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Wordless Wednesday

I haven't done a Wordless Wednesday in a couple of weeks so due to lack of blogging jucies I decided now would be a good time.

My mom is always sending me cute pictures of my nephew Maxton, so that I can watch him grow even though I live in a different town. He is so stinking cute. Everytime I look at these pictures I just want to drive home and pick him up and squeeze him.

Here are some cute pics my mom sent me recently - it is funny how you can see a cute little personality forming just from looking at pictures.

He always sucks on his bottom lip:

He LOVES to play in his bouncy saucer:
Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks??

He loves his bath time:
Here he is with my mom (his grandma) in their matching shirts:



Halloween Troubles and a Boy Band Fantasy

Are you dressing up for Halloween??

I have not dressed up since Jr. High. I'm just not creative, I can't come up with a good Halloween costume.

Until this year.

I feel like I came up with a really good one, but I need Luke's participation, and he won't participate.

I need him to be a Jonas Brother.

He would fit this role perfectly.

And, I would be none other than his teeny bopper 'on and off again' girlfriend Miley Cyrus.

I thought this was genius. Luke highly, highly disagreed.

You see, a couple of months ago, a couple in our church told us that their young daughter, is convinced that Luke is a Jonas Brother.

It was from that moment that I began to see the resemblance. Sometimes at church I catch this young girl staring at Luke like he is a rock star. It is hilarious. Luke shrugs it off as if it was nothing, but I know inside he is thinking "I look like a Jonas Brother, I've almost made it"

However, as weird as it may sound, I am used to young/teenage girls having a crush on Luke. I mean c'mon, He is a boy, in Oklahoma, who sings, plays the guitar, and leads worship. For a teenage girl at church camp, that is her version of "Tall, Dark and Handsome, or Good looking and Rich"

Back to the Jonas Brother Look Alike: Sometimes Luke will wear a button up shirt with a vest over it and slightly tight jeans (not as package-hugging, spandex-like as the Jonas Brothers, but also not too loose, just right). When he wears this get-up I have sometimes mistaked him for a Jonas Brother.
I wish I had a picture of him in this outfit.

This has actually become an obsession in my life; trying to get him to dress up as a Jonas Brother, and I have started to analyze why this is:

I think I have a crush on the Jonas Brothers. Seriously, have you head Lovebug yet? If that doesn't capture your heart faster than Edward Cullen did, I don't know what could.

Have you seen them in the Target commercial? When they rock out my heart skips a beat.

I could be living out every boy-band crush I ever had, by trying to get Luke to be a Jonas Brother.

Which is fine with me.

OK, I'm off to convince the hubby to pretend to be a Jonas Brother, and sing Lovebug to me.

Here is a pic of the Jonas Brothers and a pic of Luke.
OK maybe the only thing they have in common is the dark hair, but please let me live out my fantasy.

What are you dressing up as?



Just Me....

I realized something today.
If you stop blogging for a certain amount of time you lose your blogging juices.
Gone. Nothing. Empty.

I am hoping that they come back. I have absolutely nothing to write about.
Unless you want to know about how many EL Fudge cookies I ate after dinner, but that might make me cry, so lets not talk about that.

Or I could talk about how I cannot even classify myself as a 'Hills' fan anymore.  Stupid Monday Night Football.
And then I could always use my default conversation starter: Should I cut my hair?? Now you don't have to answer this cause I know we have already talked about it, but seriously, girlfriend needs to make up her mind (yes I just referred to myself as girlfriend, I'm that delirious from all of the EL Fudge).

I had officially decided I was going to cut it and then like 2 1/2 people complimented me on my hair at church on Sunday, so then I started doubting again.  I know, I know, a doubtful mind is as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.... I am working on it!

Anyways.... Sometime in the last couple of weeks Candice and Liz both tagged me for this little ditty: 
So I decided due to lack of blogging juices this was the perfect time to do one of these:

Four Wishes:
1. That I can be a stay at home mom when we have kids. 
2. That we are able to purchase a home SOON.
3. That all of my family and friends would come to know Jesus as their Savior
4. That I would start to like "Twilight" so that I can fit in with everybody else

Four Places I want to Travel:
1. NYC
2. Hawaii (again)
3. Italy
4. Greece

Four Careers I want to be involved in:
1. Photographer - have you seen how much those people charge for weddings?? They are making a killin'  Plus I think it would be fun to meet all of your customers and get to experience a piece of their life (family pics, engagements, wedding day)
2. Wedding Dress Store Owner
3. A ministry for teenage girls
4. Stay-at-home mom 

Four Things I Would Like God to Say to Me at the Gates of Heaven:
1. Well done good and faithful servant!
2. Why the heck did you worry so much? You knew I was right there with you the whole time. 
3. You are my beloved. 
4. Here is a DVD of all of your favorite and most funny moments from life, go watch it and enjoy. 



Homecoming Weekend 2008

I'm back from my homecoming hiatus. My google reader is FULL of blog entries that I have not yet read and I am trying hard to catch up. I have missed all of my blog friends!

But I am now back!
Homecoming week, came and went and was a pretty great week.

Everything went smoothly and I only developed one ulcer. Nothing a tub of Tums can't cure.

All week long there was lots of preparation leading up to Homecoming events on Friday and Saturday, but I won't bore you with all the details. As much as I enjoyed it I am glad that it is over....for now. I am already looking forward to the planning process for next year!

Saturday was our annual Tailgate Party before the game and the weather was PERFECT! Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, I'm talking absolutely perfect. It was amazing! I am so thankful. I have been praying for good weather on this day since August (normally it would be since June, but I had to pray for good weather on my wedding day first).

Here are a couple of pictures from the day:

First on Friday, after I got home from a long day Luke had flowers, in our school colors (blue and yellow) waiting for me, he is a good husband. Please ignore my disheveled look.

One of my favorite features of the tailgate party was a photobooth. Here is Luke being a dutiful volunteer helping with the photobooth.

Some friends from my office. We have lots of fun together!I hope you all have had a great week and weekend. I know that I was tagged a couple of times in the past week so I will be catching up on those this week.
Back to blogging!


Ice Storm 2007

Here lately I have been asking friends and family for their much needed advice: Should I cut my hair? I ask this question multiple times a day. I even went ahead and made the appointment so that I would do it, but now I'm thinking I might just trim it up. I have no idea what to naturally I look to others to tell me what to do.

Which doesnt always work out on my end.
Here an example of when I took some advice, and it didn't work out so well:

One time last winter we had a HORRIBLE ice storm here in good ole OK.

For the record, there are two things I hate: Cold Weather, and Driving on the ice.

They sort of go hand in hand.
Schools and offices had been shut down for the first part of the week, and due to the fact that I refuse to drive on ice Luke had been toting me all around town. Which was great for me.

But then the main roads started to get a bit better so schools and offices opened back up.

Well I woke up one morning got ready for work, and headed outside to find that my car was a COMPLETE block of ice.

I hadn't driven it all week and it sat outside and collected snow and ice, it would take years to defrost.
So I called Luke and said I can't drive my car can you take me to work? And he said,
Well, it was probably said in a nicer way with some sort of legitimate excuse (like working or something weird like that) But I didn't hear that part. I just remember the 'no' part.

So I said, (in a very responsible and mature way) Are you kidding me? I have no way to get to work my car is covered in ice what the heck am I suposed to do?
To which he replied:

Get a hammer and chip the ice away.

Can we please just have a moment of silence in remembrance of the moment my boyfriend told his 'never used a tool in her life' girlfriend to HIT her glass windshield with a hammer?
So... I did what I was told, I went in the garage found a hammer went to my car and began to chip away.

Did I mention the fact that I was a little ticked off that Luke wouldn't take me to work? I may have chipped a little harder than I was advised.

Anyways, the next thing I remember is not having to worry about chipping the ice off of my windshield anymore.

The massive sheet of was now covering my entire back seat. My leather back seat.

I called Luke and said "Well I did what you told me to, I busted my back windshield out"

Needless to say he freaked out and said that was not what he told me to do, and how hard did I hit he said to gently tap.

I'm sorry, but the words 'gently tap' never left his mouth before that moment. It was a recovery tactic, and it didn't fool me.

Later when I told my parents the story I may have omitted a specific part, In face, my dad wanted to know how ice could just bust out my window without me touching it at all, I said: I have no idea, it must have been some strong ice.

Seriously, would you tell your dad that you hit your glass window with a hammer cause your boyfriend told you too?

I didn't think so.

When I went to pick up my car from the window repair people (except there was no repairing here, it was a brand new window) the nice man helping me said: How did this happen? And I said, I don't know the ice just fell through, and he SERIOUSLY replied, "well it looked like a hammer to me"

I left immedately.

Here we are in the great Ice Storm of 2007. We are in front of a tree that used to go up and down, now because of the ice it hangs over like this. This was after the incident. I had a new window and I was over it, and we had a good memory!



Weekend in Review

This weekend was spent how I love spending weekends. A jam packed weekend full of fun times with friends.
The weekend in review:

Friday was spent eating dinner and playing games with some of our friends from church, Kelsey and Chris. We had such a great time and of course, Spades and Chicken Foot are the best games ever! This isn't the best picture, but it is the only one I had.

Saturday we were able to spend time with our friends from college. This always proves to be such a GREAT time filled with lots of fun and lots of laughs! Some pics from the day:
Jodi and I:
The Husband:Jodi and Kyle:Me, Jamie and her baby girl Caitlin:All the girls and baby Caitlin. We kind of love her, it is fun to have another girl added to the mix!The whole group Saturday night:I love spending time with friends, I always get sad when the night is over!
Also, if you are a close follower of this blog you will notice I am wearing the same dress I wore a couple of weeks ago. Please do not judge me, this is a girl on a budget, I can no longer can live the lifestyle of never repeating an outfit, although it was fun while it lasted!

This week is going to be pretty busy followed by Homecoming weekend, so my blogging and commenting will probably be very minimal. I will see you all next week!




When I was in Jr. High I babysat all the time.

I enjoyed the kids and it was a great way to make some extra money.
Plus my favorite books were: "The Babysitters Club" so I just pretended I was one of them. I tried to start my own Babysitters Club many times but it never took off.

One time, during the Christmas season I was babysitting two girls, their ages were 7 and 3.
Before their mom left she said there was a bowl of mini candy canes and the girls could each have one after dinner.
So after the girls ate their dinner ,they sat down to watch a movie and I brought them each a candy cane.

Oh, I should also preface the story by saying I hate gross things: i.e. throw up, poop, spit up, drool, anything else you think that might fall in to that category, except blood, that doesn't gross me out. Weird I know.

Anyways, back to Christmas time babysitting, so it was movie time and I gave the girls their candy-canes and they went to town eating them.

Now, I can't remember exactly how it happened but I remember turning to find the 3 year old completely blue, and throwing her arms around like she was panicking. It was at this time that I realized that her entire mini candy cane was now lodged in her throat, blocking her airway. She was choking and I was the caretaker.

It was also at this time that my 'babysitting class skills' began to kick in. Thanks mom for making me take that class!!

Without even thinking I stuck my finger down her throat (it felt like waaaaaay down her throat) and pulled out the candy-cane. Due to the fact that my finger had just gone down her throat she completely vomited all over my new leather jacket (which by the way, at that time I thought was the coolest thing ever).

But I didn't care, I didn't care that I was covered in her dinner, I didn't care that I had to stick my finger down her throat and feel the inside of her mouth, at that moment all I cared about was her safety.

I was scared out of my mind. But yet strong.

At the moment of truth, there was no time for weakness, no time for fear.

I think of this event in my life often. For many reasons, 1. because I still get scared out of mind every-time somebody chokes and I'm pretty sure it is goes back to this time and 2. because I didn't let the fear in.

I could have become paralyzed in that moment, scared to move, scared to do what I knew was best. But I was equipped, I had taken the babysitting class, I had learned what to do in the situation and I was prepared

Too often, now, I let fear in. Fear of finances, fear of the future, fear of the unknown, fear of what others will think of me, fear of not being good enough.

But I have to remember that I have equipped myself and I can face any fear. So when fear hits me I try to think back to this story and go at it dead on, not allowing it to paralyze me for one moment.


Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend consisted of.........nothing.

Which usually I am a person who gets stressed out by 'nothing' weekends. But due to the fact that we haven't had one of these in a long time I was OK with it.

Friday night I just got on and caught up on the Desperate Housewives episodes I had missed. I must say they are off to a great season. If you aren't watching you should really tune in. The whole season is set 5 years in the future and it is really working for them.

Saturday Luke and I woke up and just kinda did nothing. First Luke fixed breakfast so we ate that while we watched some TV. Then a little later in the day we watched the OU/Texas game.

Hi my name is Megan, I am from Oklahoma and I am not an OU fan.

There I got it out.

It is practically blasphemy around these parts to say you aren't an OU fan. I do not dislike OU I just have no reason to be a fan, I didn't go to school there, I don't have any family that went to school there, I have never kept up with their team. End of Story.

After the game we headed up to Mardel Bookstore. I just love that place. While we were there I ran into one of my blog friends Suzanne. It was so fun to put a voice to words!  We were able to talk for a little bit, she is so sweet. I just love meeting blog friends!! (which all my friends in real life think is weird, they are just jealous!)  She said that she first realized it was me because she recognized Luke.  This is very normal, Luke is a tall Indian with wild hair, he stands out.  

Later in the day we decided to go Christmas shopping. It seems a bit early, but it helps to spread the money out and not spend it all at one time. So we headed to the mall, and 2 hours later we left both with a pair of new pants and zero Christmas presents.

At least our hearts were initially in a good place.

The rest of the night consisted of laying on the couch enjoying the 3 T's. TV and Time Together. I just made that up but I think it sounds pretty good.

So there was our weekend. Pretty boring.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you were able to fit in your 3 T's.




Last week I was in a class I am taking at my University. During the class we split up into group and did a little 'ice breaker' to get to know each other. (don't you just love those?) In our groups we had to answer specific questions about ourselves, and one of the questions was: What event in your life has defined you?

My answer to this came quickly and was: "My entire college experience". It wasn't until that exact moment that I realized that my 4 years at college had simply become a 'moment' in my life. All of the laughs, tears, worries, and fears are now just one moment in my life. And that is what life is made up of: moments.

No matter what kind of 'moment' we are in, we usually feel like it is a time that consumes us, and it becomes who we are - but really that moment is just another 'spot' on the radar forming us into who we will become.

When I was younger and had to share a bathroom with my sisters and longed desperately for my own bathroom, it was just a moment.

When I was in high school and felt insecure and out of place, it was just a moment.

When I went to college as a freshman, not knowing a single person, pretty much scared out of my mind, it was a moment.

When I felt like I was the ONLY girl who wasn't dating somebody seriously, it was a moment.

When I was worried sick about what I was going to do once I graduated and moved on and left what had now become comfortable; college (quite ironic) it was a moment.

When my boyfriend wouldn't propose and I just wanted to get married, it was just a moment.

So many situations in my life that at the time took up all of my thoughts, emotions and sometimes sanity, are now just moments in my life that I look back on.

But I know that I am who I am because of each of these moments. Some of them I look back disappointed, because I allowed the situation to take control over me, and change my emotions and attitude. Some of them helped me gain faith, while others just showed what little faith I can have.

Right now I have several situations that consume my thoughts, but I am hoping that I have learned from how I handled situations in the past, and I will use that to determine how I handle these situations. I do not want to allow anything to control me, and I do not want to be disappointed in the amount of Faith I have.

So if you are going through a 'moment' right now where you don't know what is going to happen, I encourage you to step back and look at it is as a moment, that will soon pass, and ask God for direction. And do not allow the enemy to steal Joy, Peace, or Faith from you through this moment.

I know what I'm doing, I have it all planned out - plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. When you call on me, when you come and pray to me, I'll listen. When you come looking for me, you'll find me. Jeremiah 29:11-13


Less of Me

Do you ever feel alone?

You can be surrounded by people, but you feel just so alone?

I have those moments. And I have found a common denominator in those moments.

They most often happen when I have allowed myself to drift ever so slightly away from the One Source that can fill me.

When I find myself taking satisfaction in objects, or approval of others, or I find myself desiring so many ‘things’ During these times the thin line between less of me and more of Him begins to fade, and somehow in my selfish life it becomes more of me and less of Him.

These are the moments I am most insecure, these are the moments when I make the most unwise decisions, these are the moments I look back and think why did I do that?

But yet, I am also thankful for these times, because they allow me to look at my life and see who I would be without my Savior.

I would feel alone, insecure, like a failure, always desiring more instead of being thankful for what I have.

I am thankful that I have a God who can fill all of those needs and more.

So when I have moments where I feel lost or alone in this big world, I look to the only Source that can truly fill me. And I find peace. 

Tonight was one of those nights I needed to be reminded of this. 

Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don't get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow.  God will help you deal with whatever hard thing come up when the time comes.      Matthew:6:34  (The Message)




I have mentioned before that I love Fall.
I love it for many reasons, but I have failed to mention one very important reason why I love Fall.
It is the season that CMT shows one of my favorite shows: Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Yes, I am that girl. I LOVE this show.
I was never a cheerleader, nor have I ever been a Dallas Cowboy's fan (sorry my Dallas friends), but I am indeed a Reality TV fan, and I will watch just about any Reality Television show. Including my favorite: DCC: Making the Team. Yes I am that Cool that I can abbreviate it.
I LOVE Kelli Finglass (the DCC director) and Jay Johnson (their trainer) is my fitness trainer hero. I just love him so much. He really whips those girls into shape. Plus I feel like I really know him. Before I ever saw him on DCC I saw a Wife Swap episode he was on. I fell in love with him on that episode, it showed how he is a tough fitness trainer, but a soft teddy bear inside, and yes, I watch that much Reality TV.

Back to the point of the post:here is why I am frustrated.

I have had on my calendar for over a month: October 4th DCC STARTS. I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss it.

So of course, naturally I forgot to set our DVR to record it, and I wasn't home to watch it!

But lucky for me CMT reruns it like every 2 hours, so I went through found it in my guide and set my DVR to record it.

The next night I cooked a tasty little snack and sat down to watch it: AND NOTHING, my stupid DVR didn't record it. After a bit (a lot) of whining I found it again and set it to record the next day.

The next day: NOTHING.

OK, I'm starting to get ticked, I need to watch this show early so that I can learn all the crazies, I mean girls who have been trying their whole life to make the team. I need to watch their dancing skills, make my predictions, will they make it to the end or will Kelli cut them quick?? I have come to learn her voice, if she calls a girl into her office and uses her 'sweet' voice, that girl is GONE. I feel so privileged to have that 'fly on the wall' view of that process. It is so interesting.

So I find it in the guide again, and set it to record.
I came home for lunch today, cautiously turned on the DVR recordings, and TA DA it was there, all recorded, just waiting for somebody to watch it.

So I got my lunch all ready (I like a good meal with a good show) sat down, pressed play, and NOTHING.

It was 60 minutes of a pure black screen.

Where was Kelli? Where was Jay? Where were the thousands of girls dying for their 15 minutes of fame?

They were lost somewhere in tv space.

So apparently my TV doesn't want me to watch DCC. And this makes me sad.
I'm calling Cox tomorrow and telling them to bring me a new DVR. This is serious.

And you may be be confused, but yes I indeed did write a full post about DCC: Making the Team.
I do have a life. I promise.....

Does anybody else watch this show? Or have another Reality TV guilty pleasure???



Passing them on....

I am so beside myself right now. I received 3 awards this week! That is so exciting to me!!

Since Luke wants to be a Rock Star sometime in the near future I always thought he would be the first one to get an award. But no its me!!! I told him today that I got 3 awards, I could see the jealousy in his eyes as he pictured himself receiving his Grammy.

If only I had a fancy dress to wear while I'm accepting my awards.

So with no further ado here are the awards:

*Disclaimer, I am kinda breaking the rules and only giving out one award each. This is hard work, but don't get me wrong I love them!

Rebecca at My Cup Overflows gave me the A+ Blogger Award:

The Rules:
Here are the rules of the A+ Blogger Award:
1. You should pay it forward to 2 other bloggers and let them know they won
2. You should give them a compliment
3. You should thank your giver
4. You should post your award for the world to see!

I want to give this award to:

1. Trina - Because she is just so stinking cute and has a great blog. Whether she is telling a comical story about her kiddos, or helping us save money she is always fun. By the way Trina, you money saving posts are like a foreign language to me but I still appreciate you posting them. I always read them!

Next: Amy at The Adams Family gave me the Kreativ Blogger award.
I have to post 6 things that make me happy:
1. Going to sleep next to my hubby. He is just so stinking cute.
2. A puppy of any kind
3. Maxton (my nephew)
4. Spending time with my family, even when they are crazy
5. TV on DVD (no commercial are amazing)
6. Clearly, Subway cookies

I am passing this award on to:

Faith. I read her blog for awhile before commenting and then one day I finally starting commenting, and then we emailed each other a couple of times. I don't even know her in 'real life' and she has been SUCH an encouragement to me. I am so thankful for my blog relationship with her! And she is so stinking creative. Have you seen the clothes she makes for her cute little niece Emma? They are amazing!

The next award is from Amy at Chapters:
I am going to pass this award onto Jenna. Jenna is just so stinking fun! She always has something great to say and is a good 'blog friend' of mine. We have even moved our friendship forward, we are now facebook friends. :-)

Girls, enjoy your awards.

And Thank you to Amy, Amy, and Rebecca for my awards. I look forward to reading each of your blogs everyday!

And, I am responding to Hollie's challenge to take a picture of yourself 'now' when your not looking 'all cute'

So here is what I look like most nights when I am writing to you, my dear friends, loungey comfy clothes on, legs Indian style, hair in a ponytail, zero makeup.

There you have it. A blogger at her finest.

In this picture I am writing this current blog and watching the presidential debate. Does this debate make anyone else feel completely awkward!?!?!?



My New Found Friend

Diet Coke please step aside, I have found a new best friend. It comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors and is somewhat uncomfortable, yet I love it. What is my new best friend? Well it is none other than Spanx. It is the undergarment form of God’s Manna – a special gift from above.

All of my pants that laughed in my face as I felt them become tighter and tighter now fit perfectly. I don’t know what it is about this little gem, but it truly works. Pants that were too tight now slide on with ease.

However, I do not want to live my life in Spanx – so I am bound and determined to stop this precious thing called “marriage weight gain”. Which means less of my favorite snacks.

Today, my loving, wonderful, sweet husband brought me 3 Subway Cookies to work….. Are you kidding me? Are you the devil in disguise just tempting me when I am weak???? You bring me three delicious chocolate chip, warm, moist cookies that look ready to be eaten at any moment . Cookies that are so hard to come across, they are practically sold out of every Subway I go into. It was complete torture.

I know Luke was just trying to brighten my stressful day with the cookes, but I could only think to do one thing. I calmly raised my shirt to expose my Spanx covered love handles –and said: “THIS IS WHAT YOUR SUBWAY COOKIES ARE DOING TO ME”

It was one of my finest moments.

Several hours later as I was working on Homecoming stuff wanting to cry cause I was so stressed out I looked over and noticed a small green and yellow subway bag with the most amazing chocolate chip cookie ever sitting inside. Clearly hubby thought I would need them later despite my protests.

It took me about 2 seconds before I reached for the bag and devoured every crumb.

Self-Control is my middle name.



First weekend in October!

This weekend was a lot of fun, just as expected!

Friday afternoon we headed home to go to the fair with my family. I'm ashamed to say that once again I didn't take very many pictures. I don't know what is wrong with me but I need to get out of this "no picture taking funk".

I don't have any pictures from the fair to share. But we had a great time, and ate LOTS of food!! It is pretty ridiculous how much food we eat. However I did limit myself to just one dinner item and one dessert item. But unfortunately that didn't stop me from snacking on everybody else's food! :-)

After the fair (6 hours!) we headed back to the house to play games. If you haven't figured it out yet I LOVE games.

Here is a picture of Kati and Maxton at the game table. Everytime I see him he looks so much bigger. I wish I could see him every day! cute is he?
Saturday we celebarted Haley's 16th birthday. It was another fun day full of games! After she opened her presents we headed to Texas Road House. Yuuum!
After we ate at Texas Road House we joined Luke's parents for TU's Homecoming game. It was a lot of fun and they won!!! So far they are 5-0!

I hope everybody had a great weekend! I'm going to work on taking more pictures!



Am I the Only One?

Do you ever just have days where your patcience level seems to have hit an all time low and you just don't have any patcience.

Whether it is a certain situation, or just people in general you have a hard time finding patience.
I don't know if it is because I am stressed with work stuff, or because I have gained a few extra pounds since marriage, but lately I have been irritated with the smallest things.

To which I say, Megan get over it. Life is too big to worry and get irritated about small things.

But still in that moment: I am irritated. I can't even pinpoint one particular event. I have let patience slip away and I need to get it back!

Today was a busy day at work so I was excited to come home and just spend some time relaxing and having fun with the cute hubby.

As always I called my mom as I left work and it was good to talk to her. She gets me. I get her. We are both crazy. It works.

Then I was able to spend time talking to two of my best girlfriends. Jayma recently moved across the big pond to London, so we try to get together once a week with our friend Jodi and group chat on gmail. (if you don't have gmail you should really get it, I dont understand why anybody would use any other mail server than gmail).

Here I am talking to the girls. I love these chats. We have some GREAT conversations.

Jayma we can't wait to see you in December!!

Then Luke and I had a 'date night'. We haven't had one of these since we got married. But we know they are important to our relationship so we decided to take some time tonight and have our 'date night'.

We didn't do much, just went to eat at a local restaraunt Pops. It is a convience store/restaruant with hundreds of different kinds of Pop (or soda, or coke, whatever you call it).

We had fun just eating, talking and laughing.

This is the giant "Pop Bottle' that is in front of Pops. I am the person in front of it.
After looking at this picture Luke said:
"See I can't tell you are gaining weight, look how small you look in front of that bottle"

To which I replied: nothing, I gave him a look, and he knows what my looks mean.

This is Luke at dinner. I am practicing my photography skills:
In this picture I was trying to capture the essence of dinner with a cute boy.
Perhaps I will just stick to blogging?Hope everyone has a great weekend. We are headed to the fair!

Oh, and p.s. I'm not quitting my blog. It was just a passing thought. Kind of like when I say I'm going to give up diet coke, and then I end up drinking like 5 in one day!


So Random...

First of all, I'm not even going to pretend like this particular post has any meaning.
Just a little update on my life so you will understand the state of my blog.

- The month of my wedding I think I posted a blog post only 3 times, I was too busy getting ready for the wedding to post anything.

- major part of my job is to plan homecoming events for alumni. Homecoming is at the end of this month. Don't expect much from me until Homecoming is over. The blog juices have been put on hold.

-But I am really excited for Homecoming. Be praying that everything would go smoothly!!

- Luke and I are going home to spend time with my family this weekend. The fair is in town. Woo hoo! We will spend time at the fair eating and watching my mom buy every non-useful product in sight. Then on Saturday we will celebrate my youngest sister Haley's birthday. She will be 16. I'm glad I get to spend her 16th birthday with her.

-When I told my sister I was going to be there for her birthday, she asked how long was I going to be there cause she wanted to spend her birthday with her friends.

- I cried myself to sleep that night.

- We went and looked at houses this weekend. It makes me excited to think of buying a house. We decided that we could buy one if: 1)we only drive to work and straight back home so that we don't use a lot of gas, 2) we never eat out again in our lives, and 3) we get rid of our cell phones, cable, internet, and basically anything that brings entertainment to our lives.
We are still considering the purchase, I will let you know.

- A couple of weeks ago I seriously considered giving up my blog. Sometimes it really takes a lot of effort to keep it up and sometimes I feel like I am in Jr. High trying to talk to the "cool kids". Then I spent a little bit of cash on a new blog header and background, fell in love with it and decided to stick with the bloggin.

- That reminds me of the time in Jr. High when I bought Doc Martens to fit in with the "cool kids". I ended up with 10 pairs of Doc Martens, but no "cool" friends.

- Looking back at pictures, the Doc Martens could do nothing to save me from social awkwardness. Sister was in desperate need of a hair straightener. I am praising God for that invention. Can I get an Amen?

-This post has gone down hill fast. Goodnight.