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Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend consisted of.........nothing.

Which usually I am a person who gets stressed out by 'nothing' weekends. But due to the fact that we haven't had one of these in a long time I was OK with it.

Friday night I just got on and caught up on the Desperate Housewives episodes I had missed. I must say they are off to a great season. If you aren't watching you should really tune in. The whole season is set 5 years in the future and it is really working for them.

Saturday Luke and I woke up and just kinda did nothing. First Luke fixed breakfast so we ate that while we watched some TV. Then a little later in the day we watched the OU/Texas game.

Hi my name is Megan, I am from Oklahoma and I am not an OU fan.

There I got it out.

It is practically blasphemy around these parts to say you aren't an OU fan. I do not dislike OU I just have no reason to be a fan, I didn't go to school there, I don't have any family that went to school there, I have never kept up with their team. End of Story.

After the game we headed up to Mardel Bookstore. I just love that place. While we were there I ran into one of my blog friends Suzanne. It was so fun to put a voice to words!  We were able to talk for a little bit, she is so sweet. I just love meeting blog friends!! (which all my friends in real life think is weird, they are just jealous!)  She said that she first realized it was me because she recognized Luke.  This is very normal, Luke is a tall Indian with wild hair, he stands out.  

Later in the day we decided to go Christmas shopping. It seems a bit early, but it helps to spread the money out and not spend it all at one time. So we headed to the mall, and 2 hours later we left both with a pair of new pants and zero Christmas presents.

At least our hearts were initially in a good place.

The rest of the night consisted of laying on the couch enjoying the 3 T's. TV and Time Together. I just made that up but I think it sounds pretty good.

So there was our weekend. Pretty boring.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you were able to fit in your 3 T's.



  1. "At least our hearts were initially in a good place." True, very true. I'll give you that one! Yay for new pants!

    So glad your weekend was good, and praying for a blessed week!

  2. I am totally an OU fan and I was devastated.. Any team but TEXAS.

    It sounds like you guys had a great weekend. I love Mardels. I spend way to much when I go there though..

    Yeah, for meeting bloggy friends..
    Yeah, for new pants and double yeah for spending time with your man!

  3. I get stressed out about weekends when they aren't jam packed with "stuff" too. I go into panic mode, like "what are we going to do"? Haha How sad is that?

    We don't often have weekends like that often but aren't they nice every now and again!

    Glad you got to relax and hang out a little!

  4. As you've read on my blog....we are big time OU fans. I didn't go to school there either, but when I was in high school I started going to the games with a friend of mine.
    It's just been something I've enjoyed since.
    Bob Stoops is a genuine person and a caring person. I have great respect for him.
    I know a little boy who has cancer and has treatments at Children's Hospital and Bob Stoops makes random visits to the hospital. This little boy's mom told me recently that Coach Stoops doesn't announce when he's coming. He doesn't do it for media attention etc. That has meant so much to their family.
    That's neat that you met one of your blogging friends.
    I love Mardel's! I can spend forever in there.
    Sometimes it's good to have a lazy weekend with not many plans.

  5. That's so funny that you aren't a OU fan. We live in MI and my husband is a huge OU fan!
    We don'g get lazy weekends often but when we do we don't know what to do with ourselves, but we end up enjoying it!=)

  6. I love a good "nothing" weekend! Glad ya'll had a relaxing time. I want to walk into a bookstore and run into you!!! How exciting would that be??

  7. I love "boring" weekends! They're pretty perfect. I plan on having one this weekend. Fingers crossed!

    I grew up in OK as well and am definitely not an OU fan either. My fam went to OSU, so that's the only Oklahoma team I have any desire cheerin on!

  8. I love boring weekends! I am hoping to have one soon....

  9. Glad you had a good weekend! I did a search for you on Facebook but didn't find you there (am I a stalker?)...just thought I'd let you know! :)

  10. That's the kind of weekend that I LOVE! A weekend of the 3 T's!

    I hope I walk in a store one day and see you and that "tall Indian with the wild hair"! That would be so much fun!

  11. You are not an O-U more reason that I love you!!!

  12. It was SO fun to meet you in person!!! Maybe we'll do it again sometime!


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