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Wedding Bliss

So time is flying by and the wedding will be here before you know it.
If you have not yet noticed I am a person of high anxiety (it runs in the family) and I get stressed out really easy.
Before I was engaged I thought for sure I was ready for this wedding planning stuff and it would be a breeze...


That was the biggest joke of my life.
There were so many unexpected stressors that I wasn't even expecting - not to mention the stress of how much money is being spent.
So - as we draw near to the day I am trying to focus my mind on not the stress, but on the reason for the stress - coming together in marriage.

I know that this day is not all about 'The Wedding' But about so much more than that. I do know that - but believe me, it doesn't stop me from stressing out about 'The Day'.

But I am trying to get better about it -
So now, I want you to share with me.
If you are married, what is some wedding advice you were told that has stuck with you? It can be about the wedding day or about the marriage. Just something that somebody told you that has stuck with you.

If you aren't married, what is some advice that you have heard before and you thought it sounded good? Or maybe you just have a pearl of wisdom for me?
Share a funny wedding story - maybe something went wrong on your wedding day but now looking back it is really funny.
Maybe there is something that you wished you would have done at your wedding, but you didnt - I want to hear what that as well!

Just any sort of wedding advice/funny story/pearl of wisdom

I Want To Hear Them!

*Even if you haven't commented before (ahem, Jamie or Melanie) I still want you to share a story!*



  1. When we left the reception and ran to the car and avoided all the bubbles...we drove off, looked at each other and said..."So what do we talk about now?"

    So my advice would be...make a concerted effort to talk to your man about more than just wedding stuff for the next few weeks. It seems like I spent so much time talking about the plans, that it seemed like I hadn't even talked to my man in months!!!

  2. eat a piece of your cake... sometimes you are doing everything that you are suppose to do that you don't enjoy the day for what it is YOUR wedding day. Play by luke and your rules no one elses.

  3. I wrote a special post just for you!

  4. Hey I found your blog through julie's and I just got married this weekend. Advice...don't worry if you don't get to talk to everyone at reception. If you have a good group around you, nothing can go wrong. I forgot my veil, my matron of honor ran back to the house to get it. Forgot the marriage license, again, she went back to get it. Relax and let everyone take care of you. I know that's hard b/c I'm pretty high anxiety too haha

  5. So I am leaving you a comment! I actually am so stupid that I thought I had to have a blog on blogspot to comment, guess not. Anyways one thing I wish i would have done at my wedding is try to really enjoy every moment of the reception. I was so worried ( you know me high anxiety as well) that I would forget to talk to someone or miss out on something. I was trying to be in charge of everything and everyone and I think I missed out on some more fun, not that I did not have a blast! Also make sure you have someone pack up some food for you, because you will not eat and you will be so thankful to have that food later.

  6. enjoy the day-once u get to the wedding day u cant fix anything anyways so there is NO need to ruin ur day by stressing. This is a day that while planning u think will never come but once its over u cant believe its enjoy every moment of it...even the stressful ones!


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