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Update from the Homefront

Because you all are dying to know:

My fungus is still alive and kicking.

I can't tell you how romantic it is for your new husband to look at you and say: "GROSS YOU'VE GOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!"

Quick somebody break out the champagne, this is a romantic moment.

I plan on going back to the Dr. next week to get this figured out. The Doc told me to come back so he can't give me a hard time about it this time.

Luke and I are traveling home this weekend. First to his house on Friday and then he has practice with his band on Saturday so I will go visit my family during that time. It will be our first time to go back home as a married couple. Should be interesting. Not really. It shouldn't be any different, other than the fact that I have to present myself as Luke's wife to his parents. I now have to prove that I can cook, clean, and do laundry with the best of them.

Oh, and this name change thing is really wearing me out. Half the time I can't remember what my last name is. I will say my maiden name and then say OH WAIT thats not my name anymore!!!! I have gotten a couple of weird looks. Maybe the weird looks are not so much because I can't remember my name, but because I YELL my new name when I remember it.

I have got to remebmer to work on that self control.

Peace Out.



  1. I'm so sorry you still have that fungus. Bless your heart!
    When you and Kristen do finally get together and maybe get to know each other better ;) she can tell you some stories. Yes, it's very interesting being newly married and having certain health issues.
    She said the other night they had gone out to eat and she felt like she had food poisoning. She was lying on the floor and would throw up and then yell for him to help her. The next day he said, "Well, it wasn't one of your sexiest moments." Her husband is so funny.
    I do hope y'all can get together some time soon.
    It took me forever to call Kristen by her married name. I'd say Kristen B..... and she'd say Kristen who? :)
    Have a great time with your family & I'll keep your health issue in my prayers.

  2. I still have "maiden name moments" and we've been married 8 years!
    So sorry about the fungus- that is bizarre!

  3. Not sure why but I hardly ever had those maiden name moments. And when I have to sign something with my maiden name, (like when we sold our house, since it was in my maiden name) it was very weird. LOL

  4. Girl, even after 4 years I catch myself writing and using my maiden name sometimes. But isn't marriage just great?

  5. Keep me updated on your fungus. Poor thing!! It's so funny because about the time you finally have gotten your married name down, then you have to start remembering your maiden name again. I always forget that the people I went to high school with won't know me by any other name. Ha!


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