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Hair and Keys

From the very first year Luke and I started dating there have been two things that I have battled with him over.

His Hair.


His Keys.

I know they seem like minor things but they have both been the source of many headaches for me.

Let me explain.

1. His Hair - I will have to save this for a later date. This post is about his keys.

2. His Keys - yes this one is weird, but just stick with me. Luke has always swung his keys. I don't know why he does this but he does. He swings them around and around.

I am told he did this in high school; I wore big white clunky shoes in high school. Some things we must leave behind.
One time when I was complaining about him swinging his keys, one of his high school friends informed me that I was never going to 'break' him of this. People, I do not want to 'break' him of this I want to EDUCATE him. Normal adults do not swing their keys in public.

I promise you, he has almost knocked several people out with these keys while waiting in line . I will never forget the time we were in line at Braums, he was swinging his keys and they flew off his finger (as they tend to do when being swung) they almost hit the very large, muscular man behind us. He gave us a pretty bad look and I was honestly scared for my life.
I have many key swinging stories I could share...

But I have to admit the swinging has been less of an issue lately.

Until recently....

Well this weekend as I was unpacking my millions of boxes Luke ran to his car to get something - he comes back laughing hysterically, I start laughing with him - I was caught up in the moment and I thought I would think whatever he thought was so hysterical was funny.

I have never been so wrong.
He then informed me that while running out to his car, he was swinging his keys and his apartment key flew off and went down the sewer drain.


Immediately any smile I had on my face disapeared.
What the heck was so funny?

I did however refrain from reminding him of how I have told him to stop swinging his keys for 4 1/2 years now. I simply went back to unpacking my boxes.
Luke changed into his 'going into the sewer' clothes and ventured outside to find his keys.

I decided to capture this moment to forever remind him of what will happen when he swings his keys:

I have decided to add the following sentence to our wedding vows:

I promise to always take your advice in life, even if I don't always agree. Without your advice I will find myself head-first in a sewer. Thank you for educating me.



  1. This is SO funny! If only my advice to Zack would be followed lessons like this one :)
    Did he find them okay?!

  2. I agree with you. I have also merely dodged the danger of Luke's swinging keys!!!

  3. lol ~ way too funny my friend. love that you captured the moment with photos. you will treasure them.
    have a good week.

  4. It's funny that he thought it was funny. Most people would have been really mad having to try to dig them out of a sewer.
    Good luck! :)

  5. Oh Megan, that is hysterical! Especially that he thought it was funny! LOL

    I must hear about the hair. :)

  6. Megan...I jumped here from Jenna's blog. have just educated me!!! I too have a fiance who needs to be!!'s like a whole new perspective. Thanks girl!

  7. I have to laugh for so many reasons. First I think I was the high school friend. Second, I figured that eventually this key-swinging business would go away. Third and finally, i cannot wait to hear that vow said on the wedding day!!!

  8. Oh, you are so funny!! Hopefully, that will stop his key swinging.

  9. So sorry it frustrated you but this was absolutely hillarious!!!! It made me laugh out loud!! And laugh even more when I saw him down in the sewer drain!!! We never would have thought to do that. We would have just had a lost key!!!!

    Bryan never swung his keys. But when we were first married he would loose his keys. They grow out of it!!!!!

  10. Megan,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving me a comment.

    I LOVED this post of yours! This was hilarious! I love that you actually caught the "retrieval process" on film! Too funny! Bless his heart!

    My husband never swung his keys -- he never could keep up with them long enough to swing them! We have spent a good deal of our married life looking for his car keys or his glasses. I'd like to tell you that it gets better, but...well....we've been married 30 years and just this morning he said, "Honey, have you seen my glasses!" LOL! Hang in there! (-:

    Please come back and visit me again.

  11. lol that is a great storey thanks for sharing, I love that you captured it on camera!

  12. i'm laughing out loud...i remember the very first time i met luke at dale's house in tahlequah...the kid WOULD NOT STOP SWINGING HIS KEYS!!! : )


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