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I have mentioned before that I love Fall.
I love it for many reasons, but I have failed to mention one very important reason why I love Fall.
It is the season that CMT shows one of my favorite shows: Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Yes, I am that girl. I LOVE this show.
I was never a cheerleader, nor have I ever been a Dallas Cowboy's fan (sorry my Dallas friends), but I am indeed a Reality TV fan, and I will watch just about any Reality Television show. Including my favorite: DCC: Making the Team. Yes I am that Cool that I can abbreviate it.
I LOVE Kelli Finglass (the DCC director) and Jay Johnson (their trainer) is my fitness trainer hero. I just love him so much. He really whips those girls into shape. Plus I feel like I really know him. Before I ever saw him on DCC I saw a Wife Swap episode he was on. I fell in love with him on that episode, it showed how he is a tough fitness trainer, but a soft teddy bear inside, and yes, I watch that much Reality TV.

Back to the point of the post:here is why I am frustrated.

I have had on my calendar for over a month: October 4th DCC STARTS. I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss it.

So of course, naturally I forgot to set our DVR to record it, and I wasn't home to watch it!

But lucky for me CMT reruns it like every 2 hours, so I went through found it in my guide and set my DVR to record it.

The next night I cooked a tasty little snack and sat down to watch it: AND NOTHING, my stupid DVR didn't record it. After a bit (a lot) of whining I found it again and set it to record the next day.

The next day: NOTHING.

OK, I'm starting to get ticked, I need to watch this show early so that I can learn all the crazies, I mean girls who have been trying their whole life to make the team. I need to watch their dancing skills, make my predictions, will they make it to the end or will Kelli cut them quick?? I have come to learn her voice, if she calls a girl into her office and uses her 'sweet' voice, that girl is GONE. I feel so privileged to have that 'fly on the wall' view of that process. It is so interesting.

So I find it in the guide again, and set it to record.
I came home for lunch today, cautiously turned on the DVR recordings, and TA DA it was there, all recorded, just waiting for somebody to watch it.

So I got my lunch all ready (I like a good meal with a good show) sat down, pressed play, and NOTHING.

It was 60 minutes of a pure black screen.

Where was Kelli? Where was Jay? Where were the thousands of girls dying for their 15 minutes of fame?

They were lost somewhere in tv space.

So apparently my TV doesn't want me to watch DCC. And this makes me sad.
I'm calling Cox tomorrow and telling them to bring me a new DVR. This is serious.

And you may be be confused, but yes I indeed did write a full post about DCC: Making the Team.
I do have a life. I promise.....

Does anybody else watch this show? Or have another Reality TV guilty pleasure???



  1. 1. I too LOVE this show and I'm not ashamed to asmit it!
    2. I also forgot to watch it on the 4th, but luckily it was on again last night so I taped it and just finished watching it!

    We can talk to each other about it!

  2. I have never watched this show.. I must admit the main reason is because I can't stand the Dallas Cowboys and I put the two together.. since I love reality and you say its good.. I should try to forget what team they cheer for I love The Bachelor, Big Brother, and American Idol..

  3. I have seen that show and I love it too...ha when the girls wine about not making weight and they talk about what it takes to be a football player and how they expect the best of the best. Glad to hear you are going down with me! Love, MG

  4. i don't watch it, but only because i don't know when it's on. i may have to start now.

    i watch project runway and the biggest loser. guilty!

  5. That is a great show! & I love Dallas! :)

  6. I LOVE this show, and I have loved watching it since the first season. I love seeing which girls come back each year, and I think I am still the nerd who gets excited to see her town on TV. I grew up in KS - not much happened there. I can't record it right now because our DVR is disconnected due to our construction in our living room - I will have to find a marathon day on a Saturday when they show a bunch of old ones so I can get caught up! Do you remember that lady last year that was 40 something and traveling across the US with her hubby - she was definitely a little out there!

  7. Oh I love the show! I used to be a cheer sponsor at the school where I taught...Kelly was my hero & I modeled her everyday!!!!

  8. I must be one of the few that have never even heard of this show! LOL I don't watch much TV, unless it's NOGGIN, and if you know what that is, you get a big A+ sticker :) LOL

    The only shows I watch on a regular basis are CSI and LOST. And I am not usually able to watch them when they come on, so we record them and I watch when I have time.

  9. Aww how sad! I have seen this show but I do not follow it on a regular basis.

    I love reality TV too for some reason but I try not to get hooked onto shoes because I hate wasting time in front of the TV - but they are SO fun to watch!

  10. I stumbled on your blog through...I think through Tara Claire's comment section!! You are too cute and I LOVE that show too! I am good friends with Jay and Lin Johnson, the trainers for the DCC's and its always fun seeing him on TV.

  11. That is the WORST when something doesn't record for some reason....and you had that happen like 10 times!!! Hope your DVR gets fixed soon!
    I have never watched this, but "there is no condemnation in Christ!" for those who do!!

  12. Technology can be so frustrating! I do not watch this show religously,but if it is on when I am flipping through I will watch it. I love some good drama! On tv, anyways.

  13. Oh my goodness I am a new reader...and I just spent all morning reading your blog! I LOVE IT!...and I love DDD:MTT (That's right so cool I can abbreviate the entire show name). I don't have a blog of my own but have considered starting one for some time. Look forward to reading your blog daily!

  14. I love this show too. I knew it was coming on soon but haven't had a chance to watch it. You know usually it is on Sat. and Sun. several times so you can catch it then.

  15. The Hills. And I'm not going to say anything else besides that...okay I lied. Team Lauren.

  16. Devastating! I totally watched it when we had cable!! Hope it's fixed...soon!

  17. Loving this show is totally not something to be ashamed of. I've watched since season 1 and I love it - I'm with Sassy Engineer and I really like it when you see girls coming back. Casey would never admit it, but when I watch this he finds reasons he has to be in the room and "happens" to watch to. He pretends he doesn't - but it all falls apart on him when he starts commenting on the cheerleaders when we watch a game!

  18. i love this show! I was a cheerleader and pom squad member and I get a rush when i see good dancers! I love kelli too. I am also a cowboys fan! and stupid DVR's, mine screws up my shows too

  19. I can assure you that if I had cable, I would be all about this!

  20. I just found your blog - love it! I also have to say I love this show. I've been known to stay up for hours watching the back-to-back replays of the episodes! I'm so glad you reminded me that it's back!

  21. So, I'm a little behind in reading your blog, but I felt this post worthy of my first official blog comment ever ---

    When I read that Jay is your fitness trainer here, it begged the question: how many other fitness trainers have you known?

    I love you!
    Mel Lawrence

  22. i had never heard of this show until this weekend and i caught some of it when were relaxing in our hotel. i loved it! i'm sorry your recorder thing didn't work. what a bummer. reruns are the best.


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