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What I did this Weekend.....

210 Addressed Envelopes
210 Inner Envelopes
210 Invitations
210 RSVP Postcards
210 Forever Stamps
210 Postcard Stamps
1 Glue Pen
1 Glue Stick

2 days of stuffing, gluing, rubbing to make sure they stay glued and repeating

210 invitations, stuffed, addressed, stamped, sealed, and ready to go = GLORIOUS SUCCESS!!


  1. AMAZING! I am so glad that everything worked out! Done.

  2. all that, and you're still smiling in the end! : )

  3. Just for the record her fiance helped....a lot.

  4. Wow! This is kinda deceiving. It looks as if you did it all by yourself, but Bob says the fiance helped a lot.

  5. That was a cute post :) So I'm guessing you're only about a month away from the big day!!!

  6. Your invitations are so pretty.


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