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Today is the day that Madden 08 came out. Oh how much I will miss watching regular TV at night. Instead I will be forced to spend my nights watching Luke play XBox. I guess I will spend that time reading blogs!

To celebrate the new Madden game Luke went over to a friend's house to play games until his mind goes numb. I used my time wisely: I went jogging/walking (more walking than jogging). Just me and my trusty ole Ipod. Some of my best times with God are spent during my walks. I put on a good worship song and I spend time with God that way. Sometimes I find myself praying out loud. I wonder if my neighbors refer to me as the 'crazy girl who walks and talks to herself'?

Then I came back to the apartment, ate dinner, and then began the fun stuff: thank you cards. We really have like 6 thousand of these to work on. I think I completed 10. I always feel pressure on these. Did I sound nice enough? Can I put the same thing in this card that I put in the other one? They are friends they might tell each other what their card said and then realize I just said the same thing in every card.....Oh the pressure!

I have developed some sort of fungus. Seriously. I started noticing these little rashes on my body. Thought nothing of it then they continued to spread and spread. I tend to be paranoid about getting sick, and I visit the Dr. often so I kept putting off going to the Dr. (but last time when I thought I had a brain tumor and an ulcer I went right away). After the urging of my mom and Luke I went to the Dr. Sure enough. I had some sort of unidentified fungus. Every girl's dream. I told the Dr. we needed to get rid of this quick, it wasn't very appealing for a girl who has a new husband to have a fungus on her body. He just laughed. I was serious. Oh, I forgot the best part: when the Dr. walked in the room he just shook his head and said, "Megan, Megan" to which I replied " I was forced to come I didn't want to come!!!" I know he thinks I'm crazy. While I was there I asked him to look at a bump on my ankle (I mean if I am already there I might as well take advantage of it right?) But before he even looked at it he said "its not cancer" I told him that was not at all what I was thinking. I think he believed me.

I am watching these crazy gymnasts. I think it is so cool how they are able to just throw their bodies around. I remember watching the Olympics when I was a little girl and thinking how I wanted to be a gymnast in the Olympics. I lasted about 2 weeks in gymnastics. I quickly scratched that goal from my Life List. Leotards are uncomfortable.

If you read all of this rambling I am proud of you.



  1. I would LOVE to meet your Doc.

  2. That's too funny about your doctor visits. :)

    I usually get on the internet and check out the symptoms and come up with all kinds of diagnoses. I had a dr. tell me once to quit looking on there. (I still do though)

    I think it's great that you can walk with the ipod and spend that time with God like that. I need an ipod. I'm behind the times. ;)

    Oh yes, the wonderful thank-you notes! I think it's sweet that you are being so mindful of what you're writing. It is a chore though.

    Kristen said something about us getting together. I think she plans to write you an e-mail when she gets to work. How fun!
    Btw, I took her computer to the computer hospital yesterday....hopefully she's get it back soon.

    Have a great day!

  3. I completely hear you on the Thank You cards. I struggle with the very same thing. Good Luck!!!

    I hope that fungus goes away quick.
    Bryan used to play Madden on the Nintendo but he hasn't played in a very long time.

  4. LOL. I'm such a paranoid girl...drives C CRAZY!! He is pretty sure I search my body for anything new and abnormal...which I do. But I'm terrified of going to the doc.

  5. You are too cute! I don't like going to the doctor either, but sometimes we have to ;) Good luck getting your hubby to stop playing the XBox. If you figure out how, let me know, too!

  6. fungus... that is funny.

    A new bride with fungus. I know Luke is understanding.


  7. Hi Megan! I came over from Faith's blog to say hello! I love your blog and just wanted to say that my hubby has an xbox, too, so we can be "game widows" or whatever it's called! He is waiting until this weekend to buy the new madden, but he can't wait! I use the time to read blogs, too!
    Come see me sometime!


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