have a favorite I just listen to them all.

Well this week I have been listening to KLove because I was determined to win a trip to NYC that they are giving away.

I have been wanting to go to NYC for as long as I can remember, and going at Christmas time would make it like 100 times better.

So this morning they asked a question and I TOTALLY knew the answer to it. I immediately begin searching around my car for my phone, almost causing a car wreck.

I found it, on the floor where phones belong, and dialed up the number.

Nothing but a busy signal.

I never knew the sound of a busy signal could bring back so many memories.

Memories of calling the radio station my whole life trying to win something, but never ever getting through.

Which makes me think it is a conspiracy. It has to be a conspiracy.

I tend to think there are a lot of conspiracy's in my life.

Like when I call almost everybody I know, and nobody answers the phone and I think they have a conspiracy against me to not talk to me on the phone.

Or, sometimes I think the rapture happened and I am stuck here calling people on the phone.

But, back to the radio, I have NEVER called a radio station and reached a living human being.

So I'm wondering, has anybody out there won anything through the radio?

Come to think of it, I have never won anything. Nothing. Not even a game of Bingo.

It is tough to go through life never winning anything.

Sitting there while a person pulls names out of a hat, to see if you won that special door prize.

Watching a blogger's giveaway to see if you are the winner.

This is a lot of waiting and anticipating.

No wonder I have anxiety issues.

So in the spirit of being a Loser I am going to host my own giveaway. Cause if you can't win, just join them.

In other news: Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and I felt something weird on my left leg (the same leg that was mangled by my toe nail). Well I just dismissed it, but the weird feeling kept on, so I reached down pulled up my pant legs

and I kid you not

there was a wasp crawling up my leg

a wasp.
So I shook my leg, got it off of me, killed it and then sterilized my leg.

Because thats what I was worried about: wasp germs.

Seriously, what is the deal with my left leg? First a killer toe nail, now a germy wasp??

Details on the giveaway to come sometime soon.........


  1. Your legs have had it rough the past few days! HA! My goodness! And I laughed out loud about the rapture thing. I, too, have thought that before and began freaking out.

  2. When I was in high school I used to call our local Christian radio station and I won all the time. However, these days, I can't win to save my life! :)

    One time, I was bored at work and a contest for Britney Spear's tickets came on. I called just wondering how long it would take until someone picked up the phone. When they answered, the person on the other end said "you're caller number 20, you won!"

    Of all times I really didn't want to win. :) My friend and I had a great time people-watching at the Britney concert!

    Have fun trying to win! I hope you get your trip to NYC!

  3. I think there are a lot of conspiracies too! Well, you've won some great blog awards??

  4. Your poor legs!!! I'm a conspiracy theorist too...don't worry! :)

  5. I've never won anything either...I know the answer to questions on the radio occasionally, and I try so hard to win, but like you, I always get a busy signal. Maybe, I'll win the giveaway.

  6. You're killing me, Megan!! I totally agree about the radio thing. I've listening the KLove too and haven't tried to call about the trip to NY. It would totally rock, but I can NEVER get though on the radio.

    Sorry about your leg... but that so made me laugh. Out loud.

    Have a fabulous day!

  7. Aww that poor leg is having a rough week! Glad you were able to kill the wasp and not get stung!

    Can't wait for your giveaway!

  8. Wasp in November? On your leg no less ~~ now that is weird. Your poor left leg.

    Can't wait to hear about the giveaway.

    Have a Blessed day,

  9. I won once at our local radio station. Called in and answered a question right for the grand prize of...CIRCUS TICKETS. Oh yeah, get excited. (Not). When I went to get them, the guy felt bad for me and threw in a 6-pack of Coke which I have to say was a nice gesture but didn't really make it better. It was still fun to win something though. The Circus in def not NYC, but we all gotta start somewhere. :-)

    And yay for a giveaway! I want to do one, but I have nothing of interest to bestow upon others.

    Have a great day, my friend!

    P.S. Please tells the wasps to live your leg alone. It has been through enough.

  10. ok... this is a bad week for your left leg.. bad bad week:)
    I feel ya on the conspiracy with the radio station.. i used to text to win on this one station here.. I finally quit because.. it was hopeless! ha:)
    Cant wait for your giveaway:) fun

  11. Ok - well since you don't win any giveaways and nobody comments on my blog ever I am going to pay it forward to you (see my last post about my pay it forward). I will send you a little somethin' somethin' and you don't even have to pay it forward if you don't want -- consider yourself a winner! Is your email on your profile the correct one to contact you?

  12. You are too cute. Cannot wait for your contest!

    Going to a Jay Z concert was on my 30 before 30 and I actually won tickets to the concert on the radio. I was FLOORED too, because I had the same bad luck with never getting through on the phone lines...until that lucky morning. it was thrilling, winning them...even if they were lawn seats. ;)

    You have got to make it to's my favorite place on earth!

  13. OK that wasp story just freaked me out! I have goosebumps now...eeek! Poor leg :)

    And on to winning things. My mom and I won tickets to a country concert on the radio the same day with backstage passes so our whole family got to go since we each won 2 tickets!! It was crazy! Oh and my sister won a trip to LA to go watch a taping of a show....and she took me so I felt like I won too. Your prize is coming and it's probably going to be huge! :)

  14. Actually, I've won tickets to a basketball game once on the radio! I think that's it though. I won an iPod Nano (the new ones at the time) in a drawing at a 5k once too. I believe that's it though. :D

  15. Oh gosh ... My comment is totally bonkers... Please forgive me, it's been a rough day!

  16. I don't know if "KJ103" is still a radio station there, but I can tell you that I spend many hours calling in trying to win movie tickets, etc. in my pre-teen and teen years. Ah, the memories! I would love it if you won a trip to NYC! Awesome! OH- and the only thing I have ever won was a cabbage patch doll when I was about 7-8. They were hard to find and a store had a drawing and I WON! I was so nervous I still remember my heart pounding as I went up to get it!!!

  17. Can i just say that you make me laugh every time I read your posts? They make me smile and I love reading about how your life is so much like mine. I never win anything either and it is certainly discouraging (I just don't enter anymore). I think the most exciting thing I've ever won was a $100 gift certificate to Sunglass Hut (as a door prize at my high school prom, let's see that was 7 years ago)--yeah it's been a long time since I've won anything else.

  18. You crack me up! I'm laughing out loud right now! Can't wait to see what the giveaway is.

  19. Meg I won tickets to 101 Dalmatians movie premiere in Tulsa. It was the only time I have called a radio station. I think I will start doing more of it when I get home.

  20. Several years ago I was listening to Magic 104 I think...and I actually was the correct caller & they said my name on the radio. I didn't win, but was in the drawing for a weekend get-away.
    I heard this very same thing on KLOVE yesterday. I totally knew the answer too but was driving up to work and didn't have time to keep calling.
    I pray you can go to NYC one of these days. It is amazing. I bet at Christmas time it is gorgeous!
    I'll be looking forward what you're about to give away.
    Speaking of wasps...the other morning there was one in my hallway at my house. I freak out at bees and wasps & wondered how it got in??
    I ran and got a can of some kind of spray and started spraying the heck out of it. It finally slowed down enough for me to swat it. I knew if I didn't get it I'd have been a nervous wreck wondering where it was.
    Be careful out there today Megan! :)

  21. i'm there with you... never EVER, EVER win anything. looking forward to your give-away.
    yes, i live in edmond. we are youth pastor's at cathedral of the hills assembly of god - 15th & bryant. (across from panera bread) we have been there for 4 and a half years. what church are you guys at?

  22. I don't normally win anything either, although I just recently won a blog giveaway. I was so excited. (Actually, I DID win a "Twist" contest when I was a kid.)

    This has been a rough week for that leg!

    Can't wait to hear more about this giveaway!


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