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My New Found Friend

Diet Coke please step aside, I have found a new best friend. It comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors and is somewhat uncomfortable, yet I love it. What is my new best friend? Well it is none other than Spanx. It is the undergarment form of God’s Manna – a special gift from above.

All of my pants that laughed in my face as I felt them become tighter and tighter now fit perfectly. I don’t know what it is about this little gem, but it truly works. Pants that were too tight now slide on with ease.

However, I do not want to live my life in Spanx – so I am bound and determined to stop this precious thing called “marriage weight gain”. Which means less of my favorite snacks.

Today, my loving, wonderful, sweet husband brought me 3 Subway Cookies to work….. Are you kidding me? Are you the devil in disguise just tempting me when I am weak???? You bring me three delicious chocolate chip, warm, moist cookies that look ready to be eaten at any moment . Cookies that are so hard to come across, they are practically sold out of every Subway I go into. It was complete torture.

I know Luke was just trying to brighten my stressful day with the cookes, but I could only think to do one thing. I calmly raised my shirt to expose my Spanx covered love handles –and said: “THIS IS WHAT YOUR SUBWAY COOKIES ARE DOING TO ME”

It was one of my finest moments.

Several hours later as I was working on Homecoming stuff wanting to cry cause I was so stressed out I looked over and noticed a small green and yellow subway bag with the most amazing chocolate chip cookie ever sitting inside. Clearly hubby thought I would need them later despite my protests.

It took me about 2 seconds before I reached for the bag and devoured every crumb.

Self-Control is my middle name.



  1. I love it! I am such a spanx girl and my girlfriends (and husband) all think it's hilarious that I don't just save them for dressing up. Jeans and a polo? Spanx. Clingy cotton dress? Spanx. Anything remotely showing my lovehandles? Spanx.

    This is what marriage does to us. I got in the best shape of my life (okay well post-high school cheerleading life) and then... happy fat. Thank God for Spanx... and Diet Coke. :)

  2. lol- You are to funny. I loved this post.. I am sorry that the Subway cookies tempted you all day.. but I am also thankful that you had a comfort food before you gave into your stesses. What a sweet hubby you have..

  3. Too FUNNY! I am laughing out loud at the moment. This totally sounds like something I would do! Why do I have to gain the married weight while my skinny mini husband stays the same size. He will be this size forever, while I continue to work out maybe once a week, eat like crazy and complain that I am gaining weight.

  4. i wore spanx all through college. they make it a little hard to exhale, but no big deal! :)

  5. Breathing is indeed over-rated. But Spanx is not. I wear them with all of my skirts and dresses and thanx to spanx, I can wear skirts and dresses whenever I want. My husband does like the way I dress now that I've discovered these magic undergarments and he is very tolerant of my addiction to them. He likes to tease me about them, which I think is cute.

  6. clearly i've found a friend! not only do we share a love of D.C. but also chocolate chip cookies. not to mention that my hips are no stranger to spanx!

    so glad i stumbled upon you, i plan to come back often!

  7. You are so funny. I am a spanx-believer as well. I would love to one day meet the creator of Spanx and personally thank her for all she has done for me. :)

    And oh how I feel you on the temptations of Subway cookies - I just have to shield my eyes as I pass them in line. A couple more of those for me and my Spanx will start laughing in my face. :)

  8. I have NO self control, especially when it comes to cookies - they are my weakness!

    I think everyone gains a few pounds after being married - I know I did. I just want shopping a few days ago and wanted to cry when I saw that I had jumped sizes. But you know what, I am happy, hubby loves me and I am not HUGE or anything like that. It is just a few pounds and as long as it doesn't keep increasing, I am happy!

    So eat them cookies girl and enjoy life!!! :)

  9. This is ME to a TEE! I love to complain about gaining weight and then do NOTHING to make it go away! HA! I am all talk. But spanx, oh spanx - you gotta love em! Miracle workers, huh!?

  10. I just found your blog yesterday - I love it! Your wedding pictures are so beautiful, and your posts are very entertaining. I too have a weakness for any chocolate chip cookie, but Subway's are delicious. My self control also seems to leave me often. Maybe someday I will resist!

  11. i've thought this before, but now I'm saying it out loud. Girl you are a writer. I think you should write a book. You could even do it blog writing format.

  12. This is me!!! As much as I want to lose weight and get in better shape I keep thinking, "Is it really worth it??? This tastes SO good!!!" Ugh...praise the Lord for Spanx. They really are fabulous!

  13. This is the second post I have read about Spanx...I need to investigate. You are tiny, all the cookies you want, esp. if it brightens your day!!! Love ya!

  14. First of all I seriously doubt you have real love handles, but I know how it feels to not fit in your pants no matter what size you are so I'm not going to say another word. LOL

    I am powerless to sweets myself..*sigh*

  15. You're so funny! I have a coworker that puts Fun Size Butterfingers on my desk after lunch.. HE's the devil in disguise. I just slide them into my desk drawer... and pretend they're not there.

  16. SO FUNNY!!! Subway cookies are the Best!!!!!

  17. So me! If it is just sitting there staring at me, there is only so long I can resist it...which normally in NOT very long! Spanx helped me out at Hubby's Christmas party last year, just after having the baby, ha!

  18. Seriously, you are so super skinny so I want to hear more about these spanks. I gained a bit of weight this year...and am rock and republic jeans are a bit tight...will these help for a while?? Love, MG

  19. I adore my Spanx! So glad they're working out for you.
    I also love all things chocolatey, fattening, etc. I tell Zack to hide any and all sweets so I won't eat them, but he's not to great at hiding things :)
    I'll be praying your week gets a little less stressful!

  20. I've seen your pictures and I can't imagine why in the world YOU would need to wear Spanx!! PLEASE! You are so tiny!

    BTW... we share the same middle name! (-:

  21. oh girl, I love me some subway cookies!
    And you do NOT need spanx anyway!
    you look great!
    If you supposedly have gained weight since marriage, what size did you wear before....Size Non-existent?!!
    Hilarious post my friend!

  22. Megan...I've met you and you are tiny! Of course I tell Kristen the same thing and she's been telling me about spankx for a while now (seems like she posted about them too a while back??) and brags and brags about them. I do need spankx and must get me some.

    I love warm, soft chocolate cookies! They have choc. chip cookie dough at Sam's in a tub and it's the best. You can cook a few at a time and have you a nice cold glass of milk! Yummy!

    Hope you week gets less stressful.
    By the way....that was very sweet of your hubby to bring you the cookies!

  23. so... this Spanx thing.. got any pictures of it.. I'm wearing something similar to that today (I think) and although its great..I can hardly breathe.. so I wanna see what *yours* looks like - that sounded bad, I know. ha!


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