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I Love Pizza

Last night I had to work until 7, not something I would want to do every night, but every once in a while isn't too bad.

When I got home Luke and I decided, in an effort to save money for a home, we would go out to eat for dinner. I'm sorry, no matter how many times you beg I can not give out our money saving tactics for free.

Anyways, after debating whether or not we should just eat food that is in our home that we bought when grocery shopping, or go out to eat, we eventually decided to go get pizza.

Ah, the finer things in life.

So upon arriving at the pizza shack (thats not really the name of it) we remembered that this was not our first time to eat pizza this week.

In fact, there have been nights where we have eaten pizza and enjoyed every moment of it only to remember that we had pizza the night before.

What can I say, we love pizza!

And we clearly have short term memory loss.

This weekend we are headed out to meet up with our college friends for a good ole Christmas get together. I just love this time of the year!

I am in charge of bringing an appetizer. Chex mix it will be.

Here is a pic of the girls from last year.

Since this picture was taken....two of the girls have had babies and I still have not chopped off that hair, I have added it to the list of 'things I realize I need to do after looking at myself in pictures'. Also on that list is 'never wear my hair wavy'.
My hair is wavy today. Oh well.

Oh and in the time that has lapsed since this picture was taken I got married, I wasn't even engaged in this pic, I was just someone who was whining and crying around about getting married.

Patience is a virtue. Or so I have been told.
Have a great weekend!!!



  1. I'm so glad Bryan and I are not the only ones who say..."In order to save money we must go out to eat!" Ha :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. You guys are so stinkin' cute and funny! PIZZA?! You are making me hungry!

  3. Pizza every night works for me. Actually, I could just alternate between that and Chik Fil A and I would be a happy girl!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Sounds like a perfect night to me!

    I just read..."Somebody found my blog by typing in google: ‘Toe Nail Trauma’ I’m guessing a picture of my scratched up leg was not what they were looking for."


    HAHA! I can definitely rely on you to make me laugh at least once a day...

  5. MMMMMMMMM Pizza ~~ I think hubs and I need to save money ourselves tonight and get pizza =)

    Have a Blessed weekend,

  6. MMM pizza - we had pizza last night!! How funny!

    I love milk chocolate!! Dark chocolate is alright as long as its the special dark chocolate! :D

  7. You're so cute, and I love your long hair :) I love pizza, but I am sad to say my picky husband doesn't. It's a sad world sometimes.

  8. Ha! I'm eating pizza right now... yummy! And I just love your money saving tips. You should write a book. :)

  9. oh how i wish i could eat pizza every night!! remember those 17 pounds? yeah Pizza will NOT help that situation!

  10. You that question people ask sometimes - What would you eat if you had to only eat one thing for the rest of your life?

    My answer: pizza.

    Actually no one ever asks me that, but I like to throw it out there to people all the time. I just need to know this information about those around me.

    And I personally think your hair looks AWESOME wavy (reference point: pic from Luke's concert night).

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  11. I don't know, girl...I'm loving your long hair. In fact, your length is about what I'm going for...although this would be a good time to rant that I've never met a hairstylist that understands the word "TRIM"! ;-)

    And pizza...oh my gosh, a fav in our house too. Tonight will be night #2 this week for us as well!

  12. I am SO hungry! Dan and I are waiting for people to deliver our furniture and I'm going to suggest pizza! LOL

  13. u 2 are adorable:)
    We love pizza too:) and it is easy and not too pricey:)
    have fun at your party!!!

  14. While I'm not a pizza fan...I do love your hair! And your weekend sounds like SOOO much fun!

  15. Mmmm - I do love me some pizza! I might just have to get some this evening as I sit alone at home while hubby is studying. Anyway, even though I did just chop off my hair and tend to be drawn to short hair - I think your long hair is beautiful!!!

  16. I love me some pizza too! We love the pepperoni pizza from a place up the street....mmmmm so good!

  17. I had pizza last night and also on Wednesday night!

    That Chex Mix sounds so yummy -I haven't made any yet this year, but that is my husband's absolute FAVORITE holiday treat!

  18. Hope you have a great fun with friends!!
    I love chex mix...

  19. have you tried the new pizza place CHEEZY'S on 2nd & Bryant? really good & cheap - $5 bucks! we go there atleast once a week.


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