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Random Thoughts Tonight

It is the end of an of an Era.
Did you hear the news? Total Request Live (TRL) on MTV has been canceled.

I just felt like a piece of my heart broke.

Due to the fact that it has become nothing but trash I don't watch MTV anymore (I feel like I just aged 20 years in that sentence) But really the channel has become gross. TRL was the one constant that I knew was still there and still clean.

And now it is gone.

I remember coming home every day and watching my favorite music videos on TRL. Britney, Christina, Nsync, BackStreet Boys, Hanson, They all competed for the #1 spot and I was there to cheer them on every day. (usually just rooting for my precious Hanson boys)

I really haven't watched the show in years, but now that it is canceled it just becomes something else that was on when I was young and has now become something of the past, which makes me feel old.

Speaking of adolescent anybody still watching the new 90210?? I have to admit I am still watching it, but I am quite shocked at the content of the show that is supposed to be about 15-16 year old lives. I think that sentence just aged me also.
Next Random Thought:
On to awards! I have received a couple of awards lately! Thank you so much for these I am so thankful that I have met such great friends through this blog land! Here are the awards:

Sassy Engineer gave me this award:
The Lucky Layman's gave me this award:and Emily gave me these awards:I have seen these awards floating around the blog land for a while and I do not know who has been tagged or not, so I don't want to take any chances of giving them to somebody twice. Please just know that I am happy to receive these!
Next Random Thought:

Question to all my friends who work out: What do you listen to while you are working out? I have recently started jogging again (lets hope it lasts longer than a week like last time) but I am needing some good tunes to get me motivated, do you have any suggestions? All genres are welcome!


  1. TRL gone??? I am so out of the loop with not having cable. I can't believe it's days have come to an end!

    And, sorry but I can't help you in the least with workout music. I wish I could but there is no working out being done around these parts. Ha!

  2. TRL needed to be cancelled it got so horrible. I am glad you still remember it fondly though!
    This is SO cheesy but my go to work out is Britney. I can always count on a great beat no matter how terrible the lyric. Some of them do get you strutting your stuff though. Nelly furtato(sp) had some good ones on her last cd as well. One money saving tip, place them on hold at the library and upload to your computer so you don't have to spend $!

  3. RIP TRL. You had a good run, my friend.

    Congrats on all your awards!! You deserve them, my sista. You are well-loved!

    And as far as working comment.

    Love you!

  4. Hi i have question.. a little silly but oh well, i notice a lot of you have your name so it appears at the bottom of your post automatically- and I iwould love to do that with a logo- umm i cant seem to figure it out ....could you help ???

  5. My Work Out Favorites:

    *John Mayer
    *Justin Timberlake
    *Maroon 5
    *Sara Barielles
    *Lastly, what I like to call "angry bitch" music - think Alanis Morissette or Courtney Love

    You know I love Jesus, but I can only handle praise and worship on occasion when working out. I don't know what that says about me.

  6. I cannot believe TRL got the boot. I used to LOVE me some Carson Daily! :(

    I like to listen to anything with a fast tempo. I have no technical abilities, so my bro put all the music on my mp3 player for me. Lots of 80's rock and some Black Eyed Peas booty shakin' stuff. Anything that keeps me going fast!
    We definitely need to plan another get-together. I was just thinking that very thing the other day. I'll email you after the holidays and we'll work it out!

  7. I must be like 98 years old, because the only shows that I watched on MTV were The Newlyweds and Meet the Barkers.....Come to think of it, maybe I'm a jinx, because neither of those relationships turned out too well...Sigh....

    Congratulations on your awards! How exciting!:)

    And right now, since I am 98 years old, I love Christmas music while I ride my recumbent bike. But since my back surgery/recovery that has not happened as much as it NEEDS to. But, when it's not Christmas time, I like to listen to Kid Rock (the edited versions, of course). ;) don't judge. ;)

    Have a great day, Megan!
    God Bless,

  8. I was so surprised when I heard they cancelled TRL!!

    I wish I could help with the workout music...I can help you with my sitting-on-the-couch-blogging-when-I-should-be-working-out music!!! :)

  9. glad to hear you are jogging again! that is great! i have been hooking up the laptop to a set of ear phones, putting it right next to the treadmill and running to have you heard of that? it was new to me! anyway, just created a new "station" and punched in the song "fighter," and now that station plays all upbeat running music and i can't make it more than 5 mins on the treadmill without it!

  10. I too was a little sad when TRL was cancelled. Although, since they only played about 30 seconds or less of a video anymore it seemed kind of worthless. I guess now we should write a song about the day the music channels died (reference to the song "American Pie"). Anyway, I am still watching 90210, but I agree it seems extremely racy for the target age group. I will just pretend that they mean for our age group to watch it instead. As for workout songs, I'm still working on working out - so I'll have to get back to you on that one :)

  11. I just happened to have the tv turned to the cw last night when 90210 came on and I just couldn't bare to watch more than a couple of minutes. We are getting old! Or maybe we are just really conservative! :)

  12. Ok, woah - TRL is being cancelled! You are like giving me some late breaking news here, I had not heard! I too now feel old! Congrats on all you awards, you deserve them!

    Here are some songs I rock out/work out to: Michael Jackson (all songs), Dixie Chicks ("Ready to Run"), Beyonce ("Crazy in Love"),Jet ("Are you gonna be my Girl"), Paulo Nutini ("New Shoes")

  13. P.S. I am shamefully addicted to the New 90210 - probably because I loved the old one so much and like how they make references to the old one. Who I am kidding - I just like it.

  14. Hi there...I recently stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi! Congrats on getting married - you seen like such a fun couple!

    I was a die-hard TRL fan in my teen years! Yay Hanson and N*sync! I haven't seen MTV for years, but can just imagine how "ugly" it is now.

    I run every day and use it as prayer time, so I play a lot of Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Selah, etc.

    By the way, So jealous about the Coldplay concert....LOVE them!


  15. I can't really comment on TRL going off the air. That show wasn't even on when I still watched MTV. I mean I can still remember when one of the only non-music video shows on there was a game show called Remote Control. Ha! Now who feels old ;) Anyway, as far as working out, I always like Nicole C. Mullen and Kirk Franklin. I also listen to lots and lots of 80s music. Go figure! Congrats on the awards!

  16. Yeah I think it was time for TRL to go too.

    I'm a runner and my shuffle is loaded with all kinds of songs like Michael Jackson, his 80's stuff mainly. I'm not big into techno but have a few songs from Benni Benassi and The Bodyrockers. They always get me moving. Also a few songs from Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Britney, and booty music like Flo Rida. Yeah I have a wide combination but it's great when it skips around, you never know what is going to come on. I just have to quit trying to sing along, that never works! :D

  17. I had no idea TRL was cancelled, WOW! I used to watch it after school too! Def an end of an era!
    Congrats on the awards, you deserve them!

  18. I had no idea TRL was canceled. I hadnt watched it in ... well since... welll. since I cant even remember! ha:)
    When I run.. I am usually at my gym and I watch friends... I run really well when the show is on but during commercials I keep look at the time on the treadmill:)

  19. You have definitely been racking up on some awards, girl! You are so deserving of everyone of them! I enjoy your blog so much.

    Have a great week!

  20. It did I'll check with her, thanks so much---loooove your blog :)

  21. Because I lived with my grandparents back in the day, I didn't have MTV and thus did not grow attached to TRL. I'm sorry for your loss! :)

    I listen to a variety of music. I'm not a huge country music fan but I do tend to listen to it when I jog which is about ever 7-8 years!!! :)

  22. Hey! So I've finally added you to my daily reads.

    First, on TRL, good riddance! MTV doesn't even play music anymore and the music they do play, is awful! Although, I do remember in high school rushing home to see who was #1.

    On 90210...yeah, I only lasted through like week 4. Long enough to find out who the father of Kelly's kid was. Then, it got the boot.

    Congrats on the awards! You so deserve them, you have such a precious blog!

    Finally, workout songs, I'm just getting back into jogging too and I like the fun upbeat music. I listen to Kelli Pickler, Britney, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer...anything that's fun! Good luck, it's so hard to get motivated sometimes!

  23. Megan- you are so awesome and I think the comments you say 'aged you' just made you cooler in my mind!
    I love running to good music, so I will come up with a list for you.
    OH- and I am coming home for Christmas and you and I need to plan a lunch date!!!! :)

  24. First, I am right there with you on the TRL situation. As soon as I heard the news, I went on iTunes to buy some N'Sync to try to rectify the situation.
    Secondly, I listen what my dad calls "Road Music" when I work out. you know stuff like, "Born to be Wild" and "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" or "Come Together". I am definitely a "rocker" when it comes to working out. You know it kinda gives me an edge. Anyway, have a good day!


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