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Megan's Accident Memory Lane Part One

I’ve had some accidents in my life….at the time none of them were comical. Looking back, they are hysterical! Friends and family have enjoyed reliving some of these memories for years; whether or not they were present at the time of the accident. So please join me as we take a little stroll down Megan’s Accident Memory Lane:

Accident #1
Location: St. Louis, MO
Age: 7

It was a bright and sunny day. I was an enjoying an afternoon snack while watching my favorite show Full House. (Is it bad that Full House is still my favorite show)?

Anyways, my mom asked me to run across the street and pick up my little sister from her friend’s house. (The little sister was Kati, Haley wasn’t born yet, and don’t tell her I’m telling you this story. She doesn’t like us to tell any stories that occurred before she was born; she thinks they are now irrelevant to our lives).

So not wanting to miss a MINUTE of my show I knew I would need to run as fast as I could and take the shortest route. Now, in order to get her I could walk along the street, or I could cut through several neighbors back yards. I chose the second one. I’m sure all of the neighbors enjoyed watching a young girl with hair in 2 braids running through their yard.

Yes, I said two braids. My mom always did my hair in all kinds of braids and twists. Seriously, I was the whitest little African American girl in kindergarten.

I digress.

So I was running through the yards when all of a sudden I yelled out in pain and fell to the ground. I was dramatic even as a young child.

I looked down and realized: A freakin’ stick went straight up my foot!!!!!

A STICK. I’ve heard of nails, I’ve heard of staples, I’ve even heard of tacks going up a foot but a stick? Was this the sharpest stick in America?

I now think the neighbors planted it so I would stop running through the yard with my braids flying in the wind.

Do you know what I remember most about this story? How completely upset I was that I didn’t get stitches!! Isn’t that the weirdest thing ever? My mom took me to the dr. and all they did was clean it out and put a bandage over it. Now that I know how much American healthcare costs I’m thinking it was a waste of time and money.

A couple of months later Kati was running through the house and ran into a corner of the wall and busted her head open. She got to get 40 stitches. I was so jealous.

Discontentment has clearly been present my whole life. Whether I want a new house or 40 stitches I can just never have enough…

I still have a dent in my foot where the stick went up it. Sometimes to bug me Luke will push down hard on it, I will yell out that he is going to push though my foot.

Between you and me – I have honestly forget which foot it was, the other day I was looking at my feet and I have a dent in both feet.

So that was accident story number one. Up next: The Ice Skating Incident.

P.S. I was really hoping I had pictures of this but my mom couldn't find them. But I know that I for sure have pictures of my chipped tooth from Ice Skating!


  1. I am sorry you didn't get stitches. No, seriously.. I know how you feel. When I was in 2nd grade I wore a paper clip in my mouth because I wanted people to think I had a retainer. Yep, I was a strange kid.


  2. Sharp sticks can be dangerous! I remember one Wednesday night after church, a bunch of us kids were running around the church yard playing tag or something, when my friend tripped and a stick went up into her leg! She still has a scar to this day from that stick!

  3. Girl, you made me squirm and then laugh!!! A stick through your've got to be kidding me!!! That had hurt like the dickens and then the fact that the the neighbors "planted" it there. Of course they had to!!!

  4. OMW that is hilarious LOL

    can't wait for the next story!

  5. I am laughing out loud over here! I love the way you tell this story. The part about your braids flying in the wind...hilarious! And, being jealous of Kati's are a mess! Can't wait to hear more!

  6. I never had any accidents. I was such a boring child. My sister who is two years older made up for what I didn't have happen. Seriously, she fell from a tree and had to have stitches in her nose, she hit her leg on the side of our twin bed and got stitches, a light bulb broke (while we were playing ball in our room) and hit her in the stitches, but...
    she got a huge splinter in her foot while sliding across our wood floor, she burned her leg really bad on a motorcycle exhaust pipe??
    I know there's more...
    My little sister had the broken bones and casts all the time. Broken arm, broken wrist, broken collar bone.
    Like I said, I was boring. :(


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