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Weekly Weeknd Update

So my weekly weekend update is a little late - but its never too late.. right?!?!

This weekend was filled with bittersweet fun. Friday Jodi came to spend the evening hanging out with Jayma and I. In less than a week Jayma will be leaving the country to follow the direction that God has placed on her heart. It has been amazing watching Jayma put together the different pieces of her journey that God has given her - and now is the time for her to leave. I will forever hold a grudge against her for not being here for my wedding, ok I'm kidding (sort of) In all seriousness I am so proud and amazed of Jayma. She has listened to God with patience, perseverance, determination and complete willingness. She is truly a woman after God's heart; I can only hope to be a little like her! I am so excited for her, and for what God has planned and I'm anxious to follow her journey.

So.... this weekend was our last weekend to all hang out together before Jayma leaves (insert bittersweet fun)

We kicked it off Friday night with shopping (I mean, what else is there to do when three girls get together?)

This is a picture of Jodi trying to decide which pair of shoes she should buy (the story of our lives). She finally decided with a little help from Jayma. This was not her first shoe decision of the night. She likes shoes.

Next we headed to Olive Garden to stuff our faces. Why is it that when you eat at a restaurant, you eat like you will never have access to food again in your entire life? I did not document this night. Too disgusting.

Saturday morning we woke up and laid out by the pool for a little bit.

Now, laying out has never been something I particularly enjoy (I know, what a travesty) but I must admit that I enjoyed it on this day, although I'm pretty sure the color of my skin didn't change any. And my dermatologist told me to never lay out in the sun, always use a tanning bed - or maybe he said never lay out even in a tanning bed, I can't remember.

Back to the weekend....

After a good hour and a half in the sun and after showering (I had to take a shower, I cannot substitue pee-filled chlorine water for fresh clean shower water, plus a special little ingredient called shampoo, I was called high-maintenance for this. If that is high maintenance then I will take it)

Wow I keep losing focus and rambling I apologize..

So back to Saturday morning - Jodi and I headed to our good friend Jamie's baby shower. Jamie lived with us in the dorms our freshman year and has remained a good friend every since then. She got married the summer after our freshman year and is expecting her first baby girl! She is due on my wedding day so we are certain that she won't be able to make it, which makes me sad. But as soon as I get home from my honeymoon I'm going over there to see that little baby.

Ok, pause. It just hit me that two of my close friends won't be at my wedding. Wow. That is sad...I'm getting sad, I need to continue on...

The shower was a lot of fun (complete with sniffing melted candy bars in diapers. Never again, never again.). She received a ton of cute little girl things!

Jodi, Jamie and Me. Jamie looks so good!

Me and Jodi at the shower
One last picture of the three of us together (Jodi, me, and Jayma) before she leaves. We will miss you so much! I promise to put my wedding on youtube! :-)

So it was a great fun filled weekend! I am so thankful to have such great friends in my life. Make new friends but keep the old, as a former girl scout this is the motto of my life.



  1. Oh how I love those girls, jodi, jayma and jamie. All J's.

  2. That's very special that you got to spend that time with your friend before she leaves. And even though you have some friends that are missing your wedding, know they will be there in spirit.

  3. What a fun weekend! P.S. I shower and shampoo after pool visits too.

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm sorry your friend is leaving but I'm excited she is following the path she feels God is leading her on. The post made me smile (for various reasons) !!!

  5. I had such a good weekend with you!! I am excited to make the blog!

  6. YAY!

    I finally got to read it. I could say so much right here but I won't.

    Love you chummy chummy chummy chum chum chum chum chum.

  7. I was so excited you and Jodi made it to the shower, it was so great to see you guys. I also really love it that I made your blog! Hope all is well and your migraines are getting better.


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