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Ice Storm 2007

Here lately I have been asking friends and family for their much needed advice: Should I cut my hair? I ask this question multiple times a day. I even went ahead and made the appointment so that I would do it, but now I'm thinking I might just trim it up. I have no idea what to naturally I look to others to tell me what to do.

Which doesnt always work out on my end.
Here an example of when I took some advice, and it didn't work out so well:

One time last winter we had a HORRIBLE ice storm here in good ole OK.

For the record, there are two things I hate: Cold Weather, and Driving on the ice.

They sort of go hand in hand.
Schools and offices had been shut down for the first part of the week, and due to the fact that I refuse to drive on ice Luke had been toting me all around town. Which was great for me.

But then the main roads started to get a bit better so schools and offices opened back up.

Well I woke up one morning got ready for work, and headed outside to find that my car was a COMPLETE block of ice.

I hadn't driven it all week and it sat outside and collected snow and ice, it would take years to defrost.
So I called Luke and said I can't drive my car can you take me to work? And he said,
Well, it was probably said in a nicer way with some sort of legitimate excuse (like working or something weird like that) But I didn't hear that part. I just remember the 'no' part.

So I said, (in a very responsible and mature way) Are you kidding me? I have no way to get to work my car is covered in ice what the heck am I suposed to do?
To which he replied:

Get a hammer and chip the ice away.

Can we please just have a moment of silence in remembrance of the moment my boyfriend told his 'never used a tool in her life' girlfriend to HIT her glass windshield with a hammer?
So... I did what I was told, I went in the garage found a hammer went to my car and began to chip away.

Did I mention the fact that I was a little ticked off that Luke wouldn't take me to work? I may have chipped a little harder than I was advised.

Anyways, the next thing I remember is not having to worry about chipping the ice off of my windshield anymore.

The massive sheet of was now covering my entire back seat. My leather back seat.

I called Luke and said "Well I did what you told me to, I busted my back windshield out"

Needless to say he freaked out and said that was not what he told me to do, and how hard did I hit he said to gently tap.

I'm sorry, but the words 'gently tap' never left his mouth before that moment. It was a recovery tactic, and it didn't fool me.

Later when I told my parents the story I may have omitted a specific part, In face, my dad wanted to know how ice could just bust out my window without me touching it at all, I said: I have no idea, it must have been some strong ice.

Seriously, would you tell your dad that you hit your glass window with a hammer cause your boyfriend told you too?

I didn't think so.

When I went to pick up my car from the window repair people (except there was no repairing here, it was a brand new window) the nice man helping me said: How did this happen? And I said, I don't know the ice just fell through, and he SERIOUSLY replied, "well it looked like a hammer to me"

I left immedately.

Here we are in the great Ice Storm of 2007. We are in front of a tree that used to go up and down, now because of the ice it hangs over like this. This was after the incident. I had a new window and I was over it, and we had a good memory!



  1. Too funny! And I totally relate - I would trust that Casey wouldn't tell me something that would break my car so I would have hammered away too!

  2. lol- I have many.. I don't know how that happened moments.. Telling my parents the truth years later is way

    Did you have to mention the ice storm lol... Our entire town had no electricity for 2 weeks. It was horrible..Ugh.

  3. oh my goodness! Haha. I hate ice and driving in ice too!! I really hate walking outside and seeing a frozen windshield! The first time I drove in snow was in vail! While drew was sleeping! Yeah I woke him up! Pretty picture!!! Leave your hair long! It's beautiful!

  4. Is it strange that I have been having the exact same hair questionnaire being sent out to family and friends. What to do, what to do??

    And that story is absolutely hilarious, my friend.

  5. that's so funny! I have a crack in my windshield from that same storm. The ice was so heavy and I turned on my automatic start to warm up the car. because the ice was heavy and the inside got warm it cracked all the way across. I realized the other day that I REALLY need to get it fixed!

    Cut your hair. I love it long, but it will grow back!

  6. Don't cut your hair. It's gorgeous the way it is :)

    Funny story. We don't have that kind of weather here in Alabama, for which I am VERY thankful, because I despise cold weather.

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  8. This story is Hilarious! Sounds exactly like something I would do. I was so sad I missed ice storm 2007 because I was living overseas. I love good storm!

    I don't think you should cut your hair. I'd understand if you did bc I'm constantly changing my hair, but I would kill for hair like yours:)

  9. Oh my goodness! That is so funny!!!

  10. That was hysterical! You write so wonderfully! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Haha.. Love the story! I bet he felt horrible after that.. lol

  12. hahahaah!! So funny...sounds like something I would do!!

  13. and PS, I think your face can handle short(er) hair. That may sound strange, but you have a great jawbone and defined cheekbones and you're thin so I actually think it would look great!

    It will grow back eventually, do it!!

  14. Oh the good 'ol ice storms of the midwest - how I miss those (okay not really). Ice doesn't happen much down south. Anyway, I totally relate about the hair cutting thing. I am still trying to decide!

  15. I love your hair as it is...but if you want to cut it, I say go for it!
    The ice story is HILARIOUS as are all your stories!!! You crack me up!

  16.!! I would have done the same thing! You have some great stories.

    And, I love your hair long, but I think you would be beautiful no matter what! Keep us posted!

  17. OMG that is hilarious! I hope that Luke has already bought you some de-icer to spray on your windshield this year!

    As for your hair, I can't imagine you being anything but gorgeous no matter how you choose to wear your hair. Short hair might just accentuate that pretty face even more!

  18. So funny!!! I'd love your hair short, but I love it long too!

  19. I can't believe you actually hammered away at your car! That ice storm was CRAZY! We were without power for 6 days. It happened right during my husby's first ever medical school finals. There were a lot of stressed out students!

  20. I am so so sorry about the window but this story was absolutely hillarious!! I remember that ice storm. We had a big magnolia tree split off and the branches landed just a few feet from my office window!!! Aren't you glad everyone got over the incident and became all sweet on each other again for that last picture you posted!! :)

  21. Hey! I tagged you today! I'm first timer:) so I hope I did it right:)

  22. I totally laughed out loud! I would have done the same thing, I can totally picture the hammering right after getting off the phone that he couldn't take you, hee! I love your long hair but a new cut would be cute too, it's true it'll grow. I've always had longer hair too and I just cut it for a fun change :)

  23. I know you said you were going to be busy this week.. but I was just stopping by to let you know I have been missing your post..

    I hope all is well.


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