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I'm Here

Hi Friends,
I have not blogged in awhile so I just wanted to make sure and do one last post before the New Year.

I do not go back to work until Monday so I have been enjoying my long vacation.
All together I have 2 weeks off and only one day of this break did I actually sleep in our Apt. The other nights were all spent at my parent's home or Luke's parents home.

Currently I am typing this post in my sisters room which was once my room (it is the room with the built in bathroom, it didn't stay empty for long when I moved to college) while my husband sleeps in the bed behind me. I am trying to type very quietly but I'm not sure how well that is working. I am afraid to turn around and see if he is sleeping or just glaring at me to get in bed.

Oh I just heard him snore, good sound asleep.

Christmas has come and gone, and in its place it has left a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not a bad feeling just a strange feeling.

It is weird how fast Christms comes and goes, yet it happens every year.

It was our first Christmas married and I loved it with everything inside of me, yet it was kind of weird.

We spent Christmas morning with my family and then headed down the highway to Luke's family.

I cried like a baby.

I have never been away from my family on Christmas and I clearly don't deal with change easily.

In fact when I was born, I was 2 weeks late.

I believe this is because I didn't want to deal with the change that awaited me on the other side of the womb.

Change happens, and we are just expected to pick up and move on with it.

Sometimes that is really hard.

But change is also a time to learn, and I learned a lot about myself this year.

I learned just how much my family really means to me and how I love them so much.

I learned that time flies.

I learned that I gained an additional family, and though it will take adjusting, it is a good change.

Change is just weird, but good.

Actually some change is really good. The change from no straightner to a straightner was the best change of my life.

I don't think I mention enough on this blog just how thankful I am for straightners.

Seriously. Best invention ever.

This post is going down hill fast, it could be cause I am slightly delirious and haven't figured out why I am typing this and not sleeping.

Or it could be because I have spent the better half of my break trying to master my Wii Tennis skills.

Or I could be delirious because my stomach is growling and I choose to comfort it with Sour Patch Kids at 1:45 in the morning.

I hope you all had a great Christmas and you have a rocking New Year's Eve.

They say when you get married you get old and boring.

We are proving that point loud and clear this year. We have NO plans.

Today we were trying to figure out when we went from slight losers to full blown losers.

I believe it happened the day I wore my houseshoes to a theatre and Luke wore his to Wal-mart.

The best part is, we weren't even together, we later shared our stories and realized we both wore our house shoes in public, on the same day.

We are one step away from eating dinner at 4pm at the local buffet.

I believe this was the most random post I have had yet.

What a great way to end the year.

Peace Out.

P.S. No time for spell check or proofing, this girl is tired.



  1. Work it out girl ~~ that is what we do in life, with God's help, we work it out. You are going through many changes, but you are keeping your eyes open through them all and that is key.

    You rock right on little girl and don't you worry about no plans for New Years or house slippers in public, or eating spk at 1 something in the morning ~~ you just rock right on. Talk about random, anyway =)

    Love you sweet girl ~~ Happy New Year,


  2. okay I have no idea why I didn't fix the space, maybe because it's 5:28 AM ~~ =)

  3. I've been married for 3 years and still cry a little when I can't be with my family for holidays. Change and me don't mix, but we're getting better.
    Happy 2009!

  4. You are just too cute... its not about getting old & boring - its getting comfortable & content!!!!

    Love the house shoe story!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your time off!

  5. Don't feel bad ~ we're newlyweds as well and have NO plans for NYE. Guess we'll just wing it, right? And I'm with you on the whole change thing and learning alot about yourself this year. I've learned alot, too - good and bad.

    Hope you have a great New Years!

  6. If it helps, I bawled my eyes out on Christmas. It was my first time not being with my family either and it was just awful. I love my husband dearly - as do you - but it just so hard to leave those old Christmas traditions that you have grown up with! They say it will get easier...I sure hope so because having that hole in your heart on Christmas is never pleasant.

  7. I agree- thank goodness for straightners. Seriously, I wish someone told me about them in high school. It would have helped my big 80's hair! LOL

    S and I dont have plans for New Years either, and we arent married! It's okay as long as youre happy!

    I hope you have a great New Year!!!

  8. Change is so hard for me too. I hate change! I cried on my wedding night....after my husband had gone to sleep...I think I was so exhausted, but I remember thinking "things will never be the same...I'll never live at my parent's house again..."
    Now 29 1/2 years later, I'm always so ready to be back in my own home & my own bed.
    It does get easier with time, it just takes adjusting.
    I'm glad you've been able to be off work and to spend time with your families.
    God bless you & Luke in 2009!

  9. I totally understand how you feel! This was our third year to be married during the holidays, and I still cried when we left my family's house. I'm not sure that it will ever be easy, but I just try to focus on the fact that it is so worth it to be married to my best friend for the other 364 days of the year!

    Oh, and I feel a lot better now about not having any New Year's plans. I think I overhype it sometimes, and then I feel like a huge loser not to have any plans. As long as you and Luke enjoy the night together, that's all that matters! I think we might go see a movie. Hope you guys have a great New Years!!

  10. Such a great post, I feel the same way! Change is hard, but it's good. Happy New Year!

  11. Have a great new year!!!! Enjoy your vacation, breathe and deserve it!

  12. Hey I stumbled onto your blog a few days ago and have loved reading and getting to know you. I just had to share that the first year I was married (almost 5 years ago) it snowed (more ice than snow) on Christmas and I wasn't able to get to my parents. They live 2 hours away. I'm not sure I have ever cried that much. We spent Christmas Eve @ my in-laws house. It was so strange waking up there. I pretty much cried all Christmas day. Thankfully I have the best mother in law ever who understood and just loved on me that day. :)

  13. You are hilarious! I was thinking back on last year's new years eve and we did NOTHING! I felt like such a loser, but it was honestly so nice b/c we spent the night just the two of us! So, enjoy these dull days! Once the kiddos arrive, I'm sure you'll be anything but boring!

  14. Happy New Year! We are staying in like an old couple too!

  15. Yeah...Dale and I agree that new year's isn't so exciting anymore...we don't have plans outside of hanging out in our pj's and drinking sparkling!

    With regard to melancholy and crying on the holidays, yep- i went throught that this year. I think part of it was that my house was 5 hours away, but the other part is change and having to divi up your holidays (it can get a little petty in my family sometimes and being a people pleaser, I end up being the sad one.)

    I'm sad we didn't get together--we played Wii a lot, Dale's parents got one for Christmas.

    Here's to you, Megan! Happy 2009!

  16. Hilarious!
    I have been feeling strange this holiday season, too! It happens when you get older!
    Happy New Year!!!

  17. I have missed you friend! I loved this post!!! You are so cute it's ridiculous! I love you girl, and I hope ya'll have a wonderful New Years!

  18. I like to think of it more like what Rebecca Jo said --it's about being comfortable and content-- rather than being old and boring! I've been married almost 31 years and I think I've only stayed awake to see the new year in, maybe TWICE! lol

    I have missed you. I hope that you enjoy the remainder of your vacation and get some much-needed rest!

    May God richly bless you in 2009!

  19. Happy New Year, girl! You are such a hoot. Your posts continue to make me smile and laugh, which is my two most favorite things to do...thanks for that! :)

    Here's wishing you a fabulous 2009!

  20. I'm the same way....the thought of having to spend a holiday with Mr. Cup's family almost makes me panic!! haha!

    (I was two weeks late too!) :)

    Happy New Year, friend!

  21. :o) love the house-shoe story! That's brilliant! Wishing you all the best for a wonderful and happy 2009!

  22. i don't do well with change either. maybe will get better at it as we get older.

    and i totally agree about the hair straightner..........what the heck did i do in high school?! oh, that's right, have frizzy hair.

  23. Oh, life before the straightner...those were some BAD HAIR DAYS! I love you and have missed you! I liked this post...I think these kind of "stream of consciousness" random posts are some of my favorite!
    Happy New Year, Megan!

  24. Our first year of marriage had a lot of changes in it too. I remember "discussions" on whose family we were going to be with during the holidays.

    Your not old!!!

    On Christmas morning, I woke up at 2:45 and filled my stomach with cheese, crackers, and summer sausage. All I needed was sour patch kids for dessert!!

  25. I agree that change is scary and sometimes sad... i cried while cleaning out my drawers bec some of the clothes reminded me of high school or college.... life just goes bye soo fast....
    happy new year!

  26. How about I am JUST NOW getting this post in my Bloglines. Something is definitely screwy!


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