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Weekly Weekend Update

First of all, Thank you for all your helpful advice regarding The Christmas Card. I have made a decision and a card is in the process of being worked up right now. I will let you know the final result! You all are such a big help!!! Thanks again!

OK, On to the weekend road trip.

Let me give you a little background:

Luke's brother is a football coach at a University down South. His team made playoffs, so we figured this would be a good time to travel on down and watch his brother and all his coaching glory. Even though it was several hours away and we HAD to be back by early Sunday morning we knew that it would be worth it to get to watch one of his games this season.

So Thursday evening we left our home and headed towards Luke's hometown. We spent the night there and then Friday we headed towards the good ole South.
But before we left I was able to quickly visit with a college friend, Lisa. She just recently had a baby (seriously, we are old enough to have kids?) And I got to see her cute babe and hold her for awhile. Here is a picture of us. The camera was on a weird setting, hence the Casper the Friendly Ghost look. I will admit I could use a little time in the tanning bed (which I don't do anymore grandma, don't worry) but I'm not THAT white. Friday afternoon, we hopped in the Big Tree's car and headed towards the land of Sweet Tea.

The ride there wasn't that bad. I had some good friends who joined me: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross. I re-lived their season 3 year for a good portion of the trip. Its a sad year, the one where Ross and Rachel break up.

And lets not forget my friends The Baxter's. I am glad so many of my fellow blog friends enjoy Karen Kingsbury's books. If you haven't figured it out yet, if you don't read her books are you missing out!

We finally made our destination around 8:30 PM, and I was craving diet coke so bad I could feel it in my body. I needed a diet coke like a desert needs rain. In fact I said that statement out loud and Luke's family looked at my like I had lost my mind. I go crazy if I don't get diet coke in my system about every couple of hours.

The reason I didn't drink any DC on the road is a whole other story and involves a past road trip with the Big Tree family and me being the only who needed to take a restroom stop like TWENTY times. I would run into the gas station to use the restroom while the entire fam sat in the car and waited on me. After that week I vowed to never drink in the car with these apparently 'can hold millions of gallons of liquid in their bladder' people again.
So we arrive at a restaurant sit down and the waitress says (in the sweetest southern twangy voice) "What can I get you to drink?

I of course was the first to reply (or yell) Diet Coke Please!

I'm not kidding, when I say she looked straight at me and said: "Would Diet Rite be OK?"

This would be a good time to say that, in the past I have been accused of making rude faces, or saying something in a rude tone when I didn't mean too, I fully believe this was one of those times.

I made the most disgusted face and said um.. NO that will not be alright.

I was seriously sick to my stomach.

I settled for a disgusting water.

Everywhere we went in this town the only option for a 'coke' type product was RC or Diet Rite. I didn't get my diet coke fix until late saturday evening, which by that time I was going through some serious withdraws.

I took this picture at the football game to further prove that this town was entirely too obsessed with the disgusting RC. (I apologize to anybody who enjoys this drink, I do not enjoy it)
Some pictures from the game on Saturday:

Me with Luke's mom. Notice how I am bundled up with a blanket? The temp was around 35 degrees give or take a little.

This family makes some serious sacrifices for football, including personal warmth and comfort.

Cute Luke and Me. If you dont' beleieve me that it is cold, look at the people behind us, they are bundled up like that are in the Arctic

Waiting for the game to start. Don't worry the stadium filled up shortly, we were there really early to watch the boys warm up.

I am very glad Luke's dad documented what Luke has started doing, 90% of the time he is awake. He is playing Risk on his iPhone. He plays this game ALL the time. Yes, I married a nerd.
A neat picture Luke's dad took of his brother on the field with the team. I just love this picture, You have the field, a coach, the players, the marching band. It just screams Saturday football.

The Big Tree Fam:
After his team WON (yay) we ate a quick dinner and then headed back out on the road! We arrived at our home around 2 am.

It was a fun weekend, and I have learned if I want to stick around in this family I need to come to love football whether I want to or not! :-) I'm pretty sure there will be other long road trips to watch football games in the future!!



  1. "I was craving diet coke so bad I could feel it in my body."

    Girl. Our souls are one.

    And just on that subject for one more moment - Diet Rite?!? What tha?? A little tear sprouted out of my eye for you when I read that sentence. Hear us now waitresses around the country - Diet Rite is NOT OK.

    Ok, moving on. :) I am glad ya'll had a fun weekend! I loved all the pictures. The Big Trees are such a cute family and you look just presh in all your winter wear! Loved the update!

    P.S. Please move to Georgia.

  2. You are so funny! I love the way you tell this story! And the pictures are GREAT!

  3. Ya'll are too cute! Fall football is the BEST!! That is probably one of the reasons I could never leave the south.. (sad I know) but I love college football too much! I left you a gift on my blog!

  4. I'm glad you had fun! I think you're a better wife than I am! :)

  5. Sounds like it wasn't too bad, but I hate the cold weather, so I would've been miserable. I tried to stay inside as much as I possibly could this weekend, because I thought I was dying it was SO cold. Anyways, I hate long road trips. I likely would've been miserable.

  6. I have no words...only laughter that made my boss look at me funny.

  7. Ha you are hilarious!! I'm not sure anything could take the place of DC. It's just too good!

    Glad you had a good time. You all look so cute bundled up!

  8. Where was your coat you crazy!

  9. So glad the trip was fun! I am all about a good football game, but not so much all about the cold weather - you are a trooper!

  10. If you were in the land of sweet tea, girl you should have had some of that!!!!

    I love football on Saturdays. You'll learn to love it, I'm certain!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. Your blog is hilarious! I'm so excited that With Love from New Orleans introduced me to it! I'm glad that I'm not the only DC addict in the world--our favorite local spot serves the oh-so-disgusting RC & I always take my own bottle of DC! They don't mind, although I did receive some strange looks at first. Worth it--there's nothing in this world as satisfying as a DC. Except maybe a cute handbag. I can't wait to read more!

  12. Okay, I like me some RC :) My fam. are all Pepsi people, so that may have something to do with it. I do agree though that it's defintely not a substitute for diet coke!
    Glad you had a great weekend! I love all the pics...and Luke's fam is so cute!

  13. How sad...I didn't even know that some restaurants serve RC instead of Coke or Pepsi! And I also love Karen Kingsbury books!

  14. I have to say that does not sound like fun sitting out in that cold...but you sure do look cute doing it!

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  15. Alright, I gotta ask, where down south were you? I live in GA and since Coke is a southern company (it originated in Atlanta), Im shocked that you werent able to get your "fix"!

  16. I love getting all bundled up to watch a sporting event!! Saturday Afternoon Football is the best : )

    I am glad that you brought some friends along.. to help you enjoy your trip! I miss Ross and

    I can't wait to see which photo you pick for your Christmas Card!

  17. Sounds like such a fun trip- I love roadtrips with my hubby!

    I totally get you on the DC thing. I don't drink as much as you do (maybe 1 every few days), but when I need it I need it, and nothing else will do! It's especially hard when the people you are with don't understand! Where's the urgency people???

    Also, I love Karen Kingsbury novels. I really need to go to the library! Glad you reminded me...maybe I'll go this afternoon!

  18. What a crazy road trip! I'm very impressed that you guys did that in like 2 days. As for the RC--I didn't even know they still made that stuff. Maybe it was invented there or something.

    Friends! I love them! Although, season 3 can get depressing with the whole break-up thing!

  19. DIET RITE? Seriously? Are you kidding me?
    Ah, Season Three. "We were on a BREAK!" The tiny t-shirt. So many memories!
    Love the football pics!

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