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Weekly Weekend Update

This weekend was a fast-paced fun one!

Friday after work I went and picked up my dress!!!! Yay!
I have been a bit nervous about it, my dress was a month late!!!! Which resulted in the owner of the store calling me more than once to apologize and let me know that it was on its way, only to call me the next day and let me know that it was on its way again. Finally on the last day he called me to let me know that it was being overnighted and it would be here the very next day. Overnighted? That doesn't sound like very safe travel for a precious dress!!! I considered calling UPS and asking that they alert all of their drivers via those cool little phone they carry to please be careful with ALL packages that day because there is an important dress somewhere in there....but then I figured that would get me officially entered into the crazy house, and there are much more important things to worry about! I'm not that self-centered. (most of the time)

So, needless to say I was relieved Friday when I got the call that it was in the store and ready to be picked up. I had to drop it off again this morning at another location to be altered and have my bustle added. I still don't know whether I will wear my hair up or down....decisions decisions. I so wish I could put a picture of my dress on here. I love it so much, but I will wait.

Friday after I picked up my dress I went and got my first massage at a local spa. It was amazing. Enough said! I plan on doing this once a month.

Saturday night Luke and I went to a wedding of a high school friend of mine. First of all I think Saturday June 28th was the night for weddings. I know of like 10 weddings that took place that night.
It was such a beautiful wedding, simply for the fact that not only was the love between the two people evident but also their love for their Creator was so evident. It was beautiful. It was really a great reminder to me to STOP stressing about all of the little things. I am so thankful for this reminder. It is so easy for me to let my priorities slip, but it is nice to be reminded why we are even having this celebration. Uniting two people in Christ. Beautiful

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Here is a picture of us before the wedding.
Julie - we are going on our honeymoon to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. We are excited to spend our time relaxing on the beach!



  1. The picture of you two before the wedding is great.
    Sounds like a really sweet wedding and a very special couple.

    I'm so glad your dress arrived safe and sound. When Kristen's came we just left it at the bridal store until the day before her wedding. I was so nervous when a friend and I picked it up.

    Yes, decisions, decisions....
    you have beautiful hair. I'm sure up or down will be perfect.

    Will you still live in OKC?
    When you get back from the honeymoon and get all settled in we'll have to meet up with some of the other bloggers in the area.

    Keeping you in my prayers during this stressful but very exciting time.


  2. your dress is great! I am so glad you are not going to get it taken up on the bottom.

  3. I haven't seen seen the dress so I can't help with the hair decision, but I was kinda thinking just half up, straight in the back, simple. You'll look gorgeous whatever you decide to do though.

    That picture of ya'll is too cute!

  4. I know you are so excited about your dress!! I'm glad it arrived safe and sound.

    That's such a great picture of you two!

  5. I'm happy you got your dress, and even happier it was in good shape. And, yes, monthly massages are great. I love them. It gets a little pricey at times, so sometimes I go to the local beauty school where they train the massage therapists. They do a great job and it is WAY cheaper.

  6. I assume that on your honeymoon you will be "laying out?" Aka: just wasting time.

  7. Could you guys be any cuter?!
    I'm so happy your dress came in and was in good condition! It can be very stressul! Your hair will be perfect either way...can't wait to see pics!
    Zack and I went to an all inclusive resort in Mexico too. You're going to love that you can eat whatever whenever without's definintely the way to go. :)
    Praying for you as you wrap things up for the big day!


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