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A Thanksgiving without a Camera....

I could have taken a picture of Luke and I driving endless hours in the car to our Thanksgiving destination, but instead I was fighting with Luke over had control over the radio. Apparently marriage is all about sharing. (oh, and I should add by 'endless hours' I mean 2 hours).

I could have taken a picture of the 12 pack of Diet Coke that Luke’s Dad bought me so that I would have my favorite drink for the Thanksgiving Meal. This family has grown to know me well.

I could have taken a picture of Luke’s family playing paintball in their pasture, but I didn’t. And I sure as heck didn't particpate. Have you ever been hit with a paintball? Its like somebody is shooting you with a nail gun that shoots colors, and most of the time doesn't require stitches. Not my idea of fun.

Then there was the incident of a family member stepping in cow manure and getting it on their pants, and me gagging until I started dry heaving and stated that if I had cow manure on my pants I would lay down and just die….and then Luke telling me I was too much of a city girl.

I could have taken a picture of me stuffing myself with cheese potatoes and pumpkin roll, but that would just be gross.

I should have taken a picture of my little cousins telling us the story of The First Thanksgiving, I seriously learned something new that day.

I should have taken a picture of me getting mad that my sister was taking to long to get ready and I was starving and ready to go eat lunch, only to be followed by her over-reacting and telling us just to leave her at home, but thats just an everyday occurence when I'm at home. Gotta love sisters!

After Luke and I arrived back at home, I should have taken a picture of the inside of my throat and how red it was and how with every swallowing of any food or liquid I wanted to remove my throat from my body. It has started to go away, which just makes me think it was allergies. The internet was wrong, it is not cancer.

I just realized that I am missing 'Britney: For the Record" where she talks about her crazy life for the past couple of years. God Bless the DVR.

I hope you had a Fantastic Thanksgiving 2008!!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just wanted to give a quick Thanksgiving shout out to all of my peeps!
I hope you are having an amazing Thanksgivng Day and you eat until you have to unbutton your jeans.
Believe me I will!!
I just prepared Twice-Baked Potatos for the Thanksgiving Feast.
I have never in my life taken part in preparing a Thanksgiving Feast. There is a first time for everything.
Only time will tell how they turned out..
Well time and people.

I am thankful for so much this year.

Happy Turkey Day!




A couple of my favorite blog friends sent an award my way this week: The Rest is Still Unwritten, Mimi's Memories, and With Love from New Orleans gave me this very cute award! Thank you girls for this award. I think you are all FABULOUS!

I have to list 5 of my fabulous addictions and then pass it on to five others. Just five??? I have many addictions, and many blog friends who are very deserving of this award!

In no particular order here they are!

1. Boots
I am a boot crazy girl. I love boots, I love tall boots to wear over skinny jeans, I love short boots to wear with a cute pair of wide legged jeans, I love flat boots, boots with a tall heel, casual boots, dressy boots, black, brown, purple, pink, tan, any color of boots I love them!
I hate the cold weather, but each year I look forward to wearing all of my favorite boots. I am resisting the urge to ask for some more boots for Christmas, but I do have my eye on some that I LOVE.
These boots are from Baker's, and I want them soooo bad. 2. TV on DVD
Yes, this sounds like a weird one, but I truly am addicted to TV on DVD. I have a goal to get the entire DVD series of all of my favorite shows. Clearly I have high goals in my life. Currently I own Dawson's Creek (the entire series) Friends (only season 3, I hang my head in shame) Reba (seasons 2, 4, 5) Beverly Hills 90210 (seasons 1-3) Full House (season 1) Grey's (season 1). If I am ever bored, I would much rather stick in a TV on DVD, than a movie. I just love them so much!
I am asking for 90210 season 4 for Christmas. The new 90210 is nothing compared to this classic!
3. Chick Fila and Subway
I know these are technically two, but I put them as one because they have the same description. For some reason I could never grow tired of food from these two places. I get sick of everything else in my life, but never my Chick or Sub. Luke gets so frustrated with me because I will love a type of food for a while and then all of a sudden start hating it. I begin to hate a particular food so much my stomach turns if I even think about it (this has caused us to have a few pregnancy scares recently, but alas it is just my pickiness) I used to love frozen pizzas, and oatmeal. Currently I want to hurl just mentioning them. But I could eat chick fila for lunch and Subway for dinner (or vice versa) everyday of my life.
And I get the same thing every time:
Subway: Cold Cut Trio on Italian herbs and cheese with ranch dressing. lettuce and green pepppers
Chick Fila: #1 with a diet coke

4. Diet Coke
If you read my last post then you clearly know I am addicted to Diet Coke. It just happened recently. In fact I use to not even drink Diet Coke because I know how bad it is for you. But once I tried it I was hooked. I still try to keep it to just one or two a day. Hopefully just one.

5. Paul Mitchell Straightner
I could not live without my straightner, my hair is just curly enough to not be cute but to be really frizzy. I look at pictures of myself before my beloved straightner came into my life and wonder why I even bothered to get out of bed. Sometimes I wear my hair wavy, but that is just if I am running late and don't have time to straightner it. I NEVER wear it that way by choice. In the past I always used a Chi but then when I lived with my wonderful hairdresser she informed me that Paul Mitchell straightners are better. I agree.

I pass this Fabulous award onto:


Weekly Weekend Update

First of all, Thank you for all your helpful advice regarding The Christmas Card. I have made a decision and a card is in the process of being worked up right now. I will let you know the final result! You all are such a big help!!! Thanks again!

OK, On to the weekend road trip.

Let me give you a little background:

Luke's brother is a football coach at a University down South. His team made playoffs, so we figured this would be a good time to travel on down and watch his brother and all his coaching glory. Even though it was several hours away and we HAD to be back by early Sunday morning we knew that it would be worth it to get to watch one of his games this season.

So Thursday evening we left our home and headed towards Luke's hometown. We spent the night there and then Friday we headed towards the good ole South.
But before we left I was able to quickly visit with a college friend, Lisa. She just recently had a baby (seriously, we are old enough to have kids?) And I got to see her cute babe and hold her for awhile. Here is a picture of us. The camera was on a weird setting, hence the Casper the Friendly Ghost look. I will admit I could use a little time in the tanning bed (which I don't do anymore grandma, don't worry) but I'm not THAT white. Friday afternoon, we hopped in the Big Tree's car and headed towards the land of Sweet Tea.

The ride there wasn't that bad. I had some good friends who joined me: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross. I re-lived their season 3 year for a good portion of the trip. Its a sad year, the one where Ross and Rachel break up.

And lets not forget my friends The Baxter's. I am glad so many of my fellow blog friends enjoy Karen Kingsbury's books. If you haven't figured it out yet, if you don't read her books are you missing out!

We finally made our destination around 8:30 PM, and I was craving diet coke so bad I could feel it in my body. I needed a diet coke like a desert needs rain. In fact I said that statement out loud and Luke's family looked at my like I had lost my mind. I go crazy if I don't get diet coke in my system about every couple of hours.

The reason I didn't drink any DC on the road is a whole other story and involves a past road trip with the Big Tree family and me being the only who needed to take a restroom stop like TWENTY times. I would run into the gas station to use the restroom while the entire fam sat in the car and waited on me. After that week I vowed to never drink in the car with these apparently 'can hold millions of gallons of liquid in their bladder' people again.
So we arrive at a restaurant sit down and the waitress says (in the sweetest southern twangy voice) "What can I get you to drink?

I of course was the first to reply (or yell) Diet Coke Please!

I'm not kidding, when I say she looked straight at me and said: "Would Diet Rite be OK?"

This would be a good time to say that, in the past I have been accused of making rude faces, or saying something in a rude tone when I didn't mean too, I fully believe this was one of those times.

I made the most disgusted face and said um.. NO that will not be alright.

I was seriously sick to my stomach.

I settled for a disgusting water.

Everywhere we went in this town the only option for a 'coke' type product was RC or Diet Rite. I didn't get my diet coke fix until late saturday evening, which by that time I was going through some serious withdraws.

I took this picture at the football game to further prove that this town was entirely too obsessed with the disgusting RC. (I apologize to anybody who enjoys this drink, I do not enjoy it)
Some pictures from the game on Saturday:

Me with Luke's mom. Notice how I am bundled up with a blanket? The temp was around 35 degrees give or take a little.

This family makes some serious sacrifices for football, including personal warmth and comfort.

Cute Luke and Me. If you dont' beleieve me that it is cold, look at the people behind us, they are bundled up like that are in the Arctic

Waiting for the game to start. Don't worry the stadium filled up shortly, we were there really early to watch the boys warm up.

I am very glad Luke's dad documented what Luke has started doing, 90% of the time he is awake. He is playing Risk on his iPhone. He plays this game ALL the time. Yes, I married a nerd.
A neat picture Luke's dad took of his brother on the field with the team. I just love this picture, You have the field, a coach, the players, the marching band. It just screams Saturday football.

The Big Tree Fam:
After his team WON (yay) we ate a quick dinner and then headed back out on the road! We arrived at our home around 2 am.

It was a fun weekend, and I have learned if I want to stick around in this family I need to come to love football whether I want to or not! :-) I'm pretty sure there will be other long road trips to watch football games in the future!!



I Need You!

One of my favorite aspects of the Christmas season is Christmas Cards.

Growing up my mom always took pictures of my sisters and I to use for our yearly Christmas Card. During the younger years of life this process was somewhat painful (seriously, who wants to wear matching outfits with your younger sisters when you are 12) Then she would send our picture with a card to all of our friends and family wishing them a Merry Christmas with lots of joy and cheer.

After my mom sent out our Christmas Card then I knew the time was coming when pretty soon we would be receiving lots of cards in the mail. I would check the mail every day to see what cards we got. I loved to look at the pictures of family and friends and read the Christmas Newsletters that came with them. Which by the way I am a BIG fan of Christmas Newsletters. I love reading letters from families updating us on the happenings of their lives throughout the past year. Maybe that is why I love blogs so much?

So this is where your help is needed. This is my first year to send out a Christmas Card for the new family that Luke and I have together (the Tree's). But I don't know which picture to use.
Should I use a wedding picture of not?
Should I use a candid picture?
Am I over-thinking this?
etc. etc.

These are questions I keep asking, but I don't know the answers. So I need your help.

Below I have posted 3 very different pictures. Please tell me which one I should use for our christmas pictures.
Yes, this is a very vain post, but I am desperate!

Picture #1 A wedding picturePicture #2 Taken a couple of weeks ago when we took pictures with my fam for my mom's Christmas card (taken by the fabulous melanie)Picture #3, Just a candid picture taken of us at a recent football game
Just let me know which of these 3 you think would be the best one for our card. Whichever one has the most votes I will use!!
Thanks for your help!

By the way, we are back from our unexpected road trip and had a great time! I will be updating about it shortly.


God is Good

Our world is crazy. Every day we are surrounded by violence, evil and things that can just scare the heck out of you. If you take a step back and look at this world from a ‘worlds view’ eye you would want to get out of here as soon as possible.

But that is exactly why I choose to believe in something Greater, a God that loves us, watches out for us and cheers us on as we tackle this thing called Life.

I choose to see Him in the little things, because if we don’t find Him in the little things, how are we supposed to see Him in the giant things that our minds cannot comprehend?

This weekend Luke and I are venturing out on an unexpected road trip. Due to the fact that Luke has to be back for Sunday Service we will only be gone 2 days and the total trip is supposed to take an estimated 16 hours.

Yes you read that correctly 16 hours in the car in 2 days. Go ahead, you can cry for me, I already did. Twice.

Anyways, I need some serious reading material, and despite my best attempted efforts I CANNOT get into Twilight, I’m sorry I’ve tried. Edward just doesn’t do it for me.

But for the past year I have been completely enthralled in a series by Karen Kingsbury about The Baxter Family. These books are amazing, they are a little corny, but what good book isn’t?? I cry EVERY TIME I read one of these books, sisters, let me tell you, I love them with my whole heart.

The very final book in the series came out last month and I have yet to put my fingers around it. And once I get my fingers on it, they will never leave the book until it is completed.

So what does this have to do with God being good? Well I don’t like to buy books.
When I have a library system that lets me check them out for free why would I buy them?

Yes, I know the person that had the book before me could have gone to the bathroom, wiped, not washed their hands and then touched that same book I am reading while eating, but hey its free!

So it seems that everybody in my metropolitan system wants to get their hands on this book.
WhenI put my name on the waiting list last week there were over 60 people in front of me.

This morning while preparing for the trip, I realized that I was too far down the list to get the book from the library and I needed to suck it up and just go buy it.


I just received an email from my library telling me that the book was ready.

Last week there were over 60 people ahead of me, today it is ready for me.

If that’s not God then I don’t know what is.

I squealed and did a happy dance!

I choose to find Him in the small things.

Have a good weekend!!


Random Thoughts Tonight

It is the end of an of an Era.
Did you hear the news? Total Request Live (TRL) on MTV has been canceled.

I just felt like a piece of my heart broke.

Due to the fact that it has become nothing but trash I don't watch MTV anymore (I feel like I just aged 20 years in that sentence) But really the channel has become gross. TRL was the one constant that I knew was still there and still clean.

And now it is gone.

I remember coming home every day and watching my favorite music videos on TRL. Britney, Christina, Nsync, BackStreet Boys, Hanson, They all competed for the #1 spot and I was there to cheer them on every day. (usually just rooting for my precious Hanson boys)

I really haven't watched the show in years, but now that it is canceled it just becomes something else that was on when I was young and has now become something of the past, which makes me feel old.

Speaking of adolescent anybody still watching the new 90210?? I have to admit I am still watching it, but I am quite shocked at the content of the show that is supposed to be about 15-16 year old lives. I think that sentence just aged me also.
Next Random Thought:
On to awards! I have received a couple of awards lately! Thank you so much for these I am so thankful that I have met such great friends through this blog land! Here are the awards:

Sassy Engineer gave me this award:
The Lucky Layman's gave me this award:and Emily gave me these awards:I have seen these awards floating around the blog land for a while and I do not know who has been tagged or not, so I don't want to take any chances of giving them to somebody twice. Please just know that I am happy to receive these!
Next Random Thought:

Question to all my friends who work out: What do you listen to while you are working out? I have recently started jogging again (lets hope it lasts longer than a week like last time) but I am needing some good tunes to get me motivated, do you have any suggestions? All genres are welcome!


Coldplay Live!

So as I mentioned yesterday, Luke received an amazing gift to commemorate his 4 years (so far) at our Church. What was the amazing gift you ask?
2 tickets to Coldplay!

Luke is a huge music person, and I like to go to anything that could be considered ‘cool’ so this was the perfect gift for the both of us!

Sunday afternoon we met with some friends to eat before the big concert They didn’t have tickets to the concert, but we hadn’t hung out in awhile so ate with them and rubbed it in that we had tickets and they didn’t! Just kidding! Kelsey and Chris:
After a great meal Luke and I began to make our way to the event center. When we got there the event center wasn’t even letting people inside yet so we hung outside for awhile. Luckily the weather was amazing so I didn’t have to freeze!
Here we are waiting inside for the concert to start, bad pic of me but Luke looks so cute and excited!
Needless to say it was an amazing concert. Although I might have enjoyed it a bit more than the average person, as I am pretty sure I got high off of the “mary jane” smoke that was creeping into my nose from somewhere north. I’m telling you, there are serious repercussions for having an amazing sense of smell!

The lights were amazing, the music was amazing and the glow in the dark confetti was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I told Luke that our church seriously needs to invest in some glow in the dark confetti for worship service. How cool would that be?!?!
It was definitely an amazing night!!!


Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend held a Surprise and a Celebration.

First the surprise, As I have mentioned before my family lives an hour and a half away and I do not get to see them as much as I would like too.
Well Saturday while Luke and I were grocery shopping my parents snuck up on us and surprised us! They didn't have anything to do for the day so they thought they would come to the city to just hang out. We didn't have any plans for the day so we gladly welcomed the company! We had a great time eating out and then Christmas Shopping the rest of the day (even though I didn't buy one christmas present, this is the second time that has happened).

Me with the Parental Units:

The Celebration:
On Sunday our church celebrated its 5 year anniversary. Luke and I have been apart of this church for 4 of the 5 years, and Luke has been employed there for all 4 of those years. The years have flown by, but looking back a lot has happened during that time. The church has grown in so many ways and has come so far. We are so thankful to have a body of believers around us that we can share our life with.

Our church was started 5 years ago by our pastor Tommy and his wife Julie. Throughout this time they have become good friends of ours and we are thankful for their friendship. Working in a church plant is not always easy, but Tommy has always worked hard to take care of Luke and we are so thankful for that. In fact Tommy got Luke an AMAZING present to celebrate his 4 years at the church. Stay tuned to find out what it is....

A Sunday worship service:

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


The Quest for Comfy Clothes

I have to confess something. Well first, I feel like I do a lot of confessing on my blog. Why do I feel comfortable confessing to people I have never met?? My mom says I reveal waaay too much on my blog.

Ok, anyways, I have to confess, when my part of the world turns cold (and I’m talking like 65 degrees) I LIVE in comfy clothes.

Of course I have to wear nice clothes to work (although the other day when it was raining I wore my Uggs with my nice gray pants, and nice black shirt. I planned on changing into my heels, but the sheepskin on my feet was to comfortable, I never made it into my heels).

But as soon as I get home from work I put on my comfy black pants and a comfortable sweatshirt and I’m done for the night.

I have realized something that disturbs me, just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that life around me stops. I still have errands to run, small groups to attend, friends to visit, and places to go eat, all in the FREEZING COLD.

So don’t kid yourself, I go to the majority of these places in my comfy clothes.

The other day, when the seasons changed and there was a chill in the air I pulled out my comfy clothes for the very first time this year! I was so thrilled to welcome them back to my life, but as I was putting on my comfy clothes I heard Luke mutter “Back to old faithful, ”

Excuse me? Apparently my black sweatpants I have had since high school and my sweatshirt with stains on it don't impress him anymore.

Geez what does it take these days? Boys are so picky.

So I need your help. Where do you buy comfy clothes that are affordable? I need some pants that will keep me warm in the winter but still look presentable. I need to invest in some more comfy clothes and get rid of my worn out black pants. Oh how I will miss them.


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

If you are not familiar with Oklahoma let me bring you up to speed.

We recently got our very own NBA Basketball team. To say this is the 'talk of the town' would be an understatement. OKC is pumped.

So last week when I was offered 4 tickets to sit courtside at the next OKC Thunder game I knew that I couldn't pass this up.

Courtside is where the rich and the famous sit. When you see a picture of Jay Z and Beyonce in US Weekly at a basketball game they are sitting court side.

We felt special for a night.

We called our good friends Jodi and Kyle and asked them to come join us. They agreed immediately.

Here is a pic of Jodi and I at the game. If this was in US Weekly it would say, Megan is wearing Forever 21 and Jodi is wearing Gap.
Here is a shot of how close we were. We were in the second row. We were so stinking close it was amazing. I could have reached out and touched this player's butt. Luke asked me why I would want to do that. Well obviousy because it would be cool to say I touched a professional basketball players butt.Luke and I enjoying the game. I have come up with what our celebrity name would be. You know like Brad and Angelina are Brangelina. It would be MeTree (like Megan and then Tree) Ok its not that creative, but it was the best I could do! Luke's butt is really the only one I would want to touch, even though it doesn't make me cool to touch his.During halftime we were able to go to this special room and eat complimentary food and drinks. Well there weren't a lot of tables so a lady who worked there went and covered a trash can with a table cloth and let us eat on top of the trash can. We really felt it was appropriate that we eat on the trash can. It put us in our places, we didn't need to get too used to this rich and famous lifestyle.
People were seriously throwing away things while we were eating on top of it. It was really funny.Another shot of the game.
Clearly, we were really into the game.

It was such a fun night, the game was a good one and we had great food and fun with friends! I could get used to this lifestyle. Now Luke just needs to make it big as a rock star, so we can go to all the NBA games.Do Rock Stars get to sit courtside at basketball games?



Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend I got to spend my time relaxing with my favorite peeps in the world. My family.

Well I say relaxing. I come from a family of girls + a dad. In a solid 24 hours there is a lot of drama/screaming/laughing/eating/and just plain fun to be had.

Now take that same scenario and put 6 people + a 5 month baby trying to get ready for family pictures, well that just equals pure chaos.

Luke and I ventured back to my hometown on Friday to stay with my family and then take our annual family picture for our Christmas card. We are super excited because we have added two new boys to the mix: Luke and Maxton. We all dressed in black and red and spent some time walking around the park hopefully getting some good shots. Only time will tell!

Here are some pics from our fun weekend:

Of Course we kicked off Friday night with my personal favorite Chicken Foot!!! (or is it chicken feet? I really don't know) Luke is helping Haley count her dominos, clearly we baby her.
While we played our game Kati did my mom's hair to prepare for the big Christmas pics the next day! Remember my post about having sensitive smell? Well my family made fun of me for it. Please, feel sorry for me now. While we played our games and Kati did mom's hair dad hung out in the living room, while Misha watched longingly into the kitchen wishing she could join us.

By the time we got home on Friday night Maxton was already in bed asleep :-(
But I made sure to spend lots of time with him on Saturday, here are some cute pics of him in his jumperoo! He loves it so much:

Hanging out after taking our Christmas pics: I love weekends with my family, they are crazy weekends, but I love them so much!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!