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Weekly Weekend Recap

This weekend felt like a wedding marathon. Well just Saturday, here is a recap:

Friday night Luke was gone working on his album. I am not a person who likes alone time. Some people need alone time, or thrive on it. I hate it. I always want people around me to talk or to play with me. So all week I was dreading that Friday night I was going to be all alone.

However it ended up being a nice and relaxing night, maybe I am slowly learning to appreciate alone time (don't tell Luke).

After work I ventured out to the mall for a little bit of much needed shopping (don't worry it was all sale stuff, nothing out of budget, boo hoo). Then I came home and two of my favorite movies were on: Pearl Harbor, and Diary of a Mad Black Woman <- its a weird name but a great movie. So I ate my Chick Fila and enjoyed the movies.

Luke got home later that night and told me that the album is finished, Praise the Lord!

Saturday we woke up bright and early for wedding marathon day. Luke had to sing at a wedding at 1 and then we had another wedding to go to at 3. Both weddings were so beautiful. It is nice to just sit back and enjoy a wedding and not think about what I'm going to do in mine. We arrived at the first wedding at 12 and left the second wedding at 6. It was weddings all day!

Me and the beautiful bride at the second wedding. I didnt get any pictures at the first wedding. Luke forgot his mic stand so I had to hold his mic for him the whole time. Kinda awkward. Oh, the duties of a wife.

Then we came home and did nothing. Which was sad for me because my all time favorite band Hanson was playing in my home town and my WHOLE family went to the concert without me. Luke and I debated all week about whether we should go to the concert or not, but finally decided that there was no way that we could go to the concert and make it back with enough time for Luke to get good enough sleep to be able to lead in the morning. (nobody wants a half-asleep worship leader because he was at a Hanson concert the night before).

So I chose Luke over Taylor Hanson. I'm a good wife I know.

My mom was nice (or mean) enough to call me while they were singing 'Mmmbop' so I could hear their sweet voices.

However it was kind of hard to hear the Hanson voices over my sisters and mom singing the words as loud as they could, I may have even heard my dad singing a little Mmmbop.

He would have fully supported a Hanson wedding.


  1. Chikfila and Diary of a Mad Black Woman = wonderful night!

  2. Yay for weddings! And you ARE such a good wife. I believed it before but after you gave up Hanson, I am seeing it even more clearly.

  3. Haha, girl we live in the same town. This cracks me up! Hilarious how you talk to people on here and never know where they're from - and then it turns out you're in the exact same city. :) Love me some Hanson! (Taylor) ;)

  4. I love Diary of A Mad Black Woman too!

    What kind of Album is your husband making?

  5. Sounds like a bust but fun weekend! And how nice of you to hold your hubby's mic! You ARE a good wife.

  6. I love "Diary of a Mad Black Woman!" and CFA too, of course! I love me some Hanson, too!! Now I'm singing MMMbop!
    P.S. That blue dress is super cute!

  7. Sounds like a great weekend, even lonely girl on Friday, sounds like you made the best of it! Yummy and fun! Ya'll are so cute!

  8. You will probably learn to appreciate alone time. I actually LOVE alone time now, even though I don't really get very much of it. You ARE a wonderful wife! And a beautiful one, too --love the picture of you and the bride!

  9. I love my alone time, just not too much of it! Glad to hear Luke finished his album...very cool!
    Sorry to hear you couldn't make it to Hanson! But if it helps, I would think of you everytime I hear an ad! :)


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