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Pedaling as Fast as I Can

The other day my mom reminded me of the funniest story:

One night when I was in third grade my family was eating a normal family dinner at the table. Well somehow my dad started choking on whatever it was we were eating.
As soon as my dad started choking I was so freaked out that I jumped up from the table, ran into the garage, jumped on my bike, and just pedaled around the neighborhood as fast as I could. Then when I felt like the coast was clear and my dad was all better I came back home, sat down at the table and finished my meal.

I do not remember this event at all but I was laughing hysterically as my mom was telling me about it.

Not only was this a stinking hillarous story but it was also a great reminder to me:

There are many times in life when I want to get on my bike and pedal as fast as I can and then come back when the coast is clear.
But as we all know this doesn't always work - however we are able to place our faith in Something so much bigger than us and let Him do the 'pedaling' for us. Leading us back to the place in life where 'the coast is clear' even if it is just through feeling his peace. This story was a great reminder of that illustration for me.

On a side note: I still get SO freaked out when I think people are choking. If I am eating with somebody and they so much as cough I go into a tail spin trying to find somebody to perform the Heimlich Maneuver. It is ridiculous. Luke is a grown man and I will not let him eat Gobstobbers (his favorite candy snack) around me. Seriously....hard little balls the perfect size for getting lodged in the throat?!?!? Who thinks up these death traps?



  1. How funny!

    Just wait til you have kiddos. They can choke on anything! Last night I was at my inlaws and one of the grandkids was there and he had a mouth full of waffle and jumped down from the table to chase my daughter. When he did he must have sucked it down the wrong way and he started gagging. I was just like, Are you ok? I've been used to that kind of thing happening so most of the time they can cough it up. LOL

  2. That's pretty hilarious!!! Totally made me laugh out loud at my desk!

  3. Megan, you are a terrific writer. I laugh almost every time I read a post of yours because I can hear you telling the story. Hope you're enjoying the last leg of wedding planning.


  4. I loved this story!! So funny! And about the Gobstopers, men just have to make some sacrifices sometimes :)

  5. Death traps. You are too cute! I hated riding a bike. Still do. You are right about about letting God do the pedaling. It's hard to relax and let go sometimes though.

  6. Love the story and love the lesson attatched to it!!

    And I am with you on the freaking out if someone MIGHT be choking. I am so there with ya, my friend.

  7. look at you you are totally the coolest blogger ever.

  8. i think the funniest part of this story is that u came back and just started eating...
    this is TOTALLY u-like i can see little megan doing this!

  9. hurrry up and update already

  10. I remember when I was a teenager and I was in a shoe store and a person was choking on a piece of hard candy. I never forgot that and it scared me to death.

    The tanning place I go to in our town has a bowl of hard candy sitting on the counter and I see people grab them and I can't help but think...."They are going to be lying down flat and they are going to (God forbid) choke on that hard candy and nobody will even know because they're alone!" :)

    Funny story though about you taking off on your bike.

    When is the wedding? How are things going? Keeping you in my prayers for all to go super smooth.

  11. What a funny story. I love how you just came back and started eating like nothing happened.

  12. Hillarious story of you as a child but a great life application!!! I'm glad you shared this!

    You two looked fabulous before the wedding you went to this weekend!

    One piece of advice....try not to stress too much. Enjoy this time prior to your own wedding day. I was so stressed before our wedding that there are some things I was not able to enjoy. It will all come together!!!


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