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One time when I was in third grade I went to a Father Daughter dance at my school.  Now that I am older and wiser (ha) looking back I realize this was probably the last thing my dad wanted to do on a Friday night. Yet, he took me and I had a blast with all my Girl Scout friends.

Sidetrack...I have a freaky kind of memory.  I can't remember academic type things, but I can remember your name if we went to the same school in kindergarten and played together once at recess. In fact I could probably remember your name, the color of your backpack, and how many slap bracelets you were wearing when we played together.

Anyway......I said all of that to say: My memory is great, I remember this dance as if it was yesterday. Especially the next part:
Throughout the dance, girls would go up to the DJ (a PTA mom) and request a song.  I remember the line was so long and it was the cool thing to do to request a song. 
So I stood patiently in line and listened to the girl in front of me request "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid.
It was my turn. I very nicely told the DJ (PTA mom) that I would like to request "November Rain" by Guns 'n' Roses.

Because doesn't every third grader love a good monster ballad.

This is where the memory part comes in: I SO clearly remember the lady looking straight at me in the eyes and saying "That is not appropriate, you need to go away now"
I remember being so embarrassed. In fact for years after that I would think of this situation and get embarrassed just thinking about it.  

Now that I have completed Jr. high, High School, and College, I am no longer embarrassed about this memory. In fact high school brought along many other moments to be embarrassed about.
But isn't it amazing how some moments stick with us forever? 
Happy Moments
Sad Moment
Embarrassing Moments
Joyful Moments

For some reason I have been thinking of this moment recently.  I don't know why. I think I saw the 'November Rain' video on TV and it triggered this memory.
I can't hear that song without thinking of this memory....but finally I am no longer embarrased :-)


  1. I have a memory like that too, I remember awkward, embarrassing moments LONG afterward and get embarrassed just thinking about them! LOL

  2. I was in a talent show in 4th grade with my best friend. We wore matching dresses from Target. And we sang Michael W. Smith in front of the whole key.

    That's one of my most embarrassing moments.

    You liked Guns and Roses, I liked Michael W. Smith. I'm glad we're friends.

  3. What a mean lady! You were just a kid. Maybe she looks back on that moment and wishes she would've been kinder to a little girl who liked hair bands.

  4. How awful! If it's any consolation, I liked that song when it came out too. I may have been slightly older than you...but not too much ;)

  5. That DJ needed to keep her opinion to herself...that's a great song! Isn't it funny had much people can affect others and not even realize it!?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you did! I'd love to keep checking back on your as well! Your family is ADORABLE!


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