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Game Time!

Before the wedding Luke and I were so busy. We were constantly on the go: trying to get everything ready to move in together, everything ready for the wedding, trying to get everything set at our jobs so we could go away for a week and feel good.

Now all of that is over and we are bored out of our minds.

Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful to have free time, but It is starting to get kind of old.

Also, now that we have a humble abode together I want to start having friends over for game nights! I do not want to be the boring couple that doesn't have any games.

So one night at about 10pm we ventured out to Wal-Mart to find something to spice up our social life. GAMES.

I am a game crazy. I love them so much. I could play games ALL the time EVERY day. So needless to say I was very excited about this purchase.

Here we are taking the game-picking process very seriously. You don't want to make a bad decision and be known as 'the couple who has boring games"
Notice that Luke has Monopoly in his hand. This was quickly placed back on the shelf after he saw my face: Utter disgust.

Here I am debating whether we should get Scrabble or not. Clearly this is my debating stance.

Judging from these pictures we don't really need to worry about games.
Instead we need to worry about our 'going out' attire.

At Last! We picked our games: Uno, Dominos, Scattergories, and 2 decks of playing cards. We haven't had any friends over to play games yet, but we have had fun playing 'Speed' and 'Nerts' with just the two of us.

What is your favorite game to play? We need game ideas!


  1. Oh my goodness! Nerts is our family tradition game! We love that! It's really rare to meet people that play Nerts! Too bad we don't live closer! :)

  2. You are so cute! I love games too. I have so REAL fond memories of Pictionary with all my roommates and their boyfriends at our college house. I think we laughed more on those nights than any other.

    I am also I huge supporter of MadGab and Taboo. And you are right on with Scategories and Uno. Love and love.

    I want to come over and play games with ya'll!!!

  3. Wow that comment is out of control. Hopefully you can decipher through the typos. If not the thesis is: I LOVE GAMES.

  4. Scattergories is the best! Also so fun is Chicken Foot Dominos - some of the most thrilling competition comes out of just adding a penny to an almost regular Dominos game! Taboo is fun also!

  5. Hi! Just found your blog... LOVE GAMES!!! Of course they are all escaping me at the moment (go figure) -- I LOVED Sorry as a little girl -- I'm also a fan of those games you can do on the DVD, like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" :)

  6. That is so funny! I am not a game person but hubby is - he would so go to Walmart at 10:00 just to buy games - haha

    I thought we would become "not busy" after the wedding but that hasn't seemed to happen yet for us and it has been 2 years - ugg!

  7. Fun! Are we invited? ;-)

    I'll tell you one game you HAVE to get! It's called "Cornhole" and it is FUN!!! Apparently, there is even an association that explains the rules:! ha!

    But there is a site that has individual colleges ones!

    SO FUN!!!

  8. Remember my post about being tired of people asking us how married life was? Well it stemmed from the fact that we were bored out of our minds. Thankfully, things pick back up soon enough.

  9. invite me and jacob over! We want to play!!!!!!!!! I love games.

  10. I love games too.
    My favorites are Scatagories, Catch Phrase, and Balderdash!

    I also love Scrabble, Disney Monopoly, and Uno.. But these games are fun for just a few.. with the top ones.. the more you have over the more fun it is...

    I have never played dominoes. Ever. Sad huh?

  11. I have to agree with you about Monopoly!
    We like Chicken Foot. (I like it b/c it's easy....pretty much a no-brainer)
    I also love Taboo.
    I'll keep thinking....
    Y'all should get together with Kris & Zack one of these days. They love games too! And neither of you would have to travel far. ;)

  12. We love to play Catch Phrase and Imaginiff with our friends. They are great games to play when you have about 8 people over!!!! So much fun. We laugh so hard.

  13. I have said this before, but you are HILARIOUS!!! I love your "stance" and the pink pants!
    My hubby and I played games (with each other and with friends) non-stop for the first few years of our marriage. We love UNO, and also a game called "Sequence." When it's more than just the two of you, "Catch Phrase" is one of our favs, too.
    You have just totally taken me back to our first year of marriage where we would play games every night. Fun times!

  14. What a good group of game choices you made! I am not big on the game end...cuz I am a sore loser LOL
    I love Scattergories and Phase 10 though!

  15. We like Uno Attack and Phase 10.

  16. I wish Chad and I could come over for game night! We are big game people and love electronic Taboo and electronic Catchphrase...they are definitely crowd pleasers!

  17. So I am finally commenting on your blog, although I read all of the time. First of all I have to say that I check it everyday because I sometimes get bored during Caitlin's nap time. Second of all I love game night and would love to come some time. Third of all I love scene it. (we also have some good games we could share, so I will be waiting on the invite)

  18. Oh, I wish we lived closer to each other cause I would love to play some games. I love Uno and, also, Scattergories! I actually love Taboo and any kind of word game. Faith and Chad are HUGE game players, too, and the 4 of ya'll would have so much fun together!

  19. Came across your blog randomly. Apples to Apples is a GREAT group game!

  20. I love game nights! We had them a lot growing up. I like everything except board games....I hate Monopoly and stuff like that. I love Balderdash.

  21. hands down i love balderdash!!! Its hard to find around here, but its SO much fun... cute pictures!

  22. we LOVE games!!! We are so there! Pictionary with a white board is absolutely essential! And you have to play guys against girls! When you get the ones where one from each team has to draw at the same time, it's hilarious!

  23. Oooh and Settlers of Catan is another great game!
    I like your choices though - plenty of diversity and you can never go wrong with cards. You guys will definitely avoid be the nerdy couple with dumb games.

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  25. We played a game called Apples to Apples and spent the entire game laughing hysterically. It was really fun!

  26. Hi , I found your blog by searching for "Nerts" online. It is cool to see others that know the game. I hope you don't mind but I just wanted to let you know about It has got a bunch of Nertz information there as well as videos and online Nertz games. Feel free to check it out. Also you, your friends/family are welcome to join fellow Nertz players in The National Nertz Association while you are there.

  27. I like Taboo, Scattergories, Pictionary (even though I totally suck at drawing), Uno is fun too, I heard Apples to Apples is fun but I haven't played.


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