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Reba and Pole Dancing

Happy Labor Day Weekend!
This Labor Day weekend has actually been pretty uneventful. Which has been nice and relaxing.
Friday night Luke and I headed to Ted's to eat some of the best Mexican food around! We went to the restaurant and found a crowd of people waiting outside. We went inside to put our name on the list and found out that it was a 45 minute wait to eat inside, or a 15 minute wait to take it to go.
Obviously we chose to take it to go.

Heather I know how much you love Ted's! Sometime when you are in Edmond we will go grab a bite to eat together!
So Friday night we ate Ted's yummy food at home and watched this: Reba! Its our favorite show. Luke probably wouldn't admit it but I am outing him. It is nothing to be ashamed of, it is quite possibly the funniest show ever. I could watch it for hours: which is exactly what we did Friday night. If you don't watch it you need to start: It comes on Lifetime. Check your local listings.

On Saturday night I went to the bachlorette party for my friend and former housemate Melinda. For her bachlorette party we took a pole dancing class. I have never done this before. I'm not sure I will ever do this again. Apparently to pole dance you have to have some sort of gracefulness. I am not graceful at all. Below is my most graceful pose:
The instructer kept telling me to act like a ballerina. First of all I do not associate pole dancers and ballerinas together and second: I dropped out of ballet after the 4th session when I was in 8th grade. Clearly pole dancing is not for me - and I am soo sore! It was quite a workout!

I hope eveybody has had a great weeknd and a great day off tomorrow!



Seriously...What Happened to the Cash Flow?!?

What I'm going to say is probably going to sound bad. Please know that I do not mean this bad in any sort of way. Just expressing my heart. Before Luke and I got married I lived on my own for 2 years. I graduated college in 2006 and lived with roommate and had a full time job.

Let me cut to the chase: I bought what I wanted when I wanted. If I wanted a new purse I got one, if I needed a dress to wear to a wedding I went and bought it.

Then I got engaged, and everything changed. The time came to save for a home, kids, medical emergencies, car emergencies, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my amazing husband for all the Coach purses in the world, but wouldn't it be nice to buy one when you want?

God is teaching me a lot during this time. Contentment comes to mind. This is one that I have always had a hard time with: which of course means it is the perfect place for God to work in me. I am learning money is not mine to worry about it. We have committed our marriage to God and he will provide, even if providing means not getting a new outfit every time I feel like it. :-) He is teaching me and I am allowing Him to teach me. I am learning self-control, obedience, and trust.

Our needs are provided for. I do not 'need' all of the things listed above. It is a great learning experience.

In other news:
Because I don't ALREADY watch enough trashy television I have to admit I can't wait for this:

The NEW 90210. Now, I was too young when 90210 originally came on TV to get into it, but I became a fan later during repeats after school.

I'm not too proud to admit that I have seasons 1-3 on DVD. I got them all right when they came out - I still haven't gotten season 4 (please read above text for explanation). Now I am curious to see if this show will be any good. But I am SO excited that some cast members from the original show are going to be on there!

If only Luke Perry would come back. I still get a crush on him when I watch the old episodes. I can't decide who has better hair. High school Dylan in 90210 or Luke?? Tough call.

If you could pick a show to come back on TV what would it be?



Your Walk

Throughout the past couple of months I have "met" so many AMAZING women through my blog. Seriously, women who write posts that are DEEP. Posts that encourage me in my walk with the Lord. Sometimes I just sit back at my computer amazed that God just spoke to me through a blog post! Of all things! I love how God uses technology!

Anyways - my reason for writing this post is hear what you do:

Explanation: How do you spend time with the Lord?

Do you do it first thing in the morning?
At night before you go to bed?
At Lunch?
What is your routine? Do you read a devotional? Do you spend time in scripture? Do you keep a journal? Do you type it on the computer?
Also, How do you keep a prayer journal?
I take each prayer request seriously, and never want to say that I am praying for someone if I do not fully intend to be praying for them. How do you keep your prayer request for others organized?

I have to admit, that during the wedding planning, my time with the Lord got neglected at times. This is not something I am proud of and since life has slowed down I have been more obedient in this area. I am looking foward to hearing how you spend time with God and learning from each one of you.

Please feel free to email me. My email is in my profile.

Thank you!!

P.S. Sorry if this seems like a lot of questions: I just love to get other people's prespectives! I'm always intrigued by others. I'm the girl who sent out an email last year to family and friends asking how often they washed their bras. I was really curious, (this question came as a result of a conversation I had with my roommate and dear friend Tambra). Turns out people wash their bras a lot. I am still working on it. Apparently once every six months just isn't normal.


Tuesday News

Due to the fact that a rash-like fungus is currently taking over my body I have been forced to start taking steroids.

Well they are pills and they were prescribed to me by the Dr.

Yes, I went and saw the Dr. again, he loves me.

The doc told to tell my husband to watch out for my roid rage, the steroids will possibly make me grumpy and have mood swings.

Yesterday I got very irritated about something Luke did. I proceeded to let him know that I was irritated. He then told me he would be glad when I stopped taking those steroids.

I just picked them up from the pharmacy today. I have yet to start taking any of the pills.

Gotta love those new husbands.

Did you know that I am related to the cutest cowboy in the world? Well I am. Here is proof:

Isn't that the cutest thing ever? He is getting so big! Photo by the amazing Memories By Melanie. Check her out!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!



One time when I was in third grade I went to a Father Daughter dance at my school.  Now that I am older and wiser (ha) looking back I realize this was probably the last thing my dad wanted to do on a Friday night. Yet, he took me and I had a blast with all my Girl Scout friends.

Sidetrack...I have a freaky kind of memory.  I can't remember academic type things, but I can remember your name if we went to the same school in kindergarten and played together once at recess. In fact I could probably remember your name, the color of your backpack, and how many slap bracelets you were wearing when we played together.

Anyway......I said all of that to say: My memory is great, I remember this dance as if it was yesterday. Especially the next part:
Throughout the dance, girls would go up to the DJ (a PTA mom) and request a song.  I remember the line was so long and it was the cool thing to do to request a song. 
So I stood patiently in line and listened to the girl in front of me request "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid.
It was my turn. I very nicely told the DJ (PTA mom) that I would like to request "November Rain" by Guns 'n' Roses.

Because doesn't every third grader love a good monster ballad.

This is where the memory part comes in: I SO clearly remember the lady looking straight at me in the eyes and saying "That is not appropriate, you need to go away now"
I remember being so embarrassed. In fact for years after that I would think of this situation and get embarrassed just thinking about it.  

Now that I have completed Jr. high, High School, and College, I am no longer embarrassed about this memory. In fact high school brought along many other moments to be embarrassed about.
But isn't it amazing how some moments stick with us forever? 
Happy Moments
Sad Moment
Embarrassing Moments
Joyful Moments

For some reason I have been thinking of this moment recently.  I don't know why. I think I saw the 'November Rain' video on TV and it triggered this memory.
I can't hear that song without thinking of this memory....but finally I am no longer embarrased :-)


Just Me!

So my newest blog friend Heather tagged me for a little meme. I am so glad that I have met Heather through the blogging world! She is so great and through emails we found out that I work with her mom. How crazy is that?!?!?

The meme is to list six of my quirks...I'm sure I have tons but it is hard to think of them on the spot, so here goes.....

1.  I have an obsessive habit of picking the seam out of all my shirts with my finger nails.  I just pick the seams out until they are all picked out.  Once I am done with the bottom of the shirt I start working on the sleeves and then I head to the collar.  This is a quirk that I HATE.  Do you know how many shirts I have ruined by doing this?!?!? I try not to do it to my nice shirts, but sometimes I catch myself doing it. Every year I have to buy new tank tops from Old Navy because by the end of the summer they are all torn up and look pretty tacky. It is weird and hard to explain but anybody who is close to me can testify: I do this and it is WEIRD.

2.  I HATE getting my eyebrows waxed.  Not because of pain, in fact I don't think it hurts at all.  I just have this weird thing with people getting too close to my eyes. My stomach gets all tight and I start sweating and feeling like I'm going to throw up.  Melinda (my old roommate and hairstylist) knows that when she waxes my eyebrows I am probably going to scream at her.  She is used to it.  She also knows to NEVER try and pluck them. That is the worst. It involves hitting.  Sometimes when she is waxing them she will say "there is just one stray please let me pluck it" I let her do it once. Never Again.

3.  In high school I wasn't involved in any school activities.  This is something that I regret.  I went to a BIG high school and it was hard to get involved, and by the time I had true interest in it the opportunity was pretty much gone.  I will definitely encourage my children to be involved in school.  I was very involved with my youth group and that is where I spent most of my extra time.  Which isn't a bad thing, I just wish I would have put more effort in school.

4.  My favorite sitcom episodes are always the episodes where they go to Disney World. This also has to do with my love for sitcoms and Disney World. I love both.  When the Tanner's went to Disney World I loved it. My favorite Disney World Vacation sitcom episodes? Full House, Boy Meets World, Family Matters, and Step By Step.  I get SO excited when they come on TV.

5.  I cry very easily.  Too easily.  I haven't always been this way, it just happened sometime during my college years.  I cry almost every day.  Not sobbing tears like I am depressed, I just tear up at little moments that don't affect most people.  Every year I cry at the end of EVERY American Idol episode.  Sometimes I cry during Big Brother.  The other day I cried at a Saved by the Bell scene. Luke makes fun of me a lot for this.  If we are ever in a grocery store and I see an elderly person grocery shopping all by their self I start crying.  I hate for anybody to be lonely.

6.  I love doing math problems but I am horrible at math.  I love working the problems and doing the math - and then the answers are usually wrong!  I only  had to take one math class in college. I put it off until my very last semester.  Then I decided to take an online math class! What the heck was I thinking? Lets see, I can't do math, I don't understand it, I have barely passed every other math class in my life, so why not take it online..yeah that sounds like a great idea!
It was my last class in college - my grade in this class decided whether I would graduate that year.  A friend prayed with me at church before I went to go take my final.
I passed that class with a 60.0%
If that doesn't show the power of prayer then I don't know what does.

Ok, I don't know if all of these are quirks I just tried to think of things about myself that everybody else thinks are weird :-)
Almost everybody I would tag has already been tagged - so if you see this and you want to do it PLEASE do it!  Just let me know you did so I can read it!



Unanswered Prayers

So in the words of Garth Brooks, sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers

When I was younger I used to pray and ask God if he would please let me marry Taylor Hanson. I prayed this prayer often and I firmly believed that it would happen. I mean my faith was amazing! I really thought I would marry him.
So, I went to my first Hanson concert - and despite the fact that I was in the last row of the balcony he didn't fall in love with me.

Must have been a fluke thing, God where are ya? We are suposed to get married.

The next concert: I'm in the 5th row - yes 5th row, this was it. I was going to be sooo close to him, he HAD to fall in love with me. I seriously pictured him looking out from his keyboard, through his beautiful blonde locks that were always in his face, meeting my eyes in the 5th row and boom, LOVE.

I left that concert a single woman. No Hanson on my arm.

I had our wedding planned out. I was going to walk down the aisle to "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. I now understand that would be a completly inappropriate song for a wedding, but I was in middle school and I loved Taylor Hanson and Titanic. It just fit.

I just read on that Taylor and his wife are expecting their 4th child. He is the same age as me. Same birthday and everything. In fact I used to think since we had the same birthday that definitely meant we were destined for each other.

Clearly God knew that I would not be ready for 4 kids by the time I was 24, so therefore he chose to not have Taylor Hanson fall in love with me. Because I know if he would have looked up from that keyboard and saw me inthe 5th row it would have been love at first Hanson sight.

Thankfully God brought me another Rock Star. That way I can still live the dream.....


Update from the Homefront

Because you all are dying to know:

My fungus is still alive and kicking.

I can't tell you how romantic it is for your new husband to look at you and say: "GROSS YOU'VE GOT ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!"

Quick somebody break out the champagne, this is a romantic moment.

I plan on going back to the Dr. next week to get this figured out. The Doc told me to come back so he can't give me a hard time about it this time.

Luke and I are traveling home this weekend. First to his house on Friday and then he has practice with his band on Saturday so I will go visit my family during that time. It will be our first time to go back home as a married couple. Should be interesting. Not really. It shouldn't be any different, other than the fact that I have to present myself as Luke's wife to his parents. I now have to prove that I can cook, clean, and do laundry with the best of them.

Oh, and this name change thing is really wearing me out. Half the time I can't remember what my last name is. I will say my maiden name and then say OH WAIT thats not my name anymore!!!! I have gotten a couple of weird looks. Maybe the weird looks are not so much because I can't remember my name, but because I YELL my new name when I remember it.

I have got to remebmer to work on that self control.

Peace Out.



Favorite Time of the Year

Luke is currently doing this: So I am currently doing this: blogging. Please note how Luke's tongue is halfway out of his mouth. This means it was a stressful moment in the FAKE game. I will never understand boys. Of course Luke will never understand my love for blogging. I guess we each have our own things!

So while Luke is playing video games on our ONE tv (we decided we only needed one TV but I am thinking maybe we need two) I decided to blog about my favorite time of the year. I know, I know you are about to come unglued, I won't keep you in suspense any longer:

This is my favorite time of the year. Christmas is a close second but because Christmas time is usually makes it not my favorite.
My all time favorite time of the year is Fall. Beginning now. The second week of August. Which I know technically isn't Fall, but I consider it Fall. My Fall begins when students start going back to school. This is usually the kick off of everything fun. I have the privilege of working at a University and I love it so much. I had a blast during college (clearly, since I decided to stay on campus and work there). I made some of my very best friends during college and made some of my very best memories during that time.

This week is the week when new freshman move in on our campus. You can just feel the excitement in the air (or maybe its just me, I tend to be a bit of a nerd about these things). Freshman move in before everybody because they go to a New Student Orientation held on campus. I love to go to the orientation and just watch the new students. I remember feeling what they feel, nervous, excited, anxious, wondering what the future holds, I get so excited just thinking about it. I love that I work on a campus and I get to talk to students, and form friendships with them. It is so fun.

Then when school year begins it gets really fun. Football games, crisp weather, Homecoming, The Fair, leaves changing colors, halloween candy, Thanksgiving food....and so much more!! I just love this time of the year! I can already hear the sweet sound of helmets crashing into each other at the football games!

What is your favorite time of the year and why??

And I hope to be posting the recaps of my wedding soon. Still waiting on those pictures!




Today is the day that Madden 08 came out. Oh how much I will miss watching regular TV at night. Instead I will be forced to spend my nights watching Luke play XBox. I guess I will spend that time reading blogs!

To celebrate the new Madden game Luke went over to a friend's house to play games until his mind goes numb. I used my time wisely: I went jogging/walking (more walking than jogging). Just me and my trusty ole Ipod. Some of my best times with God are spent during my walks. I put on a good worship song and I spend time with God that way. Sometimes I find myself praying out loud. I wonder if my neighbors refer to me as the 'crazy girl who walks and talks to herself'?

Then I came back to the apartment, ate dinner, and then began the fun stuff: thank you cards. We really have like 6 thousand of these to work on. I think I completed 10. I always feel pressure on these. Did I sound nice enough? Can I put the same thing in this card that I put in the other one? They are friends they might tell each other what their card said and then realize I just said the same thing in every card.....Oh the pressure!

I have developed some sort of fungus. Seriously. I started noticing these little rashes on my body. Thought nothing of it then they continued to spread and spread. I tend to be paranoid about getting sick, and I visit the Dr. often so I kept putting off going to the Dr. (but last time when I thought I had a brain tumor and an ulcer I went right away). After the urging of my mom and Luke I went to the Dr. Sure enough. I had some sort of unidentified fungus. Every girl's dream. I told the Dr. we needed to get rid of this quick, it wasn't very appealing for a girl who has a new husband to have a fungus on her body. He just laughed. I was serious. Oh, I forgot the best part: when the Dr. walked in the room he just shook his head and said, "Megan, Megan" to which I replied " I was forced to come I didn't want to come!!!" I know he thinks I'm crazy. While I was there I asked him to look at a bump on my ankle (I mean if I am already there I might as well take advantage of it right?) But before he even looked at it he said "its not cancer" I told him that was not at all what I was thinking. I think he believed me.

I am watching these crazy gymnasts. I think it is so cool how they are able to just throw their bodies around. I remember watching the Olympics when I was a little girl and thinking how I wanted to be a gymnast in the Olympics. I lasted about 2 weeks in gymnastics. I quickly scratched that goal from my Life List. Leotards are uncomfortable.

If you read all of this rambling I am proud of you.



Wedding Recap #1

So I decided to go ahead and do a little wedding recap. I still don't have the professional pictures on a disc so that I can post them on here, but my photographer put some on facebook so I can use those for now. I hope I don't bore you too much!

As I stated before the wedding was an absolutely perfect day. Everything went so smoothly. I enjoyed every moment and took it all in. I am so thankful to have that day in my memories. I would go through all of the pain of wedding planning again for that day I am so thankful that Luke and I were able to share our love for each and for our Father through this day.

The night before the wedding my friend Kara stayed the night at my house. We have been friends since Junior High and have spent the night together many times. It was so much fun to have her over. Along with my two sisters we stayed up until 3am. At that point I made myself go to sleep I'm pretty sure they stayed up longer, but I knew that I needed to get some rest.

The next morning we woke up at 8:30 and started getting ready for the day. Melinda my frend, housemate, and hair stylist drove to Tulsa to do my hair and my bridesmaids. To say she did a great job would be an understatement. She did an AMAZING job.
The whole day I was completely relaxed. Believe me, it was a complete God Thing that I was relaxed. I was able to sit back and enjoy the whole day. However I couldn't eat the whole day. When I get really anxious it is hard for me to eat, I just didn't have any appetite. I went through the whole day without eating but I was never once hungry. I was just going so fast through the day that I never even thought about food. (believe me I usually eat A LOT)

OK, I am going to finishing recapping the day later - Big Brother is on right now and I need to cook dinner for my husband. He is currently hanging decorations and curtains that we bought today. He asked me to help and I told him I was updating my blog - I wish I could have taken a picture of the look he gave me.

Until are some pictures the photographer took after the ceremony. We did our getaway with everybody and then drove to the other side of the reception site and took these pictures. It was so fun to just hang out with my new husband, taking pictures and enjoying the moment of a once in a lifetime day. They turned out really great

More to come later.....

Our wedding photographer was the same person we used for our engagement pictures: Jesse Reich out of Tulsa. As you can see above he did an amazing job. I can't wait to show you the others!



Things Learned and Honeymoon Happiness

Well I have learned three things since I have gotten married

1. It doesn't matter if I wake up alone or next to the love of my life: I am NOT a morning person
2. Whoever wakes up first gets control of the TV. Did you know Sports Center is on at 7am? I sure miss Good Morning America
3. I don't care what team Brett Favre goes with and I am truly so sick of hearing about it.

Other than Sports Center married life has been great. We have both gone back to our jobs and are back into our normal routine. Everybody keeps asking me if it feels different. It really doesn't, other than the fact that the past couple of nights I have looked at the clock around 10pm thinking that I need to go home - but then I remember that I am already home!

I can't wait to share my wedding pictures, it was such an amazing day! But I still don't have them. So I will recap our honeymoon:

After we drove to back to OKC to stay at the hotel. We were so tired!

The first day at the resort - ready to go to the pool with sunscreen in hand! I did not want to spend my honeymoon burned and miserable!

Our room. The rooms were beautiful!

One day we went to the water park Xel Ha. We had a blast! These were some friends that we made.

As honeymooners we got a complimentary candlelight dinner on the beach. It was really nice.

Relaxing on the patio reading my book Twilight - I'm sure you have already heard but it is so good! (I do have pants on even though it looks like I don't)

Our last day we were a little tired of laying in the sun so instead we went for a bike ride. Bike ride + Hot Mexico Sun + Wimpy Megan = lots and lots of whining.

It was such a fun week. It was the perfect way to spend our honeymoon week. We went to El Dorado Royale in Riveria Maya, Mexico. If you are looking for a resort to go to I highly recommend this place. It came recommened to us from friends and we pass on the recommendation!


I'm Back!

Hello friends. I am back from the wedding/honeymoon craziness.
Everything was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

I loved every moment of everything, from the Rehearshal to the Wedding Day to the Honeymoon. It was all amazing.

The photogrpaher took some AMAZING pictures....but I don't have the permission to use those yet. Here are a couple from my mom's camrea.

I can't wait to catch up on everybody's blogs!