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The Change of Seasons

October is here.

I love this time of the year so much. It has always been my favorite time.

I love candy-corn.

I love pumpkin rolls.

I love pecan pie.

What more is there to love about this time of the year other than food?

The beginning of October also brings back so many memories of various halloween costumes throughout my life. Growing up, beginning at the end of September and moving in to the beginning of October I would pour through sewing magazines looking for the best halloween costume.

My mom has this amazing talent of sewing and always made the most elaborate costumes for my sisters and I.

The only problem was: they were a little TOO good.

Why is that a problem? Because we ALWAYS won the Neighborhood Costume Contests. To most kids this would be exciting. To me it was the source of much anguish (oh, the many problems during childhood).

I thought it was soooo embarassing that we always won.

I'm pretty sure my costume winnings caused the downfall of one of my 5th grade friendships. I don't really remember why it ended I just remember being on the bus with her and telling her that our friendship was no longer working. It must have been because of the costume contest.

Actually one year I do remember losing. It was to a kid who dressed up as Steve Urkel. I am most definitely a product of the 90's.

Now that I am older I miss picking out a costume for my mom to make, and watching anxiously as she would sew a little more each day until she came up with the final product.

Perhaps I will share a few of these award winning outfits:

Halloween before Haley was born. I am a Hershey Kiss, Kati is a clown.
Yes I am crossing my eyes. I kept things interesting for my mom.
A couple of years later. I was Dorthy from The Wizard of Oz, Kati was a candy corn and Haley was minnie mouse. This was 5th grade, the year the bus saga went down.
Also I have no idea why I have tape around my fingers. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that my family thinks I am a hypochondriac.The next year. I was Sacajawea (long story, you can find it here), Kati was a dinosour, and Haley was a cute little bunny. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child?

And the Winner is......

Here is the number from Random Generator

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:20
Timestamp: 2008-10-01 02:01:37 UTC

Mojito Maven!!!


Email me when you get a chance and I will let you know what to next!
Yay! I love giveaways!!



Weekly Weekend Review (somewhat)

Do you ever have those moments, where you have your camera with you, and you want to take a picture but you don't take the time to actually get your camera out and capture the moment? 

That happened to me about 20 times this weekend.

So the result was: a jam packed weekend with no pictures.

Maybe I didn't pull my camera out this weekend because every time I do Luke rolls his eyes and mutters "stupid blog"
HELLO! I am capturing beautiful moments for our children to come back and read about. Don't you think they want to know that we went to buy games at 10:00 one night when we were first married????

Because a Weekly Weekend Review is boring without pictures here it is in a nutshell (for our future children's sake I have to recap it, so when they ask what we did the last weekend in September the first year we were married I will be able to tell them)

Friday: We went to a wedding of some good friends of ours, Melinda and Jason. Melinda was who I lived with before getting married. She was actually engaged a couple of months before me, but due to the fact that I decided to completely stress myself out and make everyone around me miserable, and get married in 4 months she got married after me. It was a fun wedding and she looked beautiful. She wore my veil which made me happy! (I will let anyone borrow it who wants it)

Saturday: We woke up to find that Luke's ipod and GPS had been stolen out of his car. Which was not a fun situation, but we also didn't want it to ruin our day. There was nothing we could do about it at that point!
I secretly wished my phone had been in the car so that I could get a new one! 
Later that morning we went to watch my 6 year old cousin play flag football. Which was just further proof that Luke will become intense about any football game. Whether it is tiny little 6 year olds running around, or cartoon men on his Xbox. (and I will never understand the intensity over cartoon men, I don't care if they have real names written under them, they are not real).
That night we hung out at UCO. I had an event to work at, and I am lucky enough that Luke is able to join me for these events. My grandparents were also there so we just hung out and had fun watching some football!

Sunday: Was church, then a baby shower, then Spades with some friends from church. Games!! See, I told you, we are quickly becoming the cool couple!

All of these events are mere memories in my head. No pictures to look back at. 

Don't forget, the blog makeover giveaway is Tuesday. If you haven't left a comment do it below. I will be using



Are you desiring a new blog look?

Does the whole blogger template thing confuse you and you just want to pass it on to someone else?

Are you itching to make your blog over but you just don't know how???

If any of these apply to you then you have come to the right place.

Shauna who redesigned my blog look is giving a Blog Makeover away!!!

Simply leave a comment below, and then on Tuesday I will do the random drawing thing.  The winner will receive a blog makeover from Shauna.

YAY!!! Good Luck!


Blog Remix, What What

When I was a freshman in college I went through a phase where all I listened to was rap music.

Ok, I take that back all I listened to was Rap and Worship music. Not Rap worship music. Plain rap music. My mp3 player was little mixture between Jay-Z and Hillsong.

Please don't judge me. It was weird I know.

One time a friend borrowed my MP3 player to work out, when she brought it back she told me that she was disturbed after listening to "Jesus, Lover of my Soul" and then Snoop Dogg started rapping.

It was a phase I'm over it.But sometimes my inner gangsta comes up. Hence, Blog Remix What What. (I was also known as the whitest white girl ever).

So basically I said all of that to say, my blog has a new look. Woo Hoo! I have been meaning to do it every since the whole marriage thing but just never took the time to do it.

And by 'do it' I mean, email the amazing Shauna, and have her come up with something super cute for me. I love the new look! I'm very pleased. If you need a new blog look hit her up (thats my inner rap side coming out)

And, just in case you are wondering - The title is 'Tale of the Trees' because my new last name has the word Tree in it.

So basically, we are the Tree's and these are our Tales. Not Tall Tales, True Tales.

I really wanted to use our full last name cause I have a SUPER CUTE blog title for that name, but then I was afraid that there might be a creepster out there reading this blog, and I don't want them to know my full last name.

However, I'm pretty sure 98% of the people reading this blog already know my last name.

This was the longest blog post ever to simply say: I got a new look!

Peace Out!
P.S. Check back in a couple of days for a super fun giveaway. Maybe YOU could win a blog makeover! Details to follow....


Things I've Learned Since Getting Married

Luke and I have almost been married for two months. Here is an updated list of what I have learned so far:

1. If your husband is watching Football, do not, under any circumstances, turn it to 'Dancing With The Stars'. The result could be disastrous.

2. It doesn't matter that you are now married. People STILL ask annoying questions.
Here are answers that I am constantly repeating:
a. Married life is going great, thanks for asking.
b. Are you kidding me? Yes we've already had our first fight. I took care of that that on the honeymoon.
c. No we aren't trying for kids yet, we just got married!!!
d. We would like to wait 2-4 years. Why? Are you going to put it on your calendar?
e. Yes I would like a new pair of Uggs for my Fall/Winter collection, I appreciate you asking

OK, Maybe I just added the last one. But it has been rumored that the parental units read this blog. I threw that one in there for them.

Back to things learned:

3. Just because you want to take a picture for your blog, doesn't necessarily mean your husband wants too. You could end up with something like this:

4. You can talk to your husband while he is watching Football, but don't expect him to remember a thing you said. It is basically equivalent of talking to a wall.

5. It is IMPERATIVE that you have more than one TV. Don't ask me how I know. Also don't ask me what the heck has happened on The Hills the past 3 weeks. The Hill's comes on Monday night - Also known as Monday Night Football - get it?

6. Make sure when you come home you enter the door with a smile and a kiss. The first 5 minutes home from work have the ability to set the entire mood for the night.

7. It is possible to still be scared of the dark even with a big strong boy sleeping next to you.

8. Never assume all of your battles are won. For some strange reason, Luke is working on growing his first mustache, much to my dismay. I will never understand this man.

9. If you wash all of your husbands white socks with brand new red towels, it will turn the socks pink. Most men don't appreciate pink socks.

10. Enjoy everyday together, even the boring ones, or the bad ones - these are opportunities to grow.

Most importantly I have learned that I have an amazingly understanding, patient, husband.
He has even began working on his blog picture pose:
He is slowly,but surely learning.

*The above 'blog poses' were learned from my 15 year old sister. She keeps us hip!*


Idol Mania

*After reading every body's comments in my last post I have decided I'm having a blogger game night, everybody fly to Oklahoma and we will all play games together! :-) If only we could really make it happen. It would be so fun!*

A couple of months ago my good friend Kara called me and asked me if my mom and I wanted to go to an American Idol concert with her and her mother in September. The first thing I thought was "Whoa, I will be a married woman then" Which was very weird to me, at that time I couldn't even fathom living with a boy.

So due to my love for cutie Ryan Seacrest I decided that I could not pass this concert up.

The night of the concert I learned that Ryan Seacret does not go on the tour with the idols, it is just a bunch of wannabe Pop Stars.

My heart broke a little.

All in all the concert was really good. I got to see some of my favorite idols (Jason Castro, Brook White, David A.) and then some of my not so favorites.

I also got to see something I had never seen with my very own eyes.

Real. Life. Cougars.

The type of Cougar I am referring to is not the animal it is: A woman who enjoys the company of much younger man.

Let me Explain.

It is the night of the concert. The concert is almost over, I have enjoyed a nice night of sweet songs, horrible outfits, and a little bit of dancing. Next up is David Archuletta, I have been told he looks similar to what Luke and I's future children might look like, so he is undoubtly my favorite Idol (plus I think he is just too cute for words).

They announce his name and the crowd goes CRAZY. Hundreds of young girls screaming for him.
Well I just assumed they were young girls. I never in my life could have imagined what I was about to see.

David A. emerges from the floor of the stage playing his piano in perfect concert style. I'm enjoying his playing and listening to him sing when all of a sudden my mom starts hitting me yelling (over the screams) OMIGOSH LOOK OVER THERE!!!!

I turn my head ever so slightly to the right, and find three grown women (probably in their thirties) decked out in David A. gear (t, shirts, pins, etc) CRYING. Actually crying is an understatement. Remember in the 80's when teenagers would scream, cry and pass out when they went to a Michael Jackson concert?

It was similar to that.

Forget David A. on the stage, these women were MUCH more entertaining. He sang three songs and these women cried, swayed, patted each others backs, hugged, and comforted each other during all three songs. My favorite part was when another woman (probably in her fifties) came up to them and passed down a box of tissue for them.

It was absolutely priceless. I will always remember my night with the Idols and the three crazy Cougars.

Here are some pictures from the concert night. It was pouring rain that night, so please excuse the drowned rat look.

Me and Kara before the concert. And before we ran a mile, or 20 yards to the bus. Pay attention to the hair:This is my momand I after we ran in the rain. It didn't take long before the hair was in a pony tail. I really wish I wouldn't have taken the time to straighten it. This was taken mere minutes before the Cougar sighting. Kara and her mom. Apparently Kara didn't know a pole was block her face.


Game Time!

Before the wedding Luke and I were so busy. We were constantly on the go: trying to get everything ready to move in together, everything ready for the wedding, trying to get everything set at our jobs so we could go away for a week and feel good.

Now all of that is over and we are bored out of our minds.

Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful to have free time, but It is starting to get kind of old.

Also, now that we have a humble abode together I want to start having friends over for game nights! I do not want to be the boring couple that doesn't have any games.

So one night at about 10pm we ventured out to Wal-Mart to find something to spice up our social life. GAMES.

I am a game crazy. I love them so much. I could play games ALL the time EVERY day. So needless to say I was very excited about this purchase.

Here we are taking the game-picking process very seriously. You don't want to make a bad decision and be known as 'the couple who has boring games"
Notice that Luke has Monopoly in his hand. This was quickly placed back on the shelf after he saw my face: Utter disgust.

Here I am debating whether we should get Scrabble or not. Clearly this is my debating stance.

Judging from these pictures we don't really need to worry about games.
Instead we need to worry about our 'going out' attire.

At Last! We picked our games: Uno, Dominos, Scattergories, and 2 decks of playing cards. We haven't had any friends over to play games yet, but we have had fun playing 'Speed' and 'Nerts' with just the two of us.

What is your favorite game to play? We need game ideas!

Weekly Weekend Recap

This weekend felt like a wedding marathon. Well just Saturday, here is a recap:

Friday night Luke was gone working on his album. I am not a person who likes alone time. Some people need alone time, or thrive on it. I hate it. I always want people around me to talk or to play with me. So all week I was dreading that Friday night I was going to be all alone.

However it ended up being a nice and relaxing night, maybe I am slowly learning to appreciate alone time (don't tell Luke).

After work I ventured out to the mall for a little bit of much needed shopping (don't worry it was all sale stuff, nothing out of budget, boo hoo). Then I came home and two of my favorite movies were on: Pearl Harbor, and Diary of a Mad Black Woman <- its a weird name but a great movie. So I ate my Chick Fila and enjoyed the movies.

Luke got home later that night and told me that the album is finished, Praise the Lord!

Saturday we woke up bright and early for wedding marathon day. Luke had to sing at a wedding at 1 and then we had another wedding to go to at 3. Both weddings were so beautiful. It is nice to just sit back and enjoy a wedding and not think about what I'm going to do in mine. We arrived at the first wedding at 12 and left the second wedding at 6. It was weddings all day!

Me and the beautiful bride at the second wedding. I didnt get any pictures at the first wedding. Luke forgot his mic stand so I had to hold his mic for him the whole time. Kinda awkward. Oh, the duties of a wife.

Then we came home and did nothing. Which was sad for me because my all time favorite band Hanson was playing in my home town and my WHOLE family went to the concert without me. Luke and I debated all week about whether we should go to the concert or not, but finally decided that there was no way that we could go to the concert and make it back with enough time for Luke to get good enough sleep to be able to lead in the morning. (nobody wants a half-asleep worship leader because he was at a Hanson concert the night before).

So I chose Luke over Taylor Hanson. I'm a good wife I know.

My mom was nice (or mean) enough to call me while they were singing 'Mmmbop' so I could hear their sweet voices.

However it was kind of hard to hear the Hanson voices over my sisters and mom singing the words as loud as they could, I may have even heard my dad singing a little Mmmbop.

He would have fully supported a Hanson wedding.


Megan's Accident Memory Lane Part Three

*If you are looking for wedding pictures or to post your own click here, If you haven't looked at all the beautiful weddings yet, you need too! They are gorgeous*

Disclaimer: While this is a true story, it is also a stinking funny story, so please feel free to laugh about it. I do.

The time has come to end this Accident Memory Lane. I know I know, sad day.

I decided to end with a good story about my right lung. The little guy tried to die on me twice, but thanks to the Docs (and God's good mercy) I now have two working lungs.

For some reason my family thinks I am a hypochondriac In first grade I faked being sick everyday and went to the nurse cause I wanted to go home. My family has forever judged me because of this. To this day, everytime I feel sick they never believe me. All because I faked it in FIRST grade. Doesn't make any sense to me.

So years later when I began complaining that I was having trouble breathing nobody really believed me. Luke wasn't around when I was in first grade, but for some reason he thinks I'm a hypochondriac also. So basically I was walking around with a half working lung and everybody thought I was just faking it. Seems like they would feel bad now. They don't.

I was a junior in college and I didn't have a regular Dr. so I went to a walk in clinic. I told the Dr. I was having trouble breathing, he looked straight at me and said, we all have trouble breathing from time to time you are fine. I have considered suing that Dr. but decided against it.

A couple of weeks later, I was not only having trouble breathing, but I was having SEVERE pains in my chest and I felt water moving around in my chest (I would later find out it was air from my lung). I went to another Dr. (walk in clinic again, a different one). This Dr. was a little more considerate, he took an X-ray of my lung and chest and tested my heart (cause we didn't know why I was having chest pains). He told me everything was normal and there was nothing he could do.

That night I couldn't walk because the chest pains were so bad, my friend Jodi too me to the ER. They checked me out said everything was fine. I went home.

The next day I was sitting at work, when my cell phone rang. I answered the phone and a lady asked if she was speaking with Megan. I said yes, and she said "This is ___ from (the walk in clinic) you need to go to the emergency room immediately. Your X-rays came back and your lung is not right.

Hm... I wasn't sure what that meant, but I sure as heck knew that it wasn't too comforting.

She asked me what hospital I was going to go to, I told her and she said "I will contact them and let them know you are coming, go immediately"

So I called my dad and said "I have to go to the emergency room something is wrong with my lung" He said he would go get my mom and they would drive to where I was - and then gave me some reassuring words that everything would be OK. (they lived an hour and a half from where I was). I knew better than to call my mom cause she would have freaked out and overreacted. It was better that my dad talk to her. (sorry mom, love ya but its true)

So I called my friend Jodi and she took me to the ER. I walked in, went to check in, told them my name. They sat me in a wheelchair and put oxygen in my nose and wheeled me to the back as fast as they could.

Keep in mind we still had NO IDEA what was wrong with me. I looked back from my fast moving wheel chair and Jodi was crying. It was all very dramatic, but at the time I thought I was mere minutes from dying.

So to shorten this story somewhat: my right lung was collapsed. Not all the way cause I was still able to breathe on my own, but it was about 20% collapsed. The doctors speculated from my breathing complications, and feeling air in my chest that it had been collapsed for about a month.
They said since it was just a minor collapse it would correct itself and I would be fine.

I still laugh about that statement.

Here is a collapsed lung: This is not me.

Here are some pictures from that day in the ER.
My sweet Jodi who came to my rescue and took me to the ER not once but twice! That is why I made her a bridesmaid.Collapse #2
3 months later, it is summer and Luke is at church camp. I haven't seen him all week. I go to camp to visit him and he picks me up and hugs me REALLY hard. I felt a pop and start coughing.

The next day I felt air in my chest. And think oh, great not again.

Luke SERIOUSLY had collapsed my lung.

I use it often, If he gets mad at me, I say "Well you collapsed my lung"!!!!!!!!!

This collapse was much worse (50%). I ended up spending a week in the hospital, had a chest tube put in (not fun) and they glued my right lung to my chest wall.

Yes, I said glued, and it was horribly painful. Worse than childbirth (By the way I've never given birth).

So if you are still with me that is the story of my 2 collapsed lungs. To this day I am so paranoid my lung is going to collapse. I drove my family CRAZY the week before the wedding, anytime somebody would get close to me or accidently bump into me, or hug me hard I would yell DON'T COLLAPSE MY LUNG.

Why am I so paranoid? The parting words the Dr. gave me was, well since your right lung collapsed I would expect your other lung to collapse sometime in your life.

Thanks doc, I will send you my therapy bills.

*By the way, My lung collapsed so easily because I had air pockets on it, it was like a ticking bomb ready to pop at any moment Luke isn't really that strong*



A Story Worth Sharing

The Wedding Link Post is still below. If you haven't posted your pics yet do it!! And if you haven't check them out, clik the links in the post below. They are beautiful!!

Today I went to check the mail like I usually do. I got the mail and then went back to my car.

As I was walking to my car I thought my hair felt weird, but didn't think anything of it.

So I'm sitting in my car opening up mail (a wedding gift card came woo hoo, gotta love those wedding gifts) I noticed that my hair felt like it was moving, so I shook out my hair and out jumps a HUGE grasshopper.

He then starts frantically jumping around my car as if he is mad that I made him leave his dwelling place ON MY HEAD. So I quickly open my door and he flies (or I guess hops) out.

I was OK for a second and then I thought:

Omigosh, I hope he didn't pee in my hair.


It's Your Turn

I will leave this up through the weekend to give you girls time to scan pictures, find pictures etc. So keep checking back to view all these beautiful weddings!

Thank you all for your sweet comments on our wedding pictures. It was such an amazing day and I was glad I could share it with all of you. And it was fun to read all of your comments!

Now its your turn!

I'm pretty sure that everybody loves to look at wedding pictures, so show yours off! Show us your special day, create a post with all of your favorite pictures from your big day!

And if your not married, show us some of your pictures as a bridesmaid! I know you have them!

Make sure to link the post to the linky thing below. I can't wait to see all of your wedding

*Please don't leave me hanging!!!! This is my first time to try something like this! :-)


Wedding Day Part Three

OK, the last of the pictures. There were soo many to go through, It was hard to choose which ones to put on my blog. Sorry I think there are more this time!

The reception room before people starting to arrive
Walking in as the new Mr. and Mrs.
Checking out my new hubby. I think hes a keeper.
Oh, the first dance....If you remember a couple of months ago I posted a picture of Luke and I practicing our first dance. I was SO nervous about it Neither of us dance, nor are we very coordinated, so I was sure it was going to be a disaster. I considered cutting it out completely but decided it needed to be done. It really wasn't that bad. However I felt the song was going on a little long and I was sooo done dancing, so while we were dancing I looked at the DJ and did the "cut it off" signal with my hand. I was done. Some of my bridesmaids saw me do it and thought it was pretty funny. But I am glad we went ahead and had our frst dance! Dancing with my daddio. I told him all along we weren't going to dance cause I didn't want to do it once, not much less twice. But then at the very last moment (as the DJ started playing the song for Luke and his mom to dance) I grabbed my dad and told him we were going to dance. During the dance he said: You could have given me a little pre-advanced warning. Ha. He is also not a dancer.
Celebrating that dancing at my wedding was officially over!
Yum, cake.
It was really really good cake!
During the wedding my mom was my right hand man. Here she is - along with my amazing grandma! I HAD to get rid of those shoes. They were painful! I just walked around barefoot the rest of the time. Here she is fixing my train. The one day when you can boss your mom around! Just kidding! She was already taking care of it before I had time to tell her!
Enjoying the toasts given by his groomsmen and my sister and friend Kara.
Time to leave!
Some pics of us havin fun after the ceremony.

The end. Thanks for looking!

Now, you get your wedding pictures ready! Whether its your own wedding, or one you were in, get them ready cause I'm going to have a special post where you show them off. More details to follow......
All pictures by Jesse Reich.



Megan's Accident Memory Lane Part Two

Seventh grade was by far my worst year of all of my school experience. I had really bad teachers, I didn’t have any good friends, it was the first year I threw up, my hair was really bad and I was a complete nerd. Bad year.

It also didn’t help that I went to a birthday party, tried to do a double axel, busted my nose and lip and knocked out my front tooth , got the tooth fixed, the tooth fell out again and I had to go to school with a missing front tooth. I think that might diminish any student’s social status in Jr. High America.

Lets back up a bit.

It was a Friday night and I was ice skating for the first time. I was doing pretty well, I had only fallen a couple of times so far. I was surrounded by friends, so for some reason I thought, I need to entertain them.

This is a thought that I wish I could get rid of. It gets me in to trouble quite a bit.  I really need to learn that I don't always need to be the entertainer.

So anyways, using my quick wit and little wisdom that God gave me I told my friends: and I quote:

“Hey guys watch my I’m going to do a double axel”

This is a phrase that still haunts me to this day.

So I took off skating as fast as I could to the middle of the rink, lifted my feet off the ice – and slammed my face as hard as I could into the ice.

This was not the double axel I had seen on the Olympics.

I lifted my face to find a pool of blood. So what does a 7th grade girl do when she sees a pool of her own blood?

If you are thinking she starts screaming and crying then yes you would be correct. Again I state – I was not the coolest kid in the class. I remember my friends crowding around me to help me up and us running to the bathroom – I’m still not sure how we ran across that ice with our skates, but I do remember going into the bathroom to find my face completely bloodied and MY TOOTH WAS MISSING.

This is the best part: My tooth was missing, but only half of it had been chipped off by the ice. Half of the other part was jammed up into my gums. I’m glad my dad had good health insurance.

Obviously I l left the birthday party early and my mom took me to the dentist on Monday. One fake tooth and One root canal later I was good to go.

I often wonder if anybody tripped over part of my tooth that was floating around somewhere on the ice that night.

Although, they did have to clean the ice after my accident, to get rid of the blood and all.

I wish I was making this story up.

Next up: The story of how my right lung collapsed not just once but twice.


Wedding Day Part Two

Some highlights of the day:

Me and Maxton while the bridesmaids were getting ready, he was such a good baby all day long! (fyi - my nephew, not my baby) Helping Haley with her necklace
Cute Luke getting ready

Now my turn to get ready! Woo hoo time to get married!
I was watching to make sure there was enough parking. I didn't think of it until the day of and then I got worried that there wouldn't be enough. My mom said she was worried about it the whole time of planning but never mentioned it to me. What a good mom!Luke and I chose to see each other before the wedding - best decision of the day (besides the whole I DO part) I would HIGHLY recommend it to everybody! This was when we first saw each other!

Of course I had to show off my dress!Before the ceremony Luke and I played a video of us talking about how we met each other and got engaged etc. It was a great personal touch and was well received. The bridesmaids were upset that they didn't get to watch it. This is them peaking through the doors of the sanctuary trying to watch it. I love this picture!Some formal shots:
The whole group
This is one of my favorites
At the church, before the ceremony

My side of the family
My sisters are excited to finally have a brother! Luke's side of the family
Here comes the bride!

The ceremony
Love this shot
Yup we are married!!!!
All photography by Jesse Reich.
To be continued with Reception and after reception pictures.