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Reba and Pole Dancing

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
This Labor Day weekend has actually been pretty uneventful. Which has been nice and relaxing.
Friday night Luke and I headed to Ted's to eat some of the best Mexican food around! We went to the restaurant and found a crowd of people waiting outside. We went inside to put our name on the list and found out that it was a 45 minute wait to eat inside, or a 15 minute wait to take it to go.
Obviously we chose to take it to go.

Heather I know how much you love Ted's! Sometime when you are in Edmond we will go grab a bite to eat together!
So Friday night we ate Ted's yummy food at home and watched this: Reba! Its our favorite show. Luke probably wouldn't admit it but I am outing him. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is quite possibly the funniest show ever. I could watch it for hours: which is exactly what we did Friday night. If you don't watch it you need to start: It comes on Lifetime. Check your local listings.

On Saturday night I went to the bachlorette party for my friend and former housemate Melinda. For her bachlorette party we took a pole dancing class. I have never done this before. I'm not sure I will ever do this again. Apparently to pole dance you have to have some sort of gracefulness. I am not graceful at all. Below is my most graceful pose:
The instructer kept telling me to act like a ballerina. First of all I do not associate pole dancers and ballerinas together and second: I dropped out of ballet after the 4th session when I was in 8th grade. Clearly pole dancing is not for me - and I am soo sore! It was quite a workout!

I hope eveybody has had a great weeknd and a great day off tomorrow!



  1. Um, you will do it December. with me.

    And, why must you torture me with the Teds?! SERIOUSLY! I almost just changed my plane ticket to come home tuesday.

  2. I forgot to mention Jodi. You will do it with Jodi and me. Although I have to tell you, she's going to show us both up. Have you seen the picture where she climbed to the top of the pole? I'm sending it to you.

  3. Ha! I love the pole dancing picture...

  4. Megan. I did realize that we were TV twins. First 90210, and now Reba! I LOVE me some Reba, and would have to agree - funniest show ever. Well, I take that back...Friends would have to be #1 in my rankings. (And tell Luke that my big manly DAD swears that Reba is in the top funniest shows of all time) :)

    Glad ya'll are having a nice relaxing weekend!

  5. I'm glad you're having a good weekend!! We LOVE Ted's!! Was your class at nothing but class? I have some friends that go there, and I've been wanting to go...not for the pole aerobics, but for the other classes:) We live down the street from there! Enjoy your Monday!

  6. I wish we had a Ted's in NC! It makes me hungry when I hear ya'll talk about it!

    I'm with you on not associating pole dancers and ballerinas together. Ha!

    Hope ya'll have a wonderful Labor Day!

  7. I have to say- amen- to Jenna and say that "Friends" is my all time fav!!!
    I LOVE that you went to Ted's and we will definitely meet up there for a blog friend lunch next time I come home!!!! Just seeing that bag made me SO hungry for it! :)
    I'm cracking up at the pole dancing- um, hello, there is NO WAY I could do that! I can't even walk in heels without tripping half the time!

  8. I love me some Ted's. Zack and I actually drove by Ted's on Friday, but the crowd outside intimidated us a bit, so we drove on! How crazy is that?!
    A friend of mine did the pole dancing at a bachelorette party and had some pretty funny pics!
    Looks like you've had a fun weekend!

  9. Oh goodness, I watched the special about pole-dancing on Oprah. I've always wanted to try it...I've heard it's amazing exercise. I'm too scared I'd drop straight on my head & give me a concussion!

  10. I think we must have been alot alike as little girls. I dropped out of ballet after my first session when I was 5 because all I wanted to do was spin around in circles. Apparently, there's more to ballet than that.


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