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Things I've Learned Since Getting Married

Luke and I have almost been married for two months. Here is an updated list of what I have learned so far:

1. If your husband is watching Football, do not, under any circumstances, turn it to 'Dancing With The Stars'. The result could be disastrous.

2. It doesn't matter that you are now married. People STILL ask annoying questions.
Here are answers that I am constantly repeating:
a. Married life is going great, thanks for asking.
b. Are you kidding me? Yes we've already had our first fight. I took care of that that on the honeymoon.
c. No we aren't trying for kids yet, we just got married!!!
d. We would like to wait 2-4 years. Why? Are you going to put it on your calendar?
e. Yes I would like a new pair of Uggs for my Fall/Winter collection, I appreciate you asking

OK, Maybe I just added the last one. But it has been rumored that the parental units read this blog. I threw that one in there for them.

Back to things learned:

3. Just because you want to take a picture for your blog, doesn't necessarily mean your husband wants too. You could end up with something like this:

4. You can talk to your husband while he is watching Football, but don't expect him to remember a thing you said. It is basically equivalent of talking to a wall.

5. It is IMPERATIVE that you have more than one TV. Don't ask me how I know. Also don't ask me what the heck has happened on The Hills the past 3 weeks. The Hill's comes on Monday night - Also known as Monday Night Football - get it?

6. Make sure when you come home you enter the door with a smile and a kiss. The first 5 minutes home from work have the ability to set the entire mood for the night.

7. It is possible to still be scared of the dark even with a big strong boy sleeping next to you.

8. Never assume all of your battles are won. For some strange reason, Luke is working on growing his first mustache, much to my dismay. I will never understand this man.

9. If you wash all of your husbands white socks with brand new red towels, it will turn the socks pink. Most men don't appreciate pink socks.

10. Enjoy everyday together, even the boring ones, or the bad ones - these are opportunities to grow.

Most importantly I have learned that I have an amazingly understanding, patient, husband.
He has even began working on his blog picture pose:
He is slowly,but surely learning.

*The above 'blog poses' were learned from my 15 year old sister. She keeps us hip!*


  1. This is a great post and I definitely agree about the questions people ask you after getting married...sometimes I feel like I am a robot answering the same questions!

  2. haha! my poor hubby has had to wait to eat his food because i HAD to take a picture of it, not a good idea after a long day, but they're still sweet and they love us :) your questions answered so funny and sooo true (and the uggs too :))!

  3. Wow- You are a brave girl to try to change the channel while a game is on...


  4. So funny! I need to tuck all these lessons away for the future. :)

  5. I came over from all the wedding pictures on other people's blogs. That's a great list! :)

  6. What a great post. Hubby and I have been married 2 years and we are still getting the baby questions ALL the time. We have been getting it since the day of our wedding and it gets SO old SO quick! I just want to be like "let us alone, we will have a baby when we want to, not when you want us to". HAHA

  7. I love this post!!! Why in the world is it that EVERYONE feels that as soon as you get married, you should pop out a kid? It actually went away and now no one asks us.. Well, kind of...

  8. haha love the last pic! i am already getting the kid questions and I am not even married yet! haha

  9. So cute! I have learned that when I talk to my husband I must sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown...wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah. This is something I've come to accept. Sometimes I'll even ACTUALLY talk to him like that JUST to get his attention! haha

  10. Cute post! Laughed about the pink socks!

  11. WOW you have learned really fast! You are smart way beyond your years!!

  12. This is great! Marriage will teach you many things as the years go by, including tolerance, as you learn to tolerate all the annoying things he'll do and love him despite the annoyances. :-) Not that we wives can't be annoying, too.

  13. I love number six and number ten. You are one smart cookie to have already learned all of this! You and Luke are so cute in your blog poses!

  14. Cute post. You're a fast learner. :)

  15. Hilarious!! I love this post. So true, so true. And yes, I have learned to either get a TiVo or more than one TV. Boys. They're so funny.

  16. just a random blogger and I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU!

    WHAT IS IT with men and mustaches?????? THEY ARE NOT OK! Haha :)

  17. So precious! These are good "lessons learned" and it sounds like you are doing GREAT! You know I can always commiserate about the football...and please, ask for your own TV for Christmas!! :)

  18. you are quick! i've been married 15 years and all of that is quite true :-) Especially the blog pic- my boy always makes a goofy face

  19. Ah, married life. So, when are you going to have kids??? hehe!

  20. Love reading your blog. I found it through some others I frequent.

    I too recently got married and can relate to all the same boring questions! Only thing with us though is we are ready for kids. We are just waiting till after the first of the year. :D

    We lived together before we got married so yeah I figured out really quick we needed more than one TV. But don't worry, I have in some weird way, figured out how to sometimes get him to leave and watch football on the smaller TV in the bedroom! How??? I have no clue, sometimes he suggests it! It must be a face or something I make. :D

  21. I love this! Your blog is so cute, I'm a new follower (=

    Oh, and Monday night in our house is wrestling... not football, but still not The Hills! *sigh*

  22. Love the list. And I agree - 2 TVs are a must. But the woman must always remember - the big one will always belong to the Mister. I'm learning that one.


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