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When I was in Jr. High I babysat all the time.

I enjoyed the kids and it was a great way to make some extra money.
Plus my favorite books were: "The Babysitters Club" so I just pretended I was one of them. I tried to start my own Babysitters Club many times but it never took off.

One time, during the Christmas season I was babysitting two girls, their ages were 7 and 3.
Before their mom left she said there was a bowl of mini candy canes and the girls could each have one after dinner.
So after the girls ate their dinner ,they sat down to watch a movie and I brought them each a candy cane.

Oh, I should also preface the story by saying I hate gross things: i.e. throw up, poop, spit up, drool, anything else you think that might fall in to that category, except blood, that doesn't gross me out. Weird I know.

Anyways, back to Christmas time babysitting, so it was movie time and I gave the girls their candy-canes and they went to town eating them.

Now, I can't remember exactly how it happened but I remember turning to find the 3 year old completely blue, and throwing her arms around like she was panicking. It was at this time that I realized that her entire mini candy cane was now lodged in her throat, blocking her airway. She was choking and I was the caretaker.

It was also at this time that my 'babysitting class skills' began to kick in. Thanks mom for making me take that class!!

Without even thinking I stuck my finger down her throat (it felt like waaaaaay down her throat) and pulled out the candy-cane. Due to the fact that my finger had just gone down her throat she completely vomited all over my new leather jacket (which by the way, at that time I thought was the coolest thing ever).

But I didn't care, I didn't care that I was covered in her dinner, I didn't care that I had to stick my finger down her throat and feel the inside of her mouth, at that moment all I cared about was her safety.

I was scared out of my mind. But yet strong.

At the moment of truth, there was no time for weakness, no time for fear.

I think of this event in my life often. For many reasons, 1. because I still get scared out of mind every-time somebody chokes and I'm pretty sure it is goes back to this time and 2. because I didn't let the fear in.

I could have become paralyzed in that moment, scared to move, scared to do what I knew was best. But I was equipped, I had taken the babysitting class, I had learned what to do in the situation and I was prepared

Too often, now, I let fear in. Fear of finances, fear of the future, fear of the unknown, fear of what others will think of me, fear of not being good enough.

But I have to remember that I have equipped myself and I can face any fear. So when fear hits me I try to think back to this story and go at it dead on, not allowing it to paralyze me for one moment.


  1. You're a regular babysitting hero! I hope if Colton ever chokes on something there will be someone there with the know how to help.

  2. Wow, I bet that was so scary.
    I am glad that you were equipped to take care of the situation..

    I let fears control my life sometimes.. I don't want it to happen but if I allow it to.. it most certainly does.. I have to remind myself quickly that GOD is in contol. I have to give him my fears so that I can live in peace.. His peace..

  3. um I feared when I was reading this blog that you were going to say something about being pregnant or wanting babies. Whew, thank goodness it was only about a small child choking! I'm kidding of course....kinda. ;)

  4. thanks for the inspiration today. I'm like you, and too often let fear in. Thanks for the reminder that we can face anything we're faced with!

  5. Wow!!! How good that you saved her life! That was amazing and a geat way to tie in to our lives in the current day. I'm glad you shared this.

    I was a HUGE Babysitters Book Club fan. I loved loved loved them and I was jealous I could not be in that club.

    I was crushed to read your confession of not being interested in OU!! But thank you for being honest in our relationship! :).

    I'm glad you had a nothing weekend. We all need that every now and then. I totally agree on spreading out the Christmas shopping. We are trying to do that this year and so far I've bought 1 present and I'm using discount coupons at JCPenney too! Yippee!!

  6. OH my goodness. I bet that was soooo scary.
    I had the same experience where I work.. You don't have time to think about getting scared. You just do what you have to do.

  7. This was a great post. I let fear in WAY too much, so this was a really good reminder for me. Thank you!

  8. Thanks so much for your comment. And what a great post! Keep blogging I enjoy reading them!

  9. Oh my goodness, a choking child is my greatest fear when I'm babysitting. I saw a Rescue 911 episode when a babysitter fed a child hot dog pieces and he choked - I have never been the same since.

    That is an awesome story and you are so right about fear. Thanks for sharing this my friend! Love ya!

  10. What a great blog. I am a nanny to a five month old baby and I'm always so scared that something like this will happen and I won't know what to do.

    Thanks for the reminder that we can't let ourselves live in fear. I know I give into fear a lot...even in little things. If something seems overwhelming or if I just don't know how to do it, then I end up not doing it. I was just feeling that way about something this morning, but you've encouraged me so much!

    Also, thanks for your blog about Christmas shopping early (even though you didn't exactly follow through:) I always wait till the last minute, but you've inspired me to get after it right away!

  11. WOW how scary that must have been. Lucky for that class and your composure nothing serious happened!!

  12. Oh my gosh that must have so scary! Good job under pressure! I can definitely see how that would affect you today...Hubby is very sensitive about our babyboy choking too bc his brother had a bad choking experience when he and Hubs were little guys! Good post Megan!

  13. Wow you saved her life! This was a great post! It's so hard to not be fearful, but you're right, we can face it!

  14. oh wow, what a great story. im so glad it it had a happy ending! what did her parents say when you told them?

  15. I just love your posts, girl! I always feel I can relate.

    You made so many great points!

  16. great post! i can't say i've ever done it before, but i think i could. an elementary school friend of mine choked every time she ate pizza. that was always really scary.

  17. Great analogy...and you are definitely fully-equipped with God's help!

  18. Oh my word, how scary!

    I am loving your last few posts, they are blessing my heart big time. Thank you for this reminder that we have not been give a spirit of fear...God is in control and we have access to His power to face any situation.

    Thank you for praying for me, Megan. I am lifting you to the Father as well. Love, Faith

  19. That is a crazy story! How terrifying! You are a hero. I used to love the babysitter's club books, too!

  20. oh my goodness Megan! I just stumbled on your blog and I love it!

  21. How scary!

    My little sister is 6 yrs younger than me and I also have two older sisters. One time my parents were gone and we were all home alone.

    I had a marble in my mouth and I told my little sister that I could do magic tricks and make the marble disappear. (of course I'd put it on the side of my mouth) Well, she tried it and swallowed it and was choking. I yelled for my sister and she immediately turned her upside down & hit on her back and the marble came rolling out. That scared me to death!

    About fear, I think it's something we all deal with from time to time. A great verse is in II Tim. 1:7 God hasn't given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

    Looks like another beautiful weekend here in the great state of Oklahoma! I'm spending the night with Kristen tonight. Maybe we'll run into each other at some point.

    Have a good day and a great weekend!

  22. WOW, how scary but yet brave of you. I often find that I let fear in too instead of relying on God and it is something that I always have to make an effort to avoid.

  23. How scary! What a great attitude you now have about fear!


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