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Winding Down...

Well we are in the final stages of wedding planning. We are wrapping up all the finals projects. I think I said this before but planning a wedding long distance is starting to get difficult. We are having to schedule all of our final meetings with the vendors - but they are all 1 hour and 30 minutes away from where we live.
Monday night we drove home to meet with the church people. The good thing about all of this driving home is that we are able to spend time with my family.
Monday after we met we headed to a favorite restauraunt of my families. I asked the waiter to take our picture (my family was mortified; they put on good fake smiles for the pic). After dinner we headed back home to hang out for awhile. Luke and I practiced our first dance. I wanted to try it in front of people. Seriously I am the MOST uncoordinated person you will ever meet. One time in college I took a week long dancing class. The instructor would go around and help students as needed. I am not kidding when I say by Wednesday she would just avoid me. I have no dancing abilities what-so-ever. I wanted to skip the first dance thing all together, but I think there is something special about dancing with your new husband at your wedding. So here we go....

Please pray for me! I am soo nervous about it!

In other news: This weekend as Luke and I were cleaning/decorating our apartment we watched Back To The Future. Not just one of them. No, we watched the entire triology. I have seen them a million times but they still keep me on the edge of my seat. The second one really stresses me out when they go back to the alternate 1985. It was really a great time. Just relaxing watching our favorite triology.
We are clearly perfect for each other.
We can't dance and we love watching Marty McFly and his crazy time traveling adventures.
Great Scott!



  1. Great Scott is right!

    I loooooove back to the future and I can't dance either.

    Maybe I'm perfect for Luke? Or for you?

  2. How funny! Trust me, I don't think anyone will notice and most people just do the side to side step dance anyway LOL

  3. 10 days will fly by before you know it. And if you're still thinking about your hair-do, I like your hair down. It has a very romantic feel to it. just some food for thought.


  4. just put your arms around each other and sway. Isn't that what most people do? haha. I'm sure you will do just fabulously!

  5. Those pictures of you dancing are too cute!! You will definitely do great!! And, Back to the Future. Yeah, I think I saw those in the movie theater!!

  6. Maxton doesnt seem to happy about the picture.


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