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Just Me!

So my newest blog friend Heather tagged me for a little meme. I am so glad that I have met Heather through the blogging world! She is so great and through emails we found out that I work with her mom. How crazy is that?!?!?

The meme is to list six of my quirks...I'm sure I have tons but it is hard to think of them on the spot, so here goes.....

1.  I have an obsessive habit of picking the seam out of all my shirts with my finger nails.  I just pick the seams out until they are all picked out.  Once I am done with the bottom of the shirt I start working on the sleeves and then I head to the collar.  This is a quirk that I HATE.  Do you know how many shirts I have ruined by doing this?!?!? I try not to do it to my nice shirts, but sometimes I catch myself doing it. Every year I have to buy new tank tops from Old Navy because by the end of the summer they are all torn up and look pretty tacky. It is weird and hard to explain but anybody who is close to me can testify: I do this and it is WEIRD.

2.  I HATE getting my eyebrows waxed.  Not because of pain, in fact I don't think it hurts at all.  I just have this weird thing with people getting too close to my eyes. My stomach gets all tight and I start sweating and feeling like I'm going to throw up.  Melinda (my old roommate and hairstylist) knows that when she waxes my eyebrows I am probably going to scream at her.  She is used to it.  She also knows to NEVER try and pluck them. That is the worst. It involves hitting.  Sometimes when she is waxing them she will say "there is just one stray please let me pluck it" I let her do it once. Never Again.

3.  In high school I wasn't involved in any school activities.  This is something that I regret.  I went to a BIG high school and it was hard to get involved, and by the time I had true interest in it the opportunity was pretty much gone.  I will definitely encourage my children to be involved in school.  I was very involved with my youth group and that is where I spent most of my extra time.  Which isn't a bad thing, I just wish I would have put more effort in school.

4.  My favorite sitcom episodes are always the episodes where they go to Disney World. This also has to do with my love for sitcoms and Disney World. I love both.  When the Tanner's went to Disney World I loved it. My favorite Disney World Vacation sitcom episodes? Full House, Boy Meets World, Family Matters, and Step By Step.  I get SO excited when they come on TV.

5.  I cry very easily.  Too easily.  I haven't always been this way, it just happened sometime during my college years.  I cry almost every day.  Not sobbing tears like I am depressed, I just tear up at little moments that don't affect most people.  Every year I cry at the end of EVERY American Idol episode.  Sometimes I cry during Big Brother.  The other day I cried at a Saved by the Bell scene. Luke makes fun of me a lot for this.  If we are ever in a grocery store and I see an elderly person grocery shopping all by their self I start crying.  I hate for anybody to be lonely.

6.  I love doing math problems but I am horrible at math.  I love working the problems and doing the math - and then the answers are usually wrong!  I only  had to take one math class in college. I put it off until my very last semester.  Then I decided to take an online math class! What the heck was I thinking? Lets see, I can't do math, I don't understand it, I have barely passed every other math class in my life, so why not take it online..yeah that sounds like a great idea!
It was my last class in college - my grade in this class decided whether I would graduate that year.  A friend prayed with me at church before I went to go take my final.
I passed that class with a 60.0%
If that doesn't show the power of prayer then I don't know what does.

Ok, I don't know if all of these are quirks I just tried to think of things about myself that everybody else thinks are weird :-)
Almost everybody I would tag has already been tagged - so if you see this and you want to do it PLEASE do it!  Just let me know you did so I can read it!



  1. Oh, you are so funny! I will have to try this out, too. Thanks again for your sweet email!!

  2. I have never known anyone to compulsively pick at the seams on their clothing LOL Hilarious.

    I cry really easily too. A few weeks ago after I discovered the Bring the Rain blog, I was so emotional, but I had to go to the post office and the lady told me I had to pay for the tape to tape up my box and a river started running out of my eyes. It was SO embarrassing. LOL I get choked up at certain commercials and if a baby or a kid dies or gets hurt in a movie or TV, its over. I am hysterical.

  3. Megan- I cry at every American Idol, too!!! We are a lot alike! I can't do math, either. You cracked me up talking about your 60.0 and the power of prayer!!!!!

  4. You crack me up!
    I had to take Statistics in college and I lost SO much weight from being stressed. I even went to my professor (who also happended to be the president of the College of Business) and told him I just wanted to pass. I made a "D" and didn't care it hurt my GPA, I was just pumped I passed.
    I'm also very emotional!! If I ever see someone "sad looking" my eyes start to water! I blame my mom for both of these issues!


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