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Megan's Accident Memory Lane Part Two

Seventh grade was by far my worst year of all of my school experience. I had really bad teachers, I didn’t have any good friends, it was the first year I threw up, my hair was really bad and I was a complete nerd. Bad year.

It also didn’t help that I went to a birthday party, tried to do a double axel, busted my nose and lip and knocked out my front tooth , got the tooth fixed, the tooth fell out again and I had to go to school with a missing front tooth. I think that might diminish any student’s social status in Jr. High America.

Lets back up a bit.

It was a Friday night and I was ice skating for the first time. I was doing pretty well, I had only fallen a couple of times so far. I was surrounded by friends, so for some reason I thought, I need to entertain them.

This is a thought that I wish I could get rid of. It gets me in to trouble quite a bit.  I really need to learn that I don't always need to be the entertainer.

So anyways, using my quick wit and little wisdom that God gave me I told my friends: and I quote:

“Hey guys watch my I’m going to do a double axel”

This is a phrase that still haunts me to this day.

So I took off skating as fast as I could to the middle of the rink, lifted my feet off the ice – and slammed my face as hard as I could into the ice.

This was not the double axel I had seen on the Olympics.

I lifted my face to find a pool of blood. So what does a 7th grade girl do when she sees a pool of her own blood?

If you are thinking she starts screaming and crying then yes you would be correct. Again I state – I was not the coolest kid in the class. I remember my friends crowding around me to help me up and us running to the bathroom – I’m still not sure how we ran across that ice with our skates, but I do remember going into the bathroom to find my face completely bloodied and MY TOOTH WAS MISSING.

This is the best part: My tooth was missing, but only half of it had been chipped off by the ice. Half of the other part was jammed up into my gums. I’m glad my dad had good health insurance.

Obviously I l left the birthday party early and my mom took me to the dentist on Monday. One fake tooth and One root canal later I was good to go.

I often wonder if anybody tripped over part of my tooth that was floating around somewhere on the ice that night.

Although, they did have to clean the ice after my accident, to get rid of the blood and all.

I wish I was making this story up.

Next up: The story of how my right lung collapsed not just once but twice.


  1. hey let's do double axels at work on tuesday while sticking the postcards with labels.

  2. Oh My. I never in my life would have tried to do a double axel. You were a brave girl. I am sorry it didn't turn out the way you expected. Ugh.

    Collapsed lungs, oh my.. I am intrigued.


  3. I LOVE to be entertained by you!!

  4. I don't know how I found your blog, but I find it absolutely hilarious and entertaining! Anyway - I have a double axel story as well(actually, I kept calling mine a triple axel.) I had a skating birthday party for my
    12th birthday and I had the whole Nancy Kerrigan outfit and everything - I was so cool! Anyways, I figured that since I had the outfit on then I could do anything. I began skating as fast as I could and then dug my toepick(as I had heard announcers say) into the ice as hard as I could and came down right on my forehead. There was no blood, just a big fat goosegg and no pride left in my body. It was terrible!
    Thanks for sharing your story - and letting me commiserate with you!

  5. You are so hilarious! My mouth hurts just reading this story!!! I can't wait to hear about the lung collapse!

  6. I can NOT imagine!! I have had situations where I think "that went so much better in my mind than in real life" but none have been this dangerous! You are a mess!

  7. Oh my! I can't believe that you even tackled that! Glad you were not hurt worse than you were. Can hardly wait to hear the collapsed lung story.


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