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God is Good

Our world is crazy. Every day we are surrounded by violence, evil and things that can just scare the heck out of you. If you take a step back and look at this world from a ‘worlds view’ eye you would want to get out of here as soon as possible.

But that is exactly why I choose to believe in something Greater, a God that loves us, watches out for us and cheers us on as we tackle this thing called Life.

I choose to see Him in the little things, because if we don’t find Him in the little things, how are we supposed to see Him in the giant things that our minds cannot comprehend?

This weekend Luke and I are venturing out on an unexpected road trip. Due to the fact that Luke has to be back for Sunday Service we will only be gone 2 days and the total trip is supposed to take an estimated 16 hours.

Yes you read that correctly 16 hours in the car in 2 days. Go ahead, you can cry for me, I already did. Twice.

Anyways, I need some serious reading material, and despite my best attempted efforts I CANNOT get into Twilight, I’m sorry I’ve tried. Edward just doesn’t do it for me.

But for the past year I have been completely enthralled in a series by Karen Kingsbury about The Baxter Family. These books are amazing, they are a little corny, but what good book isn’t?? I cry EVERY TIME I read one of these books, sisters, let me tell you, I love them with my whole heart.

The very final book in the series came out last month and I have yet to put my fingers around it. And once I get my fingers on it, they will never leave the book until it is completed.

So what does this have to do with God being good? Well I don’t like to buy books.
When I have a library system that lets me check them out for free why would I buy them?

Yes, I know the person that had the book before me could have gone to the bathroom, wiped, not washed their hands and then touched that same book I am reading while eating, but hey its free!

So it seems that everybody in my metropolitan system wants to get their hands on this book.
WhenI put my name on the waiting list last week there were over 60 people in front of me.

This morning while preparing for the trip, I realized that I was too far down the list to get the book from the library and I needed to suck it up and just go buy it.


I just received an email from my library telling me that the book was ready.

Last week there were over 60 people ahead of me, today it is ready for me.

If that’s not God then I don’t know what is.

I squealed and did a happy dance!

I choose to find Him in the small things.

Have a good weekend!!


  1. I'm all about using the library system! I love that you can do everything online, too! God is good!

  2. Wowza - I'm glad you got your book JUST in the nick of time. That's perfect! :)

  3. Yay for you! God is so good!:)
    I love how He is in the details...even the little things like a book that we want to read, He cares about.

    Have fun with your hubby on the road trip!

    God Bless,

  4. Yipee - I also like to find God in the small things. I think He is everywhere. Enjoy the book!

  5. God is def in the small things! What a great story to illustrate that!

  6. I too LOVE LOVE LOVE the Baxter series!!! Have you heard she's coming out with a new series that will have the baxter's mentioned here and there? I'm so excited...I am going to get Sunset today from the library! i've been on the waiting list, too! That one and Between Sundays...haven't read it yet. Just finished Every Now and Then. It was good!

  7. God is certainly there in the little things...sometimes the skeptic in me says that I'm just reading into things...I don't think it's possible to read into things with God. Try to enjoy your trip!

  8. You are my new best friend! I can't stand "Twilight", just don't get it! But I LOVE, LOVE, super LOVE the Baxters. I cry everytime too!

  9. I am a big fan of Karen's books. My mom, my sister, my grandma, and our friends pass them all around. I think I will be able to read Sunset over Thanksgiving weekend (hoping my grandma will be done). I have had the chance to meet Karen a couple times...if you think crying during one of the books is embarrasing...I cried when I met her...she asked me if I was married and I atually ended a long term relationship a couple weeks earlier...the tears came and I was so embarrased...ended up she was trying to see if I was single becuase she wanted to set me up with a family friend of theirs...that is a whole other story! Haha! Hope you enjoy the book and have a great trip!

  10. God is just the coolest! I love how He meets our needs in unexpected and exciting ways.

    I am all about checking out books from the library too. I hate to pay for something that I can use for free! Oh, and I have been known to take a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol and swab the book covers down. Yes, I am just a tad ocd! Ha!

  11. Me too.. it is such a great series! Congrats on the book! The library is the best... in uptown New Orleans our library is situated along historic St. Charles Avenue in this ancient mansion.. it is pretty cool. There is just something about climbing those stairs... roaming the aisles... and finding that special read of the week!

  12. Perfect timing! If you haven't read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers - or the Mark of the Lion series - those are MUSTS!

  13. He is in EVERYTHING!!! Love that! I will pray for you on your trip. I have read lots of Karen Kingsbury's books...I love them but the last one I read made me cry so hard that I couldn't stop for two hours! (Have I mentioned that I have crazy hormones?!?!) Anyway- my hubby said "Can you please not read these anymore....LOOK AT YOURSELF!!!" ha! So I am on hiatus of her for a while!!! I love Francine Rivers, too, like someone else said.
    Love you friend!

  14. just came across your blog - really like it!

    we serve a BIG God that knows that the little things in life are important too.

    what church do ya'll go to in okc?

    have fun on your road trip!
    happy reading!

  15. Loved this and love you!! I am so glad God shows up in all things like this. Thanks for sharing it and also for sharing you love for these books because they sound right up my book-alley. :)

    Ya'll have a great trip!!!

  16. Wow!! That's pretty awesome! And great that you can attribute this to God and thank him for the small things!

  17. great blog! isn't it amazing to watch God work in mysterious ways? He is so good!

    be sure to swing by my blog! we're having a giveaway!

  18. God really does work in amazing ways... I was praying on the way to work the other morning and a dove flew above me.. it brought this kind of peace about me.. like wow you are listening to me up there arent you:)
    I am reading the book The Shack right now.. you should check it out. it is great! It is about a guys journey with losing his daughter and his journey with God.

  19. I'm a big fan of Karen Kingsbury.. Her books are great. But i do have to say I also LOVE twilight. I went to see the movie last night which was good but always a disappointment when you read the book

  20. oh i love her books too! i have read a lot of them, but stopped bc they all started feeling the same to me. anyway, i love love checking books out. since we work on the hill, we can check them out from the library of congress. it's great though because they drop them off at your desk and then pick them up when you're done! anyway, loving your blog!


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