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Hair and Keys Part Two

So awhile back in one of my posts I mentioned how there are only 2 things I have battled with Luke over throughout our relationship:

His Hair 
His Keys.  

Well that post was about his keys.

Because I know you have been on the edge of your seats, I will now explain the hair.
Thank you for being patient young grasshoppers.

Here goes:
When I first met Luke his hair was past his eyes.
Let me say it again for emphasis: past his eyes.

I will forever stand by the fact that God truly brought us together.  It had to be God's intervention because I was not attracted to him.  People, I couldn't even see him, his hair covered his face.

I promise this is a a true statement when I say: he would tilt his head up when he walked so he could see through his hair.
I have pictures. I refuse to post them.

So anyways Luke was smitten with me, I thought he was nice (had no idea what his eyes looked like) and decided to spend some time with him.  Well somehow through his mess of hair I really started to like the boy and began to hang out with him a lot.

So the day after our VERY important DTR (define the relationship) we "officially" became a couple, and he cut his hair.  
WHOA! He was really hott! Everybody thought he cut his hair cause I asked him to.
For the record I never asked him to, he just knew how to read me really early.....

Now keep in mind we dated for 4 1/2 years.  There have been many hair ups and downs throughout the course of our relationship.  I have ALWAYS tried to convince him that he looks better with short hair, but he always insisted that it looked better long.  Some people like his hair long.

I don't.
Each time he would start to grow it out I would BEG him to cut it. I would try to explain that it looked so much better short, and then No Name Joe from church would tell him they liked it long and he would continue to grow it out.  I would continue to cry myself to sleep.  Ok that was an exaggeration, but you catch my drift?

He often joked he was going to grow it out for the wedding.  You can imagine my amusement.

However: This is where the miracle comes in.

Last week Luke and I were driving along and out of nowhere he says:
" You know, my hair really does look better short doesn't it"?

I saw the heavens open before me, angels were singing the hallelujah chorus as we drove.

My friends, I believe in miracles. 



  1. This is such a great post! I love reading more about ya'll and I was laughing out loud at the hallelujah chorus thing!

    P.S. I think evidence in the form of photos would be great =)

  2. I'm gonna need before and after pictures for evidence if I'm going to side with you. I'm just sayin.

  3. Let him grow his hair - a guy never knows how long it will be around. (I know this from experience.)

    P.S. If you get over to Bethany, OK say hi to my daughter. I miss her.

  4. I like short hair!! I always get frustrated if I see a guy with longer hair than mine. It's not fair. This post made me smile!!

  5. I love Reba! The pole dancing cracked me up.

    I'm excited about all of us finally getting together for lunch on Sat.

  6. I'm one of those that would always tell him it looked good. And then you would give me that evil "go to hell" look. I'm glad he realized it for my own selfishness, I don't want to ever get that look again!

  7. lol...I can honestly say that I have been on both sides of the fence on this issue. but either way this is definitely a great post!

  8. Your husband and my husband need to get together and take a trip to Super Cuts for REAL! Just recently Hayden made a comment about something I was wearing and I said "do you notice how I hardly ever mention how you look?" and he said "OK hit me..." That's when I had permission to lay into the long hair! He's getting it cut tonight! haha

  9. I TOTALLY talk about the angels singing the Hallelujah chorus all the time- it's one of my sayings!!! That is hilarious! I also like how you said "no name Joe from church"- you are so, SO funny!!! :)


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