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So Random...

First of all, I'm not even going to pretend like this particular post has any meaning.
Just a little update on my life so you will understand the state of my blog.

- The month of my wedding I think I posted a blog post only 3 times, I was too busy getting ready for the wedding to post anything.

- major part of my job is to plan homecoming events for alumni. Homecoming is at the end of this month. Don't expect much from me until Homecoming is over. The blog juices have been put on hold.

-But I am really excited for Homecoming. Be praying that everything would go smoothly!!

- Luke and I are going home to spend time with my family this weekend. The fair is in town. Woo hoo! We will spend time at the fair eating and watching my mom buy every non-useful product in sight. Then on Saturday we will celebrate my youngest sister Haley's birthday. She will be 16. I'm glad I get to spend her 16th birthday with her.

-When I told my sister I was going to be there for her birthday, she asked how long was I going to be there cause she wanted to spend her birthday with her friends.

- I cried myself to sleep that night.

- We went and looked at houses this weekend. It makes me excited to think of buying a house. We decided that we could buy one if: 1)we only drive to work and straight back home so that we don't use a lot of gas, 2) we never eat out again in our lives, and 3) we get rid of our cell phones, cable, internet, and basically anything that brings entertainment to our lives.
We are still considering the purchase, I will let you know.

- A couple of weeks ago I seriously considered giving up my blog. Sometimes it really takes a lot of effort to keep it up and sometimes I feel like I am in Jr. High trying to talk to the "cool kids". Then I spent a little bit of cash on a new blog header and background, fell in love with it and decided to stick with the bloggin.

- That reminds me of the time in Jr. High when I bought Doc Martens to fit in with the "cool kids". I ended up with 10 pairs of Doc Martens, but no "cool" friends.

- Looking back at pictures, the Doc Martens could do nothing to save me from social awkwardness. Sister was in desperate need of a hair straightener. I am praising God for that invention. Can I get an Amen?

-This post has gone down hill fast. Goodnight.



  1. Oh, I am so glad that you have decided to stick around. Your one of my most favorite blogs. I loved your wedding photos and your fun game shopping...You blog is just plain fun to me..

    I hope Homecoming is a huge sucess!
    Consider yourself prayed for.. and hurry back because we are gonna miss ya here in blog land..

  2. I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I'm very glad you decided to stick with it. Your posts are great and you seem very sweet and cheery.
    Good luck with homecoming.

  3. I'm really sad that I've been completely moved from your blogging friends. I don't know what this means. Are we even still friends in real life??

  4. HAHAHA you make me laugh!

    Have fun w/ your family this weekend and I am sure your sister will love having you home!

    Side note - I got Doc's too because everyone else had them and yea, still not cool.... hehe

  5. I thought we were the nerdy kids!! haha

  6. Haha!! Glad your still blogging! You are sweet, I bet your sister will love to see and spend time with you!

  7. AMEN on the hair straightner! Mine is out of control without it!
    Megan- to me, you ARE the cool kids! Please don't stop blogging....just post less while you are busy if you need to! We love you and SO want you to stay!!!!

  8. yay for homecoming!!

    and i had that experience with my younger sister once too.

  9. Doc Martens...those things were so hideous. Why did we all think we needed them to be cool??
    I'm so glad you haven't given up on blogging! It can be overwhelming at times!

  10. OKay, being a Realtor I have to add my advice in here.... Look at the FDIC website to see what kind of houses are listed there. I don't know your market, but almost every market is struggling... It's worth looking.. Go find yourself a steal and keep your cell phone.. lol... They may not show really good deals, but let me just say from experience, they DO negotiate!!!! Just some free advice! haha!

    ***Glad you didn't give up your blog! :P

  11. What is cool??

    I dressed up as a Christmas tree for Halloween once because my mom made it for a play and we didn't have enough money to buy me another costume. And I know I'm the coolest person you know, so...

  12. Glad you stuck with the bloggin'! I, for one, love to read what you have to say! Oh, the memories you brought back with the Doc Marten remark! HAHA! So true. I had a new pair every year and as I look back - MAN those things were chunky and heavy!! My legs got a good workout luggin' those things around on my feet! ;)

  13. Pleeeaaaasssseee don't give up blogging...I would miss you too much!

    Have so much fun with your family this weekend. I love the fair...please take some good pictures!

  14. I'm glad you stuck with it. I feel the same way sometimes. It's ok we all need a break from time to time.

  15. You bessss be stickin' around!
    p.s. I fell for the doc marten trick too.


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