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Things Learned and Honeymoon Happiness

Well I have learned three things since I have gotten married

1. It doesn't matter if I wake up alone or next to the love of my life: I am NOT a morning person
2. Whoever wakes up first gets control of the TV. Did you know Sports Center is on at 7am? I sure miss Good Morning America
3. I don't care what team Brett Favre goes with and I am truly so sick of hearing about it.

Other than Sports Center married life has been great. We have both gone back to our jobs and are back into our normal routine. Everybody keeps asking me if it feels different. It really doesn't, other than the fact that the past couple of nights I have looked at the clock around 10pm thinking that I need to go home - but then I remember that I am already home!

I can't wait to share my wedding pictures, it was such an amazing day! But I still don't have them. So I will recap our honeymoon:

After we drove to back to OKC to stay at the hotel. We were so tired!

The first day at the resort - ready to go to the pool with sunscreen in hand! I did not want to spend my honeymoon burned and miserable!

Our room. The rooms were beautiful!

One day we went to the water park Xel Ha. We had a blast! These were some friends that we made.

As honeymooners we got a complimentary candlelight dinner on the beach. It was really nice.

Relaxing on the patio reading my book Twilight - I'm sure you have already heard but it is so good! (I do have pants on even though it looks like I don't)

Our last day we were a little tired of laying in the sun so instead we went for a bike ride. Bike ride + Hot Mexico Sun + Wimpy Megan = lots and lots of whining.

It was such a fun week. It was the perfect way to spend our honeymoon week. We went to El Dorado Royale in Riveria Maya, Mexico. If you are looking for a resort to go to I highly recommend this place. It came recommened to us from friends and we pass on the recommendation!


  1. Glad you had fun.
    Glad you are home.
    Glad you are reading Twilight!

    Have you started reading the second book yet? And oh my word, you haven't read Harry Potter? Geez. Well they are amazing. I hope you'll seriously consider reading them.

  2. And a trick of the trade for you.
    Hide the remote.
    Guys would rather just deal with what is on then physically go up to the tv and change the channel. hee hee. I played this game with Brandon for a few days. Quite an interesting thing to watch. Poor Brett Favre won't know what hit him.

  3. Okay last one I swear. You and Luke look so happy in the first picture. Your smiles don't look posed. They are naturally what you felt at that exact moment in time. And I love that.

  4. I'm convinced that sports center was created by satan. Worst show ever. Good luck with that!

    You guys look like you had a blast, and what a beautiful place to honeymoon!

  5. Yay! I'm glad you guys had an amazing time! I can't wait to see your wedding pics.

  6. I feel your pain on sportscenter! Who even cares that much about sports????

  7. the earings u have on in the pic from the candle light dinner...are those the ones from my wedding? i know random but its the little things that i like to catch! Also, i agree with the u holding the remote it DEF. is scientifically proven! not really but hey if more then one person says it it must work :)

  8. Great pictures Megan. It looks like you guys had lots of fun.
    I'm pretty sure my daughter & son in law went to Riveria Maya on their honeymoon.
    I can't wait to see the wedding pictures.
    Yes, there are certainly some adjustments when becoming husband and wife. :) The only time I ever get the remote is after my husband goes to bed. :)

  9. Tragic, just tragic that you don't get to watch GMA anymore. Did they not cover that in pre-marital counseling!!! Married life is wonderful, it truly is. Your honeymoon sounds fabulous and I love looking at the pictures.

  10. Congrats on your recent marriage. Looks like the honeymoon was so much fun - what a beautiful place!! And I'm with you - I've been married for two years now, and though I love waking up next to my hot and darling husband, I am still NOT a morning person and don't think that will ever change!!

  11. I'm going to marry the most girly man ever...because I actually enjoy sportscenter (not too much of course).

    Ugh. Let's hope opposites don't attract in my case.

  12. How funny if you and Kristen do live in the same apt. complex!
    She and Zack were about to leave our house to head home and read the comment you left.
    I think she sent you an e-mail.
    I just think that would be amazing if y'all do live close.
    I'll be anxious to hear.
    They need to get their computer fixed soon. :)
    Maybe I'll get to meet you in person one of these days soon.
    Enjoy your weekend. Are y'all watching the olympics? ;)

  13. i like the parrot pic. were you scared?

  14. I'm with you about Sports Center! At our house it is either Sports Center or Fox News and I am really tired of both of them! That's when I get on my computer and read some blogs!

    It sounds like you had an amazing honeymoon and I cannot wait to see all the wedding photos! You were a beautiful bride!


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