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Am I the Only One?

Do you ever just have days where your patcience level seems to have hit an all time low and you just don't have any patcience.

Whether it is a certain situation, or just people in general you have a hard time finding patience.
I don't know if it is because I am stressed with work stuff, or because I have gained a few extra pounds since marriage, but lately I have been irritated with the smallest things.

To which I say, Megan get over it. Life is too big to worry and get irritated about small things.

But still in that moment: I am irritated. I can't even pinpoint one particular event. I have let patience slip away and I need to get it back!

Today was a busy day at work so I was excited to come home and just spend some time relaxing and having fun with the cute hubby.

As always I called my mom as I left work and it was good to talk to her. She gets me. I get her. We are both crazy. It works.

Then I was able to spend time talking to two of my best girlfriends. Jayma recently moved across the big pond to London, so we try to get together once a week with our friend Jodi and group chat on gmail. (if you don't have gmail you should really get it, I dont understand why anybody would use any other mail server than gmail).

Here I am talking to the girls. I love these chats. We have some GREAT conversations.

Jayma we can't wait to see you in December!!

Then Luke and I had a 'date night'. We haven't had one of these since we got married. But we know they are important to our relationship so we decided to take some time tonight and have our 'date night'.

We didn't do much, just went to eat at a local restaraunt Pops. It is a convience store/restaruant with hundreds of different kinds of Pop (or soda, or coke, whatever you call it).

We had fun just eating, talking and laughing.

This is the giant "Pop Bottle' that is in front of Pops. I am the person in front of it.
After looking at this picture Luke said:
"See I can't tell you are gaining weight, look how small you look in front of that bottle"

To which I replied: nothing, I gave him a look, and he knows what my looks mean.

This is Luke at dinner. I am practicing my photography skills:
In this picture I was trying to capture the essence of dinner with a cute boy.
Perhaps I will just stick to blogging?Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are headed to the fair!

Oh, and p.s. I'm not quitting my blog. It was just a passing thought. Kind of like when I say I'm going to give up diet coke, and then I end up drinking like 5 in one day!


  1. your post was me today!! i too have been low on patience...i also need to get over it!!!

  2. Wow, date night sounds like fun. I have never been to Pops, or even heard of it for that matter. I am glad you guys just got to sit back, relax and enjoy each others company!

    I have low patience days as well.. I am sure you can imagine. I do work with 4 year

    I hope you guys have a blast at the fair.. Don't forget the camera.. : )

  3. We still haven't been to Pops! I want to go, was it fun??? I hear it's packed on weekend nights. See you Sunday ...I told your hubby that for practice I'd be there bright and early at eight with a GINORMOUS coffee in hand. =) luv, Kelsey

  4. Date nights are so fun aren't they - I just NEED them sometimes!

  5. I was going to write a post on patience, then I didn't have the patience to write it! I so need some more :) You guys are so cute! Glad you had a date night!

  6. I think I need to go to "Pops" it sounds so cool! That is a fun picture of you in front of the bottle! OH- and I think you look GREAT! (But I do know what you mean about the patience and the self-criticalness and just in general yuckiness. That is me a lot of the time.)

  7. I was irritated this morning. I couldn't pinpoint it either, but I was so irritated. HA! Looks like a fun date night!

  8. Hope today is better!!! And you look so cute by that bottle! Glad ya'll had a fun date night!

  9. Fun pics! The last one cracked me up!
    Diet Coke, which I lovingly refer to as just 'DC', and I are hot and heavy. Love it!

  10. i feel that way a lot and then feel terrible the next day for being so short. Guess it just happens. I love date nights as well. We don't do them often but they are fun.. just being alone and out on the town!!!!

  11. Oh my gosh!!! I love your blog! And yes, I have days like this! We all do, but glad you posted about it. Makes us feel grounded!

  12. You have a really cute blog. I love the pics of you in front of the big lit up bottle. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think I've found a new link!

  13. I'm just glad you didn't post our conversation!!!!!!!!

  14. Pops is so fun!! Have a great weekend!

    I got the Edmond Outlook yesterday and saw the UCO homecoming schedule..I thought of you! I'm sure it will all go wonderfully!

  15. That looks like SUCH a fun restaurant! The good thing about those trying days is that they USUALLY don't come in pairs!

  16. I think you DID capture the essence of dinner with a cute boy! You two are just the cutest couple ever!

    Glad you had a date night and what a cool place you went to. What a cute picture in front of the giant pop!

  17. Always keep the date night a tradition! It's a must! :) I love looking forward to my date night every week!!! Cute pics!


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