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A Thanksgiving without a Camera....

I could have taken a picture of Luke and I driving endless hours in the car to our Thanksgiving destination, but instead I was fighting with Luke over had control over the radio. Apparently marriage is all about sharing. (oh, and I should add by 'endless hours' I mean 2 hours).

I could have taken a picture of the 12 pack of Diet Coke that Luke’s Dad bought me so that I would have my favorite drink for the Thanksgiving Meal. This family has grown to know me well.

I could have taken a picture of Luke’s family playing paintball in their pasture, but I didn’t. And I sure as heck didn't particpate. Have you ever been hit with a paintball? Its like somebody is shooting you with a nail gun that shoots colors, and most of the time doesn't require stitches. Not my idea of fun.

Then there was the incident of a family member stepping in cow manure and getting it on their pants, and me gagging until I started dry heaving and stated that if I had cow manure on my pants I would lay down and just die….and then Luke telling me I was too much of a city girl.

I could have taken a picture of me stuffing myself with cheese potatoes and pumpkin roll, but that would just be gross.

I should have taken a picture of my little cousins telling us the story of The First Thanksgiving, I seriously learned something new that day.

I should have taken a picture of me getting mad that my sister was taking to long to get ready and I was starving and ready to go eat lunch, only to be followed by her over-reacting and telling us just to leave her at home, but thats just an everyday occurence when I'm at home. Gotta love sisters!

After Luke and I arrived back at home, I should have taken a picture of the inside of my throat and how red it was and how with every swallowing of any food or liquid I wanted to remove my throat from my body. It has started to go away, which just makes me think it was allergies. The internet was wrong, it is not cancer.

I just realized that I am missing 'Britney: For the Record" where she talks about her crazy life for the past couple of years. God Bless the DVR.

I hope you had a Fantastic Thanksgiving 2008!!!


  1. Oh, I would die too if there was cow manure on my pants. Ick!
    We also made a really long 12 hour drive...therefore I am thankful for laptops to play dvds and for my ipod fm transmitter!
    Glad you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun holiday!

  3. Sounds like you had a very fun and eventful Thanksgiving...and plenty of Diet Coke to see you through the day.;)

    And you are so right...God bless the DVR...I recorded Miss Britney too.;)

    I'm going to watch it in just a bit.

    Happy First Day of December!
    God Bless,

  4. Hilarious post! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving.

  5. Sounds like a lot of fun - aren't families great?! I'm glad your throat is feeling better too :) You'll have to let me know how the Britney show was. I missed it too and forgot to DVR.

  6. Ha! What a funny post. So glad you had a great Thanksgiving....and that your throat is better!

    I actually did make it home in time for Britney...and I was a little disappointed. It was somewhat interesting, but I felt that she was just a little vague on everything. O'well. You'll have to post what you thought about it after you get a chance to watch.

  7. I totally watched Britney and it was great. Sorry you forgot your camera - that stinks!

  8. Don't you just love Thanksgiving with the fam?? Sounds like you had a good one!!

  9. Aw sounds like a fun Thanksgiving!

  10. I love your Thanksgiving recap - I totally envisioned all the scenes in my mind (except the manure one - I let that one pass on by). Have a great Monday, friend!

  11. Megan,
    This was so cute. Fighting over the radio, so cute. And fighting with your sister, I hear ya.

    Have a Blessed week,

  12. Ryan was brought up on a ranch... he dad was a ranch hand... so he tells me often Im too much of a city girl!! Cow poop... eekkkkk... When Ryan was little there was a dead cow on the ranch and when they die they blow up - like a trampoline.. so Ryan decided to jump on it... ekkk... it deflated and smelled sooo bad!!ha!
    Sounds like you had a great turkey day!!!
    have a good week!!

  13. love this post and sounds like you had a great thanksgiving!

  14. I am in the same boat! We did so many things over the holidays, and we had a great time, but I forgot my camera! It was terrible! I take that camera everywhere!

  15. The internet was wrong, it is not cancer...OMG that's hilarious!! You are too funny.

  16. Hahahaha! Sounds like quite an eventful Thanksgiving! I missed Britney for the Record and failed to record it...good think MTV is re-run central and I will hopefully catch it again.

  17. Sounds almost as crazy as my family!! I hate to hear your throat was hurting. I battled that Saturday and Sunday! Feel better!! I hate sore throats and think I die 77 times until I get better.

  18. Thats a very cute post. I failed to take a lot of pictures. I only have a few....

  19. SO FUNNY! I have missed you so much! Driving in the car with my hubby (and his radio choices) makes me so grouchy!!!

  20. I'd like to tell you that struggle" over the radio gets better, but....well, let's just say I've been married almost 31 years and....

    Glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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