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Weekly Weekend Review (somewhat)

Do you ever have those moments, where you have your camera with you, and you want to take a picture but you don't take the time to actually get your camera out and capture the moment? 

That happened to me about 20 times this weekend.

So the result was: a jam packed weekend with no pictures.

Maybe I didn't pull my camera out this weekend because every time I do Luke rolls his eyes and mutters "stupid blog"
HELLO! I am capturing beautiful moments for our children to come back and read about. Don't you think they want to know that we went to buy games at 10:00 one night when we were first married????

Because a Weekly Weekend Review is boring without pictures here it is in a nutshell (for our future children's sake I have to recap it, so when they ask what we did the last weekend in September the first year we were married I will be able to tell them)

Friday: We went to a wedding of some good friends of ours, Melinda and Jason. Melinda was who I lived with before getting married. She was actually engaged a couple of months before me, but due to the fact that I decided to completely stress myself out and make everyone around me miserable, and get married in 4 months she got married after me. It was a fun wedding and she looked beautiful. She wore my veil which made me happy! (I will let anyone borrow it who wants it)

Saturday: We woke up to find that Luke's ipod and GPS had been stolen out of his car. Which was not a fun situation, but we also didn't want it to ruin our day. There was nothing we could do about it at that point!
I secretly wished my phone had been in the car so that I could get a new one! 
Later that morning we went to watch my 6 year old cousin play flag football. Which was just further proof that Luke will become intense about any football game. Whether it is tiny little 6 year olds running around, or cartoon men on his Xbox. (and I will never understand the intensity over cartoon men, I don't care if they have real names written under them, they are not real).
That night we hung out at UCO. I had an event to work at, and I am lucky enough that Luke is able to join me for these events. My grandparents were also there so we just hung out and had fun watching some football!

Sunday: Was church, then a baby shower, then Spades with some friends from church. Games!! See, I told you, we are quickly becoming the cool couple!

All of these events are mere memories in my head. No pictures to look back at. 

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  1. I do that ALL the time with my camera and then I go to blog and get so mad at myself!

  2. I am seriously thinking about buying another camera to keep in my car at all

    6 year old football? Man we start em' young here in Oklahoma..

    I am glad you had a good weekend!

  3. Oh that SUCKS about his stuff getting stolen! What a crappy thing to happen :(

  4. I keep my camera in my purse so I have it with me wherever I go...but then I forget I have it with me and I don't take pictures. I think it's impossible to figure out!

  5. Men just don't understand the importance of all the necessary pics we need to blog with... I hear the same thing from Dustin.

    Sounds like a busy weekend!

  6. You are hilarious. Glad ya'll had a good weekend (minus the theft situation)! I think I speak for myself AND on behalf of your future children - never stop recapping!

  7. You are so cute! I keep a smaller camera in my purse so I can capture "blog worthy" moments whenever I need to. Yes, your children will want to know these things, so keep it up!

    So sorry about the theft...that's a bummer. Glad your weekend was great otherwise!

  8. My husband often makes similar comments about "stupid blogging"- we should totally get them together sometime while we shop and take pics for our blogs!!!

  9. How scary his stuff got stolen...that completely stinks. Thanks for the warning!
    Sounds like a fun, eventful weekend!


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